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All my bags are packed

Anyone who has known me for any length of time is no doubt puzzled lately.  First, we got a dog, after I stood firm FOR YEARS on my No Pet Claws Clause.  Now I’m packing my bags to take my girls camping with their AHG scouting troop.


As in, IN A TENT.  Not an R.V., but A TENT.


Granted, we’re not hiking into the wilderness to dig a latrine, and there is running water and flushing toilets within walking distance.  BUT STILL.  THIS IS ME WE’RE TALKING ABOUT.

I don’t even go outside to the mailbox unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Still shaking my head that someone like me could contract Lyme Disease.  Oh the irony.

I’m really thinking that I should chalk all of the gumption up to the hormones.  It seems I was low on a few things, and my testosterone (yes, I’m suppose to have some) was non-existent.  So I’m on DHEA, Pregnenolone, and Testosterone.  WOOHOO.  Party on.

Anyhoo.  I wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful camping tips and suggestions.  I took copious notes, and made a rather long sticky note on my desktop (which is one of my favorite apps).  After one last trip to Wal-Mart, I think I’m prepared.

And if you were to see all the gear stowed in the reading room of my house, you would wonder just what it is that I’m prepared for.  ARMAGEDDON?

I will likely be cut off from civilization as I know it (aka the internet), but I’ll take lots of pictures and good mental notes.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.

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