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Giveaway Round-up & a question

I’ve got a whole bunch of giveaways going on right now.  This brings me joy since I love nothing more than giving away things.  I’ll list them below.

But first, I wanted to take this opportunity to pose a question.  Or three.  Emme turns 12 this week.  Years ago, we set the ear piercing age at 12.  There was nothing scientific about this proclamation.  It was simply the age I had my own ears pierced, and we made it the goal when the girls were very young.  We also hoped that would be the magical age at which they would be mature enough to handle the responsibility.

Hope.  It does spring eternal.

I’m mentally gearing myself up for the event, and wanted to get some advice.

Piercing Pagoda or Claire’s?

Both ears at the same time, or singularly?

Titanium or 14 K gold?

Tranquilizer or Tylenol?  (This would be for me.)


Okay, on to the current giveaways:

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•  $100 Visa gift card & gift pack, courtesy of BlogHer and Unilever (ends 11/4).

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And pssst, I’ll have another giveaway up later on Monday.

15 Responses to Giveaway Round-up & a question

  • Shall I tell you my ear piercing story? Maybe you can use it to forestall the 12 year old’s ear piercing until she is 30 or so. I was 7. Being a little girl in a tribal area of Indonesia with unpierced ears is hard! Because no matter how naked the baby is, they look at the ears to decide if it is a girl or a boy, and if the ears aren’t pierced, they get really confused. I wore dresses and had hair down to my knees, but they couldn’t tell that I was a girl! So we all went to together to see our friend Ibu Noy to get our ears pierced. On a boat gently rocking on the waves of the Kapuas river. I went last, being the youngest, and every one of the 13 people ahead of me said it didn’t hurt any more than a mosquito bite. My turn. Ibu Noy took a look at me and a look at the two needles she had to poke me with and decided I was too little to be poked twice. So she skipped the Novocain shot. And stuck a carpet needle through my ear. On a rocking boat, I remind you. The remains of my breakfast all over her reminded her of the reason for the Novocaine. The second ear really didn’t hurt any more than a mosquito bite.

  • I would suggest avoiding a place that uses a gun. They aren’t as sanitary and also aren’t as accurate.

    I tried getting my second holes pierced two different times by places like Claire’s, and both times, the holes went in crooked. So I could take the earrings out, but I had a horrible time trying to get earrings back in, and they got infected. So I took them out. I still have scars but I’ve never bothered getting the second holes done again.

    My parents had my first holes done when I was four, but we lived overseas and it was very common for little girls and even babies to get their ears done. But it was a piercing with a needle instead of a gun, and I’ve never had any trouble with those holes.

    I also got a nose ring at a tatoo/piercing shop for my 30th birthday, and it was super sanitary, with all the equipment sealed in sterile medical packages. And I’ve never had any trouble with that piercing, with the exception of not checking with my hubby first. Whoops! I discovered he HATES nose rings, so the compromise was I got to wear it for a few months and then took it out.

    My little girl is five, but she hasn’t asked about earrings. Hubby and I have decided that we will wait until she is 13 and it will be a birthday present for entering her teenage years. But we will take her to a shop that does piercings professionally.

  • My girls both had their ears pierced at Claires. They had a one time use piercing gun that they used. So very sterile. Both had one ear at a time. One was done at age 5 (didn’t cry at all), and one at age 4 (some tears, but only briefly). You’re sent home with cleaner to use 3x’s/day for 6 weeks. We did that, and had no problems. And the 4 year old was done at Claires in the shopping area near your church 🙂 Good Luck!

  • My daughter was 11when she had hers done. Had them done at Claire’s also. One ear at a time. She knew it was going to be a pinch. Was fine with it. She was very responsible about cleaning them and she never had a problem. She also had the less expensive option of studs at that time.
    Her friend had her ears done at the same time. She did have a lot of trouble, but they are fine now. Her mother told me that she also had the same types of problems and even still does and cannot wear cheap earrings or they will bother her ear.

  • Claires,same time,titanium,tranquilizer!

  • My only suggestion is baby oragel. You can gob it onto her ears 5-15 minutes before she gets her ears pierced and it will really act as a nice topical numbing agent. Also great for splinters on nervous kiddos!

  • Have them done at the same time, and I’d go with titanium too.

    I have no choice in where you get it done.

    Have fun.

  • Here is my advice- Bring the girlfriend with you who once matter of factly stated that getting your ears pierced feels like a car running over your head. (:

  • As a former employee of a sister company to Claires I can tell you that we pretty much got NO training in ear piercing. Well, we did….. we took a foam cup and marked where each hole should go. Then used the piercing gun to pierce the targeted spot. When you could hit the spot several times in a row, you were “trained”. I know you probably do not want to take your girl to a piercing (tato) studio, but that is where the most experience is. They are also required to see that everything is very sterile. Some hair salons will have a trained piercing tech. Maybe call around before making that trip to the local mall.

  • I would say Piercing Pagoda. I had mine done at Claire’s once, wasn’t impressed. I also just had my 2 dd’s ears pierced this summer. One at Merle Norman on the advice of a friend, and the other one at piercing Pagoda b/c Merle Norman doesn’t do 14K gold posts (they are only “gold plated”). My oldest had hers done at Piercing Pagoda a few years back and I was a little hesitant to go back b/c they had to re-do her ears (let it be known, she jumped so it wasn’t their fault). I prefer the gold earrings (for sensitive ears…you don’t know if they have them until they’re pierced and then it’s too late). I also noticed a difference in the diameter of the earring post. PP is thinner than MN & Claire’s which means less trauma to the ear. But also, PP has locking backs that “cover” the pointy tip/post of the starter earring so it doesn’t hurt if it pokes into her head (which it inevitably will over the course of 6 weeks). MN does not. I don’t recall about Claire’s, but I don’t remember them. I’m not sure if Claire’s does 2 ears at a time…it was a long time ago when I had mine done and they only did one at a time then, MN will do both at once, but I PP will only do one at a time…but I guarantee you that even if it hurts, the biggest wimp will sit through the 2nd shot just so they don’t have to go walking around with one earring for the rest of her life. 🙂 (From experience…my middle daughter no matter how tough she acts cannot handle shots or anything else that pokes her, and she sat very still with an “I’m in so much pain” look on her face, just so she could have both ears done.) Just make sure that she cleans them every day. Nothing worse than getting an infection before she is allowed to take them out. (…and yes, we had that happen too. 🙂 ) Hope she enjoys her new jewelry. 🙂

  • My oldest had hers done at 7 at Claire’s. It went just fine. She did both at once. No infections, no problems.

  • My mother the nurse let me get my ears pierced when I turned 10. On the condition that the only person who would do it was the doctor she worked for. She didn’t trust anywhere else to be sanitary enough. He had some kind of piercing gun and did them one at a time (I think). She helped me clean my ears every day and I never had a problem, they’re perfectly straight and balanced too. OH and studs with the locking covers on the back make for much easier sleeping.
    My daughter is 6 and I have no idea when/how we’ll have hers done.

  • My oldest daughter’s ears were done at a Piericing Pagoda, one ear at a time. My next two girls were at Wal-Mart, one had one at a time, the other both at the same time just because there was another lady available. We had no problems either place or way, they were all 13 when they were done. My 2nd developed an infection from not cleaning well/often enough, but it cleared up soon after I noticed it.

    We went with gold, never even noticing titanium was an option. I have a bad nickel allergy and had a nasty (you don’t want to know) reaction to earrings when I was trying my first new pair after the piercings healed. My older two are fine with any metal now but my third is just like me, only gold for her. What she thought was irritation from sleeping always on one side was actually a reaction to the metal in a cheaper pair of earrings. So keep an eye on her ears even after they heal. I don’t wear earrings enough to have worn through the gold exposing any potential underlying nickel, but it’s something to keep in mind if you do discover an allergy. A coat of clear nail polish can help as does using plastic backs or earrings that don’t have backs. It’s the scraping of metal against metal that can wear away the gold exposing the nickel.

  • I had mine done at 7 and the second hole done at 14. (No, I didn’t get a third at 21.) 🙂

    I had mine done at a place in the mall with a gun. I don’t think we knew there was any other option (and certainly not an Indonesian woman in a boat with a carpet needle!)

    Our rule here is that we wait until the girl asks for it. I don’t mind helping with the cleaning, but she’ll want it before I do it. Seeing all the cute little earrings makes me WANT her to have her ears pierced, but she’s gotta want it!

  • Hi – My two girls (9 and 7) both had theirs done at the pediatrician, when they were 2 – and have never had a problem with them