How to fit Barbra Streisand into most any post

Because I’m Not Juggling Enough Giveaways…

I have one more $100 Visa gift card giveaway to tell you about.  I have a sponsored post up at BlogHer talking about my sketchy history with the Power Rangers.  Also included are some great Halloween safety tips that you will find handy, SINCE HALLOWEEN IS NEXT WEEK.  How did that happen?  I feel like I misplaced an entire month.

I have a little background information that may be deleted once Fiddledaddy catches wind of what I’m doing, so I’ll type fast.  Many years ago, he portrayed a Power Ranger for the children’s entertainment company that we both worked for.  So somewhere, in Los Angeles, there exists a picture of my husband in green tights.

I would give nearly anything to unearth this picture.  And then post it on this blog.

Which would likely then mysteriously disappear into the great black abyss of the world wide web.  Never to be seen, much less read, again.

Some things are best left buried.  I suppose.

I do have a picture of a much younger me dressed up like Cinderella appearing next to Barbra Streisand.  Not even kidding.


That’s me in the blue ball gown on the right.  The two underwhelmed and over stimulated children were her god daughters.  This was taken some time in the early 90’s.  Even then, making me a little long in the tooth to be portraying an ingenue.  But, whatever.  My backstory.  It is colorful.

In case you’re curious, Ms. Streisand was very sweet, gracious, and lovely.  Especially since I successfully fought the urge to ask her to sing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” for me.

Anyhoo.  Head on over to BlogHer to read about how I ended up marrying a Power Ranger, and enter to win $100 Visa gift card while you’re there.  This giveaway ends on October 31st.

2 Responses to How to fit Barbra Streisand into most any post

  • Brad Pitt AND Barbra Streisand! I can’t stand it! How cool are you! The closest I’ve ever been to fame other than a professional baseball game was meeting Jeff Foxworthy. Nice man but he’s no Streisand!

  • You and Barbra look like you could be sisters! Fun memories! Wish we could dig up that Power Ranger picture that you are searching for!