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No one ever talks about the Pirate from The Wizard of Oz

Every year on Halloween we attend Trunk or Treat at our church.  There are organized games, bounce houses, rock climbing, a live band, FREE FOOD, and the obligatory line of decorated trunks from which to dispense candy to all manner of ghosts, goblins, and an occasional Lady Bug.

Last year we attended as a family, but a good deal of the festivities were a blur, since I was trapped in a wheel chair.  And on some pretty significant pain killers.  I remember my family parking me off to the side so that I could watch the fun.  I eventually I lost sight of them, and I clearly remember sitting there feeling like such an eel out of water.  My own private pity party.  Not even I wanted to attend.

And let me tell you that this year I had a spring in my step every moment I was there, because I will never ever take my health for granted again.

Our church small group decided that this year we would decorate a trunk and went with a “Wizard of Oz” theme.  Happily, a dear friend had hand painted a back drop for a trunk for previous Trunk or Treat festivities, so we were able to ride on her talented coat tail.  As it were.

As far as costumes go, we had a Dorothy, a Cow Girl, a Munchkin, a Candy Corn, Glinda the Good Witch, and a Baseball Player, and my friend Brianna brought her 55 pound Labradoodle to portray the role of Toto.  Toto on steroids.

For a split second we considered bringing Mater, but then had visions of him mistaking a precious toddler dressed in a fuzzy yellow chick suit as prey.  And frankly, we don’t have the energy to find another church home.

I spent the better part of Sunday taking Emme to Goodwill scrape together some sort of costume.  I tried to sell her on the idea of “Hobo”, but she wasn’t biting.  She had it in her head that she wanted to be a pirate, and had procured a borrowed eye patch.  After rummaging through no fewer than 45 racks, I found the PERFECT long black flowy tiered skirt.  No shirt met her standards so I told her she could raid my closet for a white blouse.

When we got home she had a change of heart about the skirt declaring that she was more of a tomboy and a skirt would never do.

Shoot me.

My plan was to go dressed up in an original orange t-shirt that read “This IS my costume” because that’s how much creativity flows through my veins this time of year.  But when the black skirt was discarded, I determined that a perfectly good black tiered skirt should NEVER go to waste, so I went as a pirate as well.  A middle aged pirate, that looked more like a chamber maid in retrospect.

I even went so far as to attempt to apply false individual eye lashes, but when I glued my eye lids together, I reconsidered and asked Emme for the use of her eye patch.

As soon as we arrived, my children began the yearly tradition of handing me vital pieces of their costuming, so really, I should have gone with a pack horse theme.

And no, there are no pictures.  Not even of my own children.  Because I am lame.  And was too busy dispensing candy and sending all the children in our group off in search of a Reeses peanut butter cup for which I determined I should splurge.

I really don’t think anyone had a better time than I did.  And for my health that is returning to me every single day, I am so very grateful.

Next year I may go as Spider Man.  AND SCALE THE ROCK WALL.  There’s sure to be pictures of that…

Do you dress up for Halloween, and if so, WHAT WERE YOU?

4 Responses to No one ever talks about the Pirate from The Wizard of Oz

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I’m so glad you have improved so much over last year. PTL!!! 🙂

    I helped the Harvest Fest at our church. I took my nephew, who dressed “50s”, so he could take the little girl (8) who I tutor after school each day around to the games, hay ride, etc. until my time manning the big slide was over.

    She went as “Bumblebee” from Transformers. She is a tomboy as well. I tried so hard to get her to let me dress her as a Princess, but she wouldn’t have it. Maybe next year. 😉

    I didn’t dress up for the Harvest Fest, but I did dress up as Paula Deen on Saturday for our Singles Party. 😉

  • why yes I did…I went as a MOM. 🙂 kidding I did not dress up but my kids did and this year I challenged them to a homemade costume idea. My very clever daughter was attending our youth group’s annual NERD party, so she came up with the idea to be a box of nerds candy for the nerd party and used it again for trick or treating. Both my boys ran with the candy idea and so one was a box of M&M’s and the other was a box of Mike and Ike’s. 😉 we just moved so I had boxes and I always have craft paint around. 🙂

  • We try to do a theme every year and my husband really gets in to costumes so for Boo at the Zoo he wore a panda mascot head with a light up shirt and fairy wings. Totally cute and people posed with him all night.

    For actual trick or treat night we did an Alice Theme. My daughter was Alice, my husband was the white rabbit, and I was the Queen of Hearts.

    I was a little weirded out by all of the strollers out and about in our Suntree development on Halloween. The strollers were not for little ones but for mom and dad’s beer coolers. Ayup!

  • Lame mom #2 here – I too, forgot to take a single picture this Halloween. However, there is one photo, on my mother’s camera, because she’s not a lame grandma and remembers to take pictures of her grandsons. We all dressed up this year so I’m especially bummed not to have the grand assortment of photos I should have. We had a cowpoke, phantom, grown up cowpoke, and me as a genie. Good times, but very little proof!