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Bad hair day

The day began ordinarily enough.  I drug myself wearily into the bathroom to tame my humidity phobic hair down into one manageable zip code.  I plugged in my beloved and faithful Chi, only to discover as I attempted to run it through my pouffy hair, that it was stone cold.

No amount of pleading, cajoling, or threatening could revive it.

Fiddledaddy stood afar and watched as I actually stomped my foot and yelled at the now lifeless Chi.

The rest of the day went downhill from there.

In defense of the Chi, I really do not think that the tone for my day was set by unmanageable pouffy hair, but the situation was simply an unhappy coincidence.

It was the type of day wherein I felt compelled to question God regarding his wisdom in entrusting me with 3 children, much less in my ability to homeschool them.  Homeschooling that morning was something akin to wading through mud, and teasing, taunting, and general misery were the order of the day for the 3 reluctant students.

Then there was the unexplained depression and overall sadness that I could not shake to save my soul.

I was scheduled to attend our monthly homeschooling mom’s Bible Study that night, and I had already decided mid-afternoon to climb into my pajamas directly after dinner and curl up into the fetal position.

But then my SIL, Trish, called and did her dead level best to talk me into coming.  In other words, she played the guilt card.  As we were both raised in the Catholic faith, she knows where my weaknesses lie.

I seriously considered attending in my pajamas, but of course envisioned being involved in a fender bender, a speeding ticket, or worse.

I must say, that I spent two and a half hours that evening in the company of 6 other homeschooling mothers who are often in the same sinking boat that I’m hanging onto.  The evening was insightful, encouraging, and I found myself laughing for the first time all day.

When I arrived back home, I found the following waiting for me on my bathroom counter.

Fiddledaddy dipped into my Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon stash and took the family out to buy me a little present.  (And btw, my birthday was a month ago.  But I’ll go with it.)

Never underestimate the importance of the ability to have a good hair day.

And the healing power of a husband and children’s simple act of kindness to make a weary mommy feel awfully special.

10 Responses to Bad hair day

  • Your husband is a very wise man. 🙂 That is very sweet of them. I can TOTALLY relate to your day. I’ve had many of them. You’re right; once that “dread/depression” sets in it just ruins the day. I’ve tried to pray my way through them many times. But, in the end it ends up being a chocolate/ICEE kind of day.

    Praying you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  • Kudos to Fiddledaddy!

  • LOVE THEM…. very wise people, your family. They know the way to having a happy wife/momma.

    So sorry that I couldn’t make it to the bible study. I too was having a “it’s five o’clock somewhere’ kind of day and could have use the the lovely shoulders of our friends-in-arms to lean/cry on.

  • You are a silly woman. I was at that bible study with my fine/thin stringy hair envying you, as usual, YOU LOOKED FABULOUS!

  • I have always felt that Moms like you who homeschool are doing something that would not have been possible for me. This post surely confirms that feeling. It takes someone very special to be able to do it at all.

  • Oh wow… what an awesome husband you have to just KNOW what would make you happy! I actually (no kidding!) thought just today about how sad i would be if my flat-iron died… but I fear my husband would see my sadness as a lesson in vanity or some other ridiculousness… 😉 You’ve got a great man by your side… and awesome children who will rise and call you blessed at the end of the day!

  • Awww that is awesome. So glad your day ended well!!!

  • I am not woman enough to homeschool my 3, that’s for sure. Forget homeschooling! Stick ’em in Catholic school and let the nuns have at ’em! (that’s what I’m doing with my lovely, delightfully well-behaved-at-all-times little blessings from the Lord!).

  • Ah yes, the power of the Chi! I know it well. My problem is I’m prone to burning myself when around anything hot enough to actually burn your skin off (like ovens.) Twice now as I’ve been straightening my hair with my Chi, the cord has gotten stuck on the knob of my dresser, and in an effort to keep my precious Chi from hitting our hardwood floor I’ve made a grab at it as it was pulled from my hand. Both times my fingers got straightened, and I’m pretty sure a couple of my fingerprints are burnt off. If I was a criminal or a spy this would be a good thing, but since I’m neither, I try to be a lot more careful when using my Chi!

  • I bought a notepad at Pier One that says, “There’s nothing that a glass of wine and a flat iron can’t fix”. Ain’t that the truth…..