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Wiped Out

Not long after Fiddledaddy and I were married, we spent an entire Sunday glued to a Real World Seattle marathon.  This was my first introduction to (exaggerated use of air quotes) reality television.

When I first learned of this phenomenon, I was appalled and vowed never ever to watch.  Because as a former card carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild, who was married to an actor and had many many friends who were actors, I despised any media venue that would take food from hard working actor’s folding tables.

And yet, I was strangely drawn to the Real World.  Which really wasn’t all that real.  No one I knew lived in a hoopty ploopty house on a lake, filled with strangers and camera equipment.

Later came my obsession with Survivor, although Richard Hatch nearly single handedly burned holes into my retinas.  I’m still trying to erase that image from my mind.  I’ve openly flirted with Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, Giulianna & Bill, and Biggest Loser.  But my interest has been steadily waning.

Until I happened through the room as my family was glued to an episode of Wipe OutWipe Out is more of a game show genre, except with a good deal more carnage, cringing, and hiding of eyes.

The premise revolves around 24 contestants making their way around an impossible obstacle course filled with such fun as the big balls, scary-go-round, sweeper arms, and mood swings.

Players are suspended on platforms above a large body of water and are pelted with all manner of food, paint, and pool toys as they attempt to leap through and over padded obstacles.

As you might have guessed from the name of the show, the wipes outs are spectacular.

At first I was horrified.  For the very same reason that I cannot bear to watch Americas Funniest Home Videos.  And the same reason that I cannot stand the Three Stooges.  People getting hurt? Not funny.

And yet, there was something about Wipe Out that made me not be able to resist the temptation to look.  Kind of like a train wreck.  Here are consenting adult type people donning padded gear, and voluntarily getting their clocks cleaned all for the chance to win $50,000.

At first I kept worrying if anyone participating had ever been killed, crippled, or worse.  Which when you view the slow motion that follows every wipe out, would seem highly likely.

And now I’m coming out in the open to admit that I’m slightly hooked.  And at the same time repulsed.  I laugh out loud at the hosts antics, yet I’m constantly concerned for the contestant’s well being.  And overwhelmed with the thought that I really don’t want to see anyone break a femur.

My son, who misses nothing, quips “Well, THAT’S gonna leave a mark” after every wipe out.

And honestly, if I were much younger and far better insured, I would have totally auditioned for this show.

But much like I would not last 10 minutes on Survivor, I would most certainly be wiped out before the first commercial break.

Any other closet Wipe Out fans?  There’s no judgment here.

Also, since I’m in the mood to bare my soul, I did download the Angry Birds app onto my iPad.  And yes, it is addicting.  I do not recommend it.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  I’ll likely be prepping for yet another hurricane that seems to be aimed at our little coastal community.  And by prepping, I mean emptying the cookie shelving at Wal-Mart.  Because that’s how I roll.

14 Responses to Wiped Out

  • We enjoy Wipe Out as well. It’s not must see tv for us, but if we are flipping and find it, we’ll definitely stay. My favorite part is imagining how much fun work must be for the people who come up with the different obstacles. In my mind it’s a room full of 8 yr old boys hopped up on sticky candy and soda with white boards and crayons instead of computers and bean bags and pillows instead of desks.

  • I LOVE Wipeout!
    My husband stumbled on it one day and we’ve been watchers ever since. My 5 yr old is soo funny after a big wipeout he’ll get really loud and make the “oof” sounds for the contestants, then laugh. Hubs and I laugh like crazy.
    Now, we don’t check out the tv schedule to make sure we don’t miss it but, if we flip to it (even reruns) we have to stop and watch.


  • We love Wipeout over here! My 6 year old can’t get enough of it. Our backyard is no longer a backyard it is a Wipeout course. I think that is one of my favorite aspects of the show, it has encouraged him to use his imagination to build his own Wipeout course to play on. I am however waiting for the day he breaks something, but I figure he is an active boy, it is bound to happen sooner or later anyway.

  • Haven’t seen Wipeout on TV. The Amazing Race is about as “reality” TV I get.

    Try Angry Birds Seasons and Rio as well. My 6 yr old is addicted for sure!

  • My kids (especially my youngest who LOVES anything with physical comedy!) all love Wipeout… I can’t watch without feeling my back and neck hurt in sympathy with the contestants!

    We also really like the Wipeout game for the Wii – oh my goodness, so much fun!! I highly recommend it!

  • We are a Wipeout family as well. It’s actually kind of nice to sit together as a family, laugh and not worry about language.

  • I’ve never watched the show. Sorry. I’ve seen commercials, and that’s about as far as it goes. I USED to watch Survivor. Back when the “Gentle Giant”/hippie guy was on. I can’t remember his name, but I liked him. That was “many moons ago.”

    Like you, I don’t really care for “reality TV.”

    My nephew has always loved America’s Funniest Home videos. I have to admit, I do like to watch the babies, but there’s only so many times you can watch men… uhm… get THE hit before you just really feel sorry for them; if you know what I mean. 😉

    Have a safe and blessed weekend.

    OH, and I updated my blog stating I am NOT using Monarch this year, so I won’t be able to tell you how it works. Sorry. They sent me a more detailed side by side comparison to S.O.S. and 1 thing made me change my mind. I’d be happy to send you the e-mail if you’d like. 🙂

    • I think Rupert is who you are talking about. Didn’t like him as much when he returned the third time.

  • Oh yeah. We are Wipe Out people at our house. Especially my almost 9 year tomboy. She loves it. She loves to laugh and it provides lots of laughter.

    Angry birds is evil. Haha I had to remove it from my android because I wasn’t getting anything done. Ever. 😉

  • If it’s on, we definitely watch it. I am very much lamenting the lack of shows we can all watch together as a family. I’m a little less…conservative(?) than some, but still, where is the Cosby Show for this generation? I’ve got plenty of shows I enjoy (I originally typed “shoes” – wishful thinking?) watching, but I wouldn’t let my kids watch them.

    So for now, Wipeout keeps us entertained from time to time.

  • The first time I watched Wipeout I barely laughed, I just felt SO bad for the people on there. The next time I couldn’t believe there were MORE people wanting to be on the show and I laughed a lot more. My husband and I became hooked, eventually we even let our children watch! We watched on Hulu. Apparently, our former pastor (we moved) is a big fan so I don’t feel as bad. 🙂

    It has sort of fallen by the wayside at the moment, we’ve been checking out DVDs from the library and the kids have found other shows to watch on Hulu (Hulu links to another site that has Strawberry Shortcake, Batman, He-Man, and She-Ra).

  • I don’t usually watch it..just too painful to see when they well..wipe out! But I was channel surfing last night and Ariel Tweto was on..she is on a reality show on another network..her parents run an airport in Alaska. And she’s a hoot, so I had to see how she did. She did pretty good,but didn’t win. I was rooting for her though.

  • My son loves to watch Dude What Would Happen? and Destroy, Build, Destroy….but they do nothing but irritate me. I do like Biggest Loser though as I need all the motivation I can get to keep losing weight!

  • We love Wipeout! We try to not miss it and hubby, the boys, and I laugh loud and hilariously. I figure these people know what they’re getting themselves into. The big balls are my personal favorite.

    And yes, I have Angry Birds on my iPhone. While it is addicting, I’ve finally reached a point that I’m no longer so strongly affected by that game. After the first night I played, I sat down across the table from my son and told him, “I HATE Angry Birds!” He gave me a quizzical look, and I told him that they made me stay up WAY too late because I had to keep playing and playing and playing. He laughed, but it was true.