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The Back-to-School Must Have: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011! A giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago, I began a dialogue with a representative from Microsoft Office.  We discussed my possibly reviewing their product and hosting a giveaway.

However, I explained to her that (lowered voice to a whisper) I am a Mac girl.  Well. She told me that Microsoft offered the same suite of programs DESIGNED FOR THE MAC, called Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.

Intrigued, a new P.R./blogger relationship was forged.  I was given the Microsoft Office for Mac for my computer, which contains Word, Power Point (complete with photo editing), Excel and Outlook.

Almost immediately I received a business e-mail from a client asking that I begin submitting my drafts using Microsoft Word.  There is an alternate that Mac users could use, but I need something SIMPLE to understand and easy to use. Perfect timing.  I am able to use Word Document for all sorts of assignments, everything from basic text to elaborate docs.  (I am very rarely ever elaborate, just so you know. WORDY, yes, but hardly ever elaborate.)

I’m happy to now report that I’m able to use Word also for hoopty ploopty calendars, and my stationary needs.  Plus a whole lot of other fun stuff that I look forward to taking for a test spin.

Excel is going to be my new best friend around tax time when I’m color coding our expenses and drafting beautiful spread sheets.  And yes, I should have listened to my mother and gone into accounting.  The thought of sitting down with a spreadsheet and sharpened #2 pencil makes my pulse quicken.  But let’s keep that to ourselves.

And so you don’t feel left out, for all my PC Office 2010 user friends, be sure to take advantage of OneNote and the free, customizable templates they designed to help students succeed, bring a dream vacation to life, and plan a painless home project.  And yes, as a Mac user, I’m having OneNote envy.

Microsoft Office is ideal not only for mommies who need to keep their household running on all pistons, but also for your student who is looking to better manage their time and workload.  And speaking of which,  students are eligible for a discount on Microsoft Office for Mac Academic 2011!  This suite, which normally retails for $279.95, also features Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, but students get it for only $99.95.

A Giveaway!

Guess what?  I have a Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Suite to give away (a value of $279.99)!  The suite includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.  All you have to do is head over and take a gander at Microsoft Office for Mac, and come back here and tell me in comments on this post which feature most appeals to you and what you would use it for?

The Rules:

  • You must answer the prompt given.
  • No duplicate comments/ one entry per person.
  • This giveaway is open internationally, age 18 or over.
  • Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
  • You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

I will keep comments open until Saturday, September 17th at 9:00 PM, EST.

Disclosure:  I was given the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Suite for the purposes of this review.  The honest opinion expressed is my very own.


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32 Responses to The Back-to-School Must Have: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011! A giveaway!

  • I would give this to my Pastor as he has just started using a mac and we are having trouble with his powerpoints being compatible on our PC video projection. This would enable him to make his sermon notes readable.

  • I would love to have Microsoft Office for Mac. I have a 9th grader & an 11th grader who are constantly working on school reports. Not only would Word come in handy but PowerPoint would be awesome!

  • I would use Word for letter and article writing. I have never used PowerPoint but realize it is probably an important skill to learn. I think that would be a fun thing to teach myself.

  • The cool templates appeal to me the most, and I would use them to advertise the homeschool dance I am planning on having in a couple of months. And I might also design a poster that says “Yes!! If you enter into enough of DeeDee’s giveaways you will FINALLY win something!” 🙂 Ha ha.

  • This would definitely be used with my home-based business and homeschool. I’ve had Macs for years but have never used the Microsoft products made for them.

  • Since my hubby gets to test an iPad for work, this would be great to go from our strictly PC household to his “testing” at work! Since it has the same format as PC Office then the layout should be identical, awesome. 🙂

  • I have always been a PC user, but recently got a Mac laptop. I would love to have my trusty Office to use again. I would love to have Word and PowerPoint, for sure.

  • I would really like using Office for Mac for my home business. I am a trueblue Mac user!!! Also, the templates would really come in handy.

  • I love Microsoft Office. I have a super old computer (12 years–a real dinosaur) but since it is a Mac, it still works great. However, we are going to buy a new computer this month, and I don’t know what I will do without Word and Excell. I use Word for most of my handouts for the Classical Conversations class that I tutor, and I use Excell with a fantastic spreadsheet created by The Five J’s (http://fivejs.com/free-homeschool-gradebook-record-keeping-spreadsheet-template/) which I totally have to have Excell for. I also would like to start using Power Point more, as I found a cool Jeopardy game Power Point file, and can’t do anything with it on my dinosaur.

  • This is open internationally, yeah!
    I would love this for my daughter, who has just started university here in the Netherlands. She’s got her Mac, but will have to be handing in assignments legible for others, so this would be great for her! And I would love to use the templates, if i could ever borrow her Mac off of her.

  • The new features of Office 2011 for Mac are just awesome! It is like a whole new program compared to the 2004 version I am currently using. The templates definitely appeal to me, as well as the photo editing feature. I presently do some editing of photos using the iPhoto editing feature but I find it is pretty limited in terms of what can be done. I can just imagine being able to make a dynamite Christmas letter using one of the template styles and incorporate photos into it that I have been able to edit using the photo editing. Wonderful giveaway, Dee Dee!

  • I recently purchased my first computer ever, and went with a Mac! I work with the youth at our church, so having the Office Suite would be amazing. I would use every program for that. Outlook would be great to keep track of the students’ info!

  • I would use word and power point the most. I home school my daughter and both of these would be great tools for homeschoolong. My daughter would use both of these as well for typing papers and she could use the power point for projects.

  • I’m crazy about the Microsoft Word we have at work. Tables, tables, tables! Would love to use it at home for lesson planning, etc.

  • It would definitely come in handy. I haven’t gotten Word yet but will need it very soon to create a new resume for my hubby who will soon be let go after 28 years with the same company. It’s a challenging time for us…just the thought of moving after more than 20 years in the same house sends me into orbit! So, I guess the spreadsheet and calendar features would also be great! AND I could make all new stationery when we move. Cool!

  • Oh my goodness…the co-authoring is way cool. That would be great. The thing that caught my eye is the Outlook though. How great to have one central calendar hooked up with email and be able to schedule appointments. The other feature I like are all of the templates for each of the programs. I could find projects for days to keep my busy (busier) than I am.

  • As a homeschool family and former PC’er, I do admit I miss the Word program. Maybe it’s just the familiarity of the old, but it would be great to incorporate back into our lives and school!

  • Definitely Word. I’m an editor and writer currently using MS Office 2008 for Mac. I love all the cool templates available for fancy-schmancy docs. But I love Excel too, and use it daily to keep my time sheets for the different companies I work for, and I like to play around and fancy them up too.

  • Excel, all the way! I need something to keep me organized as I start my own business and budget myself in my new digs!!! 😉

  • I would use Word the most, for writing the book reviews I do for a review column I write for a city magazine.

  • I like the template gallery! I’d use it for household things, and with my kids. And possibly for some of the things I help with at church.

  • We made the switch from PC to Mac two years ago, and while I love the Mac, I do still miss having MS Word and MS Paint. I don’t do a great deal of work on the computer, but I enjoy making my kids’ weekly schedules (for homeschool + chores + extra curriculars and appointments) with color, symbols, and clip art. I used to use Paint a lot for editing pictures, and my 11yo dd LOVES to use it for art.

  • I would use the entire suite!!!! I am a fairly new MAC user and not having MS Office is my only complaint. I need it, and my kiddos need it for Word and Excel for homework assignments. Great Giveaway!!!! Thanks!

  • Would love to use this in our home school and business! Word and office sound great!

  • I’m the Administrative Assistant to the Director of a large homeschool co-op and I would use the awesome templates to impress everyone with my flyer making skills.

    I’m old school and loyal to Word, but this might encourage me to learn Excel, which I desperately need to do.

  • Would love to have excel and learn how to use it to help me run my business more efficiently. I’ve heard nothing but praise for it’s many features. Had a friend show me her mailing list she made with excel and how she mail merged their name into a form letter- very cool! Has become a must have for me! Also love what Word can do to make a document really look great. Down to the last child out of 4 homeschooled, I need all the help I can get to help make writing assignments exciting! What a great way for them to journal and for me to make flyers/announcements for my business.

  • I am a new Mac user. I have a iMac and an MacBook. Microsoft Office is one program I have been wanting. I take college classes online and it helps to have Word. Also I have 2 businesses and would love to have access to Excel! As a homeschool family that can’t find a Mac compatible record keeping program, I think Microsoft Office would be a great fit.

  • I’ve had a Mac for several years, but I couldn’t afford the Microsoft Office software. I currently have to export everything I send to anyone, and the formatting always messes up. As far as specific features, I would use Word allll the time. Also, I really like the “styles” they have in lots of fun formats.

  • This would be an upgrade to my current office suite. Love my Mac and work on it doing contract work for non-profits most days.

  • I would love to have Microsoft Office for the Word and the Powerpoint, especially with for my new high school student.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Hahahaha.

    The thing I would like the most? Probably power point. I work in our church office with power point but there are so many times I wish I had it at home. And we can’t forget the updated Word (or whatever they call it for mac). LOVE Word.

  • I think I like the entire package. I’m a new college student, and a Mac user, so I need something to make all my word documents, power points, etc. This tool would make my life a whole lot easier. Sweet giveaway, thanks!