Party of 6

We collected Mater from the rescue group on Saturday afternoon.  The morning was a whirlwind of preparation that included hiding all the Crocs, shopping for just the right toy, and a good deal of mental freaking out (me) and hand wringing (me again).

The ride home was fairly uneventful, except that we discovered that Mater has an extraordinary case of gas due to his antibiotic intake.  So we quickly instituted a role reversal, and he was the only passenger with his head inside the van.

As we were allowing him to roam his new digs, we heard the unmistakeable sign of a dog lapping up water.  Which was odd, given that I hadn’t put his water dish down.

It seems that young Jensen made it a point to go through the house lifting all toilet lids so his new charge could have a fresh beverage.  Sadly though, Jensen has an issue with forgetting to flush.

Enough said.

And reason #245 why I will not allow Mater to lick my face.

The baby gates have been reinstated.  Just when I thought I had gotten my house back.  And to make things more interesting,  Mater came with a large wire black crate (which I think I could fit into).  It’s in our Family Room, and I have no idea how I’m going to make it blend in with the decor.  He willingly goes in when we eat dinner, if we need to leave the house, and at night.  The only time I’ve heard him bark was when he perceived a squirrel on the other side of the privacy fence in our back yard.  Wherein he took a running leap and I thought he was going to clear the 6 foot fence.  The dog runs like a gazelle.  The offspring are all having a blast playing with him in the back yard.

He loves long walks with the family, so I’m getting more exercise than I’ve gotten in a good two years.  On our first outing after arriving home, Mater presented us with the largest poop I’ve ever witnessed. I swear it was the size of my arm.   I actually stood gagging on the sidewalk, while Fiddledaddy scooped it up into the requisite plastic bag.  Therefore, I’ve assigned myself to his other end, and I’m in charge of the feeding.

Mater has settled in well and I do believe he’s absolutely giddy about all the love and attention he’s getting.  Fiddledaddy has borrowed from the library every DVD that features The Dog Whisperer and has made it his mission to start us off on the right track to training.  Mater has already come to the conclusion that Fiddledaddy is the leader of the pack.

I know that life will never be the same.  Because of a rescue dog named Mater, we are now a party of 6.

9 Responses to Party of 6

  • I am SO excited for your family! A dog is a fabulous addition:)

  • LOVE IT! I know your kiddos are so very happy (my hubby ran into your hubby and, apparently, FiddleDaddy is quite happy too!) Can’t wait to meet Mater!

  • Yea! Congratulations on adding Mater to the family. I’m glad things are going so well. You will never be short of stories to tell now!

  • Paragraph 2 of the above post had me giggling. By paragraph 4 I was layed over, tears I tell ya. Thanks I needed that. I’ve been following Gitzen Girl’s blog all weekend and appreciate the good laugh this morning.
    In keeping with Mater’s name I think that in his training you should have a command for “Git er done”. just sayin 😉

  • I think Mater has hit the jackpot 🙂 If he is shown even a third of the love your kids are, he is in for a very happy life! And to top it all off, now Jensen has a partner in crime for his toilet adventures!

  • Awww….Welcome Home Mater!

  • I suggest buying good quality dog food. Less poop!

  • Mater is beautiful! Our neighbors had a Visla. Her name was Tippy and she was the most polite, kind, loving, elegant and graceful dog I had ever seen. She was quite old, too. I’m sure Mater will get there too. You could tell it was part of her breed. God’s blessings on your new adventure!

  • I was in tears by the end also. Right now I have a 4 month old mutt of unknown origin sleeping on my sofa. She showed up in the alley behind my house 2 months ago in the middle of the night. We searched for owners thinking she had wondered away but it quickly became obvious that she was thrown out. We also have 2 older dogs and I’ve been surrounded by dogs my whole life, so far she is the easiest, sweetest dog I’ve ever seen. Everyone has told me that rescued dogs just know how much their new families love them and make the best babies. I’m finding that to be true.