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I knew an old lady who swallowed a fly

For a number of years, I have waxed poetic about my deep and abiding fear and loathing of frogs, toads, and slimy things that generally hop.  I have, in fact, devoted an entire category of posts, aptly titled Amphibious Fables, to this very worthy cause.

Much to my surprise, our new canine addition to the family has taken it upon himself to rid our yard of all pesky frog-types.  Earlier today, my daughter caught sight of him prancing about the yard with two frog legs dangling from his mouth.

Since Mater created his own unintentional doggie door leading to the back porch by punching through the bottom plate of the screen, I enlisted the help of the daughter who knows no fear when it comes to dealing with frogs, before the dog decided to bring his present indoors.  She extricated the hapless frog from her dog’s mouth and hurled it into the nature preserve.

Then later this evening, as the sun set, Mater set out for one last romp in the backyard.  The squeamish sister once again alerted us that Mater had found another frog.  Only this time he ate it.

{Eyes rolling to the back of my head just prior to black out.}

She came running inside in a panic because the dog was having trouble breathing.  Fiddledaddy and Emme tended to the dog, while I ministered to the more high strung of my brood, who were certain that dog death was eminent.

For a good 10 minutes, the dog heaved and groaned, having changed his mind about his dining experience.  But nothing would come out.  Fiddledaddy stood ready with the Heimlich maneuver, and Emme was preparing herself for mouth to mouth.

I was mentally adding up how much therapy was going to cost should our new dog kack in front of the children.

At long last he muscled down the toad, and began running about the yard, barking at mosquitos.

After this ordeal, Fiddledaddy sent me an article about how certain frogs are terribly poisonous to dogs.

Until reading this particular article I would never have thought of the dangers of a dog to frog contact, but dogs have actually been known to die because of the toxins that frogs give off.

Basically, the remedy that is called for is to rinse the dogs mouth out with the hose, making sure not to force water down their throat.  And if the dog is seizing, get them to an emergency vet center as soon as possible.

All I have to say is that my fear and loathing of frogs has most certainly been vindicated.  The end.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


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