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Don’t Fence Me In

One small side note about owning a dog of the hunting breed persuasion, is that on occasion they prefer their breakfast fresh from the fence.

During this mornings backyard romp, Mater took note of a squirrel taunting him from the gate.  With the speed of a deadly 57 pound cougar, Mater charged the gate.

This is now the view of the gate from outside the fence.

Snapped the post off at the cement base.

And by the way, the squirrel escaped shaken, but unharmed.

I’m thinking of leaving the gate as is and posting a simple “Beware of Dog” sign on the outside.  I’m pretty sure we’ll no longer be needing the security system.


In other completely unrelated news, the topic at dinner time this weekend involved marriage.  Jensen announced that he was going to marry at age 16.  If you’ll recall, Jensen is still betrothed to 1/2 of a set of identical twins, E & K.

Jensen:  “So, do you know who I’m going to marry?”

In unison:  “Yes, Jensen, you’re going to marry E.”

Me:  “How do you know which one is E and which one is K?”  (Because honestly, it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart.)

Jensen:  “K is the one that stares off into space, and E is the one that looks at me with dreamy eyes.”

Which is pretty much the way the romance works.  Whichever one is receptive to him when he approaches is E.  This could work against Romeo if they ever team up and want to mess with him.


I’ve almost gotten my family room put back together so I’ll post the after picture soon.  And I’ve got some fun giveaways coming up a little later today and this week, so stay tuned.  HAPPY MONDAY!

3 Responses to Don’t Fence Me In

  • Mercy!! I’m with you; just add the “Beware of Dog” sign and be done with it. 😉

  • Sign Mater up for football. He packs a wallop!

  • Love the sign idea. Our dog was/is a digger. There were several times he dug just enough to squeeze his lithe 85 lbs of mixed breed dogginess under our fence. (Which allowed him to run like a racehorse up and down the sidewalk at breakneck speed…nearly toppling the kids he was so eager to lick and love on in the process.) I’m also pretty sure that if he had enough desire, he could jump the fence. I’m hoping we don’t ever have to find out that to be true!
    Gotta love them huntin’ dogs! (Our Rocky is a Pitt Bull-Pointer mix and surely shows some of those hunting dog instincts.)