Ten and counting

My baby girl turned 10 on Tuesday.  We began the day by celebrating a birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel.    Our breakfast conversation revolved around the birthday girl, and how thankful we are for her.

Fiddledaddy’s mom began a tradition years and years ago wherein on each child’s birthday, she would re-tell them the story of their birth.  Which frankly, after birthing 6 children, the youngest of which is around 40, I cannot fathom how she keeps all of them straight.  I fear if it were me, I’d embellish the details until the story is no longer recognizable.

Nevertheless, I thought we’d continue the tradition, and asked Cailey if she’d like us to recount the story of her birth.  She replied, “No thanks, I’m eating.”

It was a touching moment.

Afterward we ended up in Petco, because nothing says “Happy Birthday, 10 year old!” like shopping for the dog.  Which wasn’t even there.

We found our favorite Petco employee who is very knowledgable about All Things Dog.  After hearing our tale of woe about Mater chewing up his $35 orthopedic bed, the dog expert concluded that Mater was suffering from separation anxiety.  So that whenever he is in his condo crate and we’re not there, he worries that we may never come back.

Which, if he keeps chewing up $35 orthopedic beds, could come to fruition.

I guess this makes complete sense since as a rescue dog, he’s been bounced around a bit.

It was suggested that we try a couple of different things, and we settled on a plug-in diffuser, which basically is a stress reducing pheromone.  Aromatherapy for dogs.

Frankly, I could do with a few of these scattered around the house for ME.  To deal with my own issues of excessive whining, destructive chewing, trembling, and hiding.

While we were perusing our options, and mentally adding up how much this dog is costing us, I spotted this amazing product.

Seriously.  Just how does this work?  Like, on a walk with your dog and he has his morning constitutional on the sidewalk, do you whip out a bottle of this stuff and apply a few drops?  I’m guessing it’s not a flavor enhancer.

Or.  Why don’t you just save yourself a couple of dollars and yell NO while holding the dog back with one foot as you scoop up the offending steaming hot pile with your plastic garbage bag?

Blink.  Blink.

I just made myself sick.

Not my problem.  As I’m not in charge of the business end of our particular pet.  For good reason.  What with my overactive gag reflex and all.

Where was I?  Oh yes, Cailey’s 10th birthday.  Focus.  One of her birthday present requests was a new Barbie doll.  The other 60 or so in her Barbie basket are not enough.  But because this will likely be the last birthday that she asks for a Barbie doll, we obliged.

And yet still, she sleeps with the one that has an arm which has been hot glued back into place.

I am already mourning the loss of dolls under the Christmas tree.

I will spend this year treasuring 10.  Because at 10 she’s still my little girl who holds my hand in public and thinks nothing of surprising me with a kiss on the cheek.

Happy Birthday, my Cailey.  Ten becomes you.

9 Responses to Ten and counting

  • You make my heart smile every time I read your stories! By the way, I was such a dork the last Barbie I received was when I was 13 years young. I couldn’t bear the thought of Santa not coming so I kept on asking for toys! still do! ; )
    Potty Mouth, really? Nasty! We are kindred spirits regarding our canine friends and all that comes with ownership! I feel for you my friend!

  • Our dog had separation anxiety. Not to be a downer, but it was an expensive malady. We ended up putting him on puppy prozac, which was cheaper than the out of print library books he enjoyed so much. I adored him, but the stories of what he ate are LEGENDARY. Would love to hear how the diffuser works. For the future…

  • Happy Birthday to Cailey!!!
    Happy Birth Day to the Mommy! What present did they get you? 🙂

    btw: My 12 year old still plays with her Barbies. 😉

  • Our dog was chewing on his paw and developed a yeast infection, which turned his white fur red. So the vet said it was a compulsion and wanted to put him on puppy prozac, which he told me is also used successfully for separation anxiety. Of course, you know me … wanting to do things the natural way. We ended up giving him this homeopathic spray in his mouth and/or water. It’s called ER 911. Mainly used for humans, but my functional medical doctor said they use it on their dog too. It worked. He stopped chewing his paw!

    Love the story about Cailey. Warms my heart. They grow up so fast….

    • Marsha,
      You might have just made my day! Our dog, Rocky licks his paws incessantly. He is white, and his poor paws have turned red! Going to try this! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Happy Birthday to your 10 year old!
    As for the dog and the diffuser, just sharing my kudos to you for selecting it. We have 3 dogs, and it’s not always easy. Recently we brought in a certified dog trainer for the evening to observe and offer suggestions for some “issues” we’ve been dealing with. She in fact recommended the D.A.P. diffuser (dog appeasing pheromone) as a great way to bring calm into our home. Two of our dogs also have great fear of thunderstorms, and for them, she recommends that when we know a storm is coming, we offer them a holistic, non-addictive supplement that contains tryptophan (think about how you might feel after a turkey dinner!) and valerian root, among other things. She did suggest a brand, but I found that there are similar connotations with the same effect at the pet store. And it works. Another suggestion that was free to implement was to play classical music for the dogs when we have to leave them at home…there’s a cd called “through a dog’s ear” which was created specifically for the calming effect that the combination of notes can create for a dog, but we have had success with our local classical radio station, too. And finally, we use crates too, and have re-instituted the stuffed ‘Kong’ for the dogs when they are crated (individually, of course!). There are a number of healthy ways to “treat” the Kong, so that your dog feels rewarded for having to be alone in the crate, and there are levels of toughness of Kong’s you can purchase, as well as Kong sizes. A couple ideas are: yogurt and a milkbone, then freeze…takes longer to enjoy, and the milkbone is a surprise treat within the treat…good old peanut butter (I keep a jar of peanut butter just for the dogs, so I can double dip the spoon as I fill their Kongs)…cheese…etcetera. I am so happy for your family to have taken in Mater, and wish you all the best. Hope my suggestions show some support and maybe offer new ideas for you! Take care!

  • Barbies… That reminds me, have you seen this new ‘inked’ Barbie doll. http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/beauty/barbie-gets-a-neck-tattoo-and-other-ink-shell-probably-regret-2590004/

    I do believe that Barbie can make whatever life choices she wants, but the dog’s name is what takes the cake.

    Luckily I have two boys who never ask for dolls… I don’t know how i’d react if a daughter wanted one of these.

  • My sister and I got a doll every Christmas until we were married – and we got a Bride Doll the last year. Mom didn’t want to admit we were growing up and we didn’t want to admit that we still liked getting them, so Mom’s “mandate” that we got one every year worked out for everyone. 🙂 The dolls just got nicer and more collectible after the Barbie days were over. My sister and I are both planning on doing the same thing with our daughters. Actually, last Christmas, my daughter (18 months, 8 months at the time) got a doll from me, from my sister, and from my mom – and all three of us said “well, she HAS to get a doll for Christmas!

  • I miss those days of kids holding your hand …. My kids are in college and they hug me quickly when they are here and then disappear into their own little world of facebook and cell phones.
    I got my Zagg today! Thanks again!