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When he learns to use the foot rest, I’m leaving…

I had only one stipulation when I agreed to drop my No Pet Clause from the marriage contract.  Well, there are actually two.  The second was that I never ever have to shovel, pick up, or otherwise handle any of the poop.  I have excrement and body fluid issues.  Don’t judge me.

And let me be clear that I have heaved a shovel full of Mater poop over our 6 foot privacy fence.  (Taking great care that it not fly back into my hair.)  No, not into the neighbor’s yard (although I did consider that option), but back into the nature preserve for which we spent an extra $10,000.  I just knew that expense would some day prove profitable.

The number one stipulation was that the dog not be allowed to sit on my barkolounger.  Whether I’m in it or not.  Not even the children are allowed that privilege.

But here we are at nearly the month anniversary of owning a dog, and I’ve been evicted from my throne.

Normally, he’s draped over the whole thing, like the velveteen dog that he is.  But sometimes he just sits.  And thinks.  And sometimes he just sits.

I would say he’s settling in just fine.


Thank you everyone for your encouragement and suggestions regarding my switching Emme to Teaching Textbooks.  That’s the beauty of homeschooling, if something is failing spectacularly, we have the option to simply change it up.

While I was in the mood to shake things up around here, I signed up for a month of Time 4 Learning for Jensen.  He’s really my wild card regarding homeschooling.  With all of his physical and emotional issues, I never know what kind of day we’re in for.  He loves technology and computers so very much that I’m hoping a computer based curriculum will help him to stay on task.

While keeping me from curling up into the fetal position by the refrigerator vent.

If anyone has any experience with Time 4 Learning, I’d love your input.  I understand that this is a terrific program especially for special needs kids.

Hang in there, everyone.  We’re more than half way through the week!

9 Responses to When he learns to use the foot rest, I’m leaving…

  • Love the dog on the chair! Our dog Becke does the same thing and we really don’t mind anymore – pick your battles. He looks good in the blue collar. Good luck with Jensen’s schooling – I’m so impressed that you homeschool.

  • Well, with the way you are spelling the name of your chair, it’s no wonder Mater chooses to sit there–tee hee.

    He’s just adorable!

  • Our yellow labs, Duke and Hatch, have completely taken over our furniture to the point that no one sits on the sofa anymore. I know. They’re rotten.

  • LOL your Mater is just like our dog, only ours thinks she is going to drive the car. 🙂 Let me know how you like time4learning, I think I am going to use that for my son with sensory processing issues. I have been struggling as to what to get him for curriculum this year and we are going with an online school that will let us choose our own curriculum and pay for it. 🙂

  • I am the mother of five very healthy children so this mama has never had to pick up dog poop;) I also don’t have to scoop the litter boxes. It is good to be queen!

  • Yep, from the look on his face it is his throne now! Welcome to the joys of dog ownership. They take over your life and steal your heart.

  • Mater is so cute!

    I use T4L as a supplemental for my kids. They like it and ask to do it (even in their spare time). I especially love T4L on those days where everything is upside down and crazy and school just isn’t going to happen that day because mama has to have her attention on other areas. We also use it a lot when I’m sick. I love it because I need not feel guilty that I can’t take care of teaching that day. I have one special needs child and one who isn’t. They both enjoy T4L.

  • I think he’s saying nanner nanner, I got your chair – who’s the alpha now? 😉

  • We use Time4Learning with our daughter. Last year for 2nd grade I loved it. The only thing I do find lacking is the science/social studies subjects. Math and the Language Arts are great and there are printable worksheets for the lessons, quizzes and tests. There is also a helpful end of the year printout report you can refer to for the annual evaluation.

    This year for 3rd grade I am finding that I have to supplement Science and Social Studies, which is fine. Also the lessons are less interactive and have a lot of reading which does not hold her attention span very well.

    One cool thing though is having the Disney Annual Pass and picking up to have a day at Epcot and learn about Vikings, the ruins in China, etc…and have a day of fun. I have heard they have homeschooling days but I have not signed up because I don’t see why I should buy a park ticket if I have a pass. They won’t let me just pay the difference for the class.

    Best of luck!