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I still have a job, by a thread

I’ve been lamenting the fact that my daughters are fast growing into tweenhood, and thusly leaving behind their girlish ways, and the dolls that go with it.

But I’m comforted in that some things never change.

Tonight after much tugging, twisting, and yanking, Emme extracted a bothersome baby tooth.  There was a good deal of carnage, yet no tears.  Which is quite the change from some years ago when a bloodied tooth would mean a call to the pediatrician for some kiddie tranquilizers.

She announced that she was going to clean the tooth up and pack it in a requisite snack baggie, and then tuck it safely under her pillow.

Fiddledaddy quipped, “Aren’t you too old for the tooth fairy?”

“Nah.  I need the cash.”

And like a ninja, in the dark of night I will stealthily slither into her room tonight to exchange a crisp one dollar bill for a slightly bloodied tooth hermetically sealed in a ziploc.

7 Responses to I still have a job, by a thread

  • Can’t tell you how many times I have almost gotten caught as the Tooth Fairy. Glad to hear that she is alive and well (and still incognito) at the House of Fiddle! 🙂

  • I can’t tell you how many times I have almost been caught either! There have been times that the kid will wake up in the morning and I will remember THEN that I was on duty the night before but forgot. So when they say that the Tooth Fairy didn’t come, I act all surprised and ask them if they are sure. Then I rush to my room, grab the buck, and make a run for their room. Then drop the dollar in a spot that looks like it could have fallen from under the pillow. Then I tell them they are rough sleepers and that it must have come out in the night. Then the kid will ask why she didn’t take the tooth and I tell them her bags may have been packed too full and she couldn’t fit another one in and to consider it a bonus. I’m going to hell for lying to my children…I just know it 😉

  • My husband taught me how to play tooth fairy properly. We usually send out daughter to rinse her tooth and bring it back to us. While she is rinsing and checking out her new smile he folds up a dollar bill as small as it will go and wraps it inside of colorful tissue paper. He then takes her tooth and acts like he puts it in the tissue paper when in all actuality he palms the tooth and continues wrapping the dollar bill in a wad of tissue paper. He secures it with tape and then the tooth fairy has done his/her job right in front of the unsuspecting child 🙂 Besides, some nights we are at the brink of passing out before she even falls asleep.

  • The Tooth Fairy in our house has been so late she’s had to write a few apology letters! It turns out her work shifts change as do her days off. Glad to know I’m not the only one who will loose a few bonus points for that one!

  • I have to say a huge “thank you” to the creators of the movie “The Tooth Fairy”. It made it so much easier to be stealthy with acquiring the lost tooth. On more than one occasion, a child has lost a tooth, and been preparing for bed and I have sent them out of the room, done the switcheroo THEN, and had stunned children when they realized the Tooth Fairy had already been there. And I didn’t have to risk life and limb to procure the tooth! (Which with the boys sharing a room, and my daughter being a lax housekeeper, this kind of stealthy was decidedly preferred!)

    When my daughter lost a tooth a while back, I sent her out of the room to put on pajamas, and she came back into the livingroom only to find her tooth missing and a dollar in its place. AND there were 3 adults in the room. We all played up the fact that the Tooth Fairy had pulled one over on all us grown-ups! We certainly couldn’t have done that if they hadn’t seen all the antics in the movie.

  • Ahh,
    Our excuse is that, being military, the tooth fairy assigned to us was having problems getting our new locations in time. (It was THAT big of a problem.)

    The reality was that it was hubby’s job. 😉

  • Yeah, just hide the teeth well. Kids found a baby shoe box full of their teeth and the judgmental looks I got could have killed off the tooth fairy.