Holes in her head

A rite of passage in our home when you turn 12, is that you get your ears pierced.  By the time we get to Jensen, we’re going to have to come up with something fresh and new.  This is my hope at least.

I don’t really know why we set 12 as the magical age.  It may or may not have been the age that I got my own ears pierced, in the age when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  I do remember that it was done in the doctor’s office, just in case the staff were needed to pin me down.

Back in the day, my father boasted that it took one doctor, two nurses, and one parent to hold me down in the event of a needle making an appearance at some time during the checkup.

Alas, I do remember sitting up on the table, the one with the stirrups, only then my mother explained that away as a “leg rest”, and calmly allowing the doctor to use the  gun thingy to pierce me.  I did not cry.  I did not jump.  I was likely in shock.

I remember that the recommended earring of choice was that of a stud type earring.  My mother, being the rebel that she was, let me pick out a pair of gold smiley face earrings.  Which in retrospect were difficult to clean and turn daily, but were totally cool.

I wore those earrings well into adulthood.

I didn’t know quite what to expect when taking Emme to the mall for the piercing.  Especially since we’re talking about the child who turned pale and slid down the wall when I tried to explain to her the intricacies of menstruation.  The same child who screamed loud enough to wake the deceased upon the removal of a miniature splinter.  The same child that lost consciousness when her first bloodied tooth fell out of her head.

She was allowed to take her best girlfriend to share in the experience.  This particular girlfriend is the one who years earlier, confided to Emme that getting your ears pierced felt like a car running over your head.

Let me take this moment to thank all of you for your piercing insights.  We settled on Piercing Pagoda, after hearing of a couple of positive experiences at this location.  In other words, no deaths were reported.

I directed Emme toward the 14 K selection, and she chose an understated pair of gold studs.  Which surprised me a little, as I thought she would opt for the dangling fuzzy dice.  Since she does contain my mother’s DNA and all.

Emme was uncharacteristically quiet as the technician carefully measured and marked her target.  I knew she was nervous but was not about to show it.  She told me later that she focused her attention on the adjacent Justice for Girls store and went on an imaginary spending spree.

That’s my girl.

Afterwards her entourage was treated to lunch in the food court and complementary ice cream.

That evening she took great care as she cleaned her ears with the obligatory solution and Q-tip.  As I tucked her into bed she whispered, “This was the best day of my life.”

And right then I wanted to snatch her up in her blanket and sit in my imaginary glider rocker, and hold her until sleep was eminent.

All of this growing up broo-ha-ha is hard on a mommy’s heart.  Her next right of passage will likely be the dreaded learner’s permit.

I may have to be sedated for that.

11 Responses to Holes in her head

  • That is awesome everything worked out so well. What a great story.
    Yes, the learners is the worst. I have 3 girls 25,20 and the last one 16.

  • I feel your heart! My oldest started college (!!!) this fall and my youngest just got her driver’s license. Yikes! I don’t know how this happened since I was just 21 last year. Ha!

  • Sounds like a wonderful day. 🙂 I don’t have children of my own, but I have been raising my nephew since he was about 3. He is now 15 and like you I just want to rock him like I used to and scream “stop growing up!!!”

    Sometimes I want to cry when I think of the mornings he used to come into the living room and crawl in my lap. We’d watch Franklin or Blue’s Clues together. Make cookies and sing songs in school and go to the park.

    Those were sweet times. Times before he developed his own interests and friends. Before the head phones to his music player became glued to his ears, and I became the “adult” who has “unfair rules” and makes him write reports and clean his room. 🙂

  • Awww…glad it went well. We took our girls to….gosh, I can’t even remember the name of the place now. It’s not even at the mall anymore. My daughter wanted her ears pierced so badly but was so scared. I even got a picture of her getting them pierced and you can see the fear in her eyes. lol
    But, all went well…except for the fact that after the first one went in I realized the lady put the wrong ones in. UGH! She had put the one in that my stepdaughter had picked. My daughter was really disappointed…The lady said she could pull it out and put the right ones in there but my daughter said no, she didn’t want to go through having it pulled out and another put in. I felt so bad for her. They have very different taste so they had picked very different earrings. Ahwell! That was a couple of years ago and all is well…she can wear any kind she wants. 🙂

  • Oh yea. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 14. And I’m not sure how that even happened. My mother never wanted me to do it…she said, “If God wanted you to have holes in your ears he would have put them there.” LOL She was pretty conservative…I started sneaking to school with makeup on when I was 14 because everyone else was wearing it and kept asking me why I never would…I hated saying I wasn’t allowed.

    • Your mom sounds like my husband. He is making our daughter wait until she is 16 and has told her the exact same thing that your mother said to you. I guess she will survive the three more years she has to wait but I feel for her!

  • I am so with you on the tranquilizers for Drivers Ed or maybe I have been quoted as saying, “Come soon, Lord Jesus.” Either one, please.

  • Glad the day went well! Love hearing kids say “this was the best day ever”! and yes, growing up is hard on the mom heart! I go to the mailbox daily just waiting to hear from my marine recruit….

  • TEARS! I’m crying over this one. This is one reason why I want to wait for my girls to get their ears pierced. I want them to remember it as a fun day we had together.

  • Only gypsys and whores pierce their ears!!!
    Butch Massey (Daddy)- circa, my 4th grade year when my mother, grandmother, and all 3 of his sisters ganged up on him to let me get mine done.

  • Don’t know whether I’m glad or sad that I only have a boy, after reading this post.

    He is 11.5 right now, and has a nickel allergy, so we are probably dodging the whole pierced boy scenario for now. Thankful for small mercies…;)

    Nate’s Mom