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Lost in Space

One of the joys of living on the east coast of Florida for the last 12 years has been a birds eye view of all the Space Shuttle launches from the comfort of our front lawn.

With the closing of the space program, we’re now treated to an occasional rocket launch.  Which are generally unannounced, causing me to grab my heart as my life flashes before my tired eyes.  But I have to say that I’m already mourning the sight of a Space Shuttle lifting off into the clouds on a bright and clear day.

Each year the Kennedy Space Center hosts a free weekend for many area residents, providing they can provide proof of residency.  We have been taking advantage of this since the kids were tiny.  Although, sadly, we’ve had to miss the last two years.  I worried that with the closing of the program, the Visitor’s Center would also have to scale back.

Not to worry.  On Friday we dusted off the stroller, packed up the van, and aimed ourselves toward Kennedy Space Center.  Mind you, no one in our family even remotely fits into a stroller, it’s simply a handy carry all for thermoses, lunch bags, and the requisite coffee drink that accompanies me whenever I am dealing with my children in public.  Or private.  Or whenever.

We met up with many of our other homeschooling com padres and called it a field trip.  One of my favorite stops was a new exhibit which showcases the Star Trek series, past and present.  They have on display many of the original costumes worn, some set replicas, and a few really creepy floating heads.  Data is my favorite.

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I could not even snap a picture of the Borg head.  I’m still having nightmares courtesy of that particular Star Trek The Next Generation episode.  “Resistance is fuTILE.”  {{{Shudder}}}

Another favorite stop was the IMAX movie about the Hubble Telescope.  It was in 3-D, and I’m proud to say that not one of my offspring lost their lunch.  As one in particular is wont to do after seeing a movie in 3-D.  The last time we attempted this was in Toy Story 3, and I still have a vision of regurgitated red gummy worms etched into my retinas.

It was a wonderful day filled with a good deal of laughter.  And it always makes me appreciate the space pioneers that have risked their lives to bring us amazing scientific discoveries.

Jensen made a scientific discovery of his own in the parking lot on our way out to the van.

Floridians.  They do know how to party.


And thank you everyone for your input regarding the upcoming Piercing of the Ears saga.  After the day I’ve had with my first born, I’m now leaning toward an ice pick and an expired tube of  topical analgesic.  🙂

4 Responses to Lost in Space

  • Heehee, shouldn’t it be “Resistance IS futile”?

  • We occasionally refer to my MIL and 2 of her 3 sons (guess which one is excluded?) as the Borg! My Rocket Man will come in and say, ‘2 of 1 is coming by to wash his car tonight!’. Cracks me up! when family issues get hairy (and Drama is their middle name), that darling man will look at me across the room and mouth, ‘resistance is futile.’ Then we both laugh and make them all furious.

    So glad y’all get to go to KSC. You should come to Huntsville sometime to tour the Space and Rocket Center. I know where you can get a great rate at a kid friendly spot;). And a tour of a machine shop where space flight hardware gets built!

  • The Borg episodes are some of my favorites! Thanks for letting me know they have added a Star Trek exhibit. We will have to get over there soon to see it.
    P.S. We briefly had the back half of a stuffed kitty hanging out of our trunk many years ago. My husband hates cats!