For sale, slightly used

A while back, I was asking your opinion about buying either an iPad or an 11 inch MacBook Air.  It’s not that I was in any position to purchase either, but I was looking far ahead into the future.  And dreaming.

The idea that I had in my head was that I wanted something small that I could carry in my purse so that I could accomplish more work and writing on the fly.  I’m not one of those people that handles down time well, so when I’m stuck in a waiting room somewhere, rather than catching up on reading deep literature like People Magazine, for example, I’d rather be getting some things accomplished.

And besides, a game or 5 of Scrabble will only improve my writing skills.  Theoretically speaking.

I so appreciated your input on this matter, and honestly, I was like a ping pong ball between the two choices.  Sure the iPad was about half the price of the MacBook Air, but I would be doing a good deal of typing and if you’ve ever seen me texting you would see why I’m about 320 e-mails behind in my replies.

And so I started a tiny little savings plan, wherein I would squirrel away pennies from the sale of old curriculum, birthday money, and whathaveyou.  And then I got to thinking.  Thinking even BIGGER.  And I realized that perhaps I had something of value to sell.

Here’s where things get really weird and you may be just slightly repulsed.

Okay.  When my mother died, I inherited her jewelry box.  Inside are some wonderful antique costume jewelry pieces that I dearly love.  A number of years ago when I was going through the box, I discovered a small envelope.  I dumped the contents out into my hand.  There were assorted gold teeth and fillings.  A few even had THE ORIGINAL TEETH ATTACHED.

Fiddledaddy who was standing near was all WHAT THE????

But really, it didn’t faze me because in the same drawer was a little box of my baby teeth that I also inherited when my mother died.  Otherwise I may have gone on believing in the Tooth Fairy.

But I was curious, whose gold teeth were these?  After I revived Fiddledaddy, I set about the task of playing Nancy Drew to solve the mystery.  I went to my Aunt Audine, because she was the keeper of all family secrets for me.  She seemed to think that they were my grandpa’s teeth which must have been extracted at the funeral home.  And I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask her WHOSE IDEA WAS THAT?

I’m just guessing that it was a customary practice, because even though my Nanny was on the frugal side, I know for fact that she was too distraught at the time to think of it.

Although.  It was her sister, my great Aunt Annie, who buried husband #2 next to husband #1 to save a little money because as she put it, “Well, the plot is already paid for.”

I’ll never really know.

But I have noticed that Fiddledaddy is a little more jumpy since he discovered this information about my gene pool.


I filed the gold teeth back away in the jewelry box and tried to forget them…

Until last week when I saw the price of gold.  It just so happens that I have a good friend who is in the business of buying and selling gold.  So I thought I’d take Pa’s teeth in to have a look-see, along with some other small gold pieces that I no longer wear.  This friend of mine is kind of used to me, so he didn’t bat an eye when I revealed my wares.

People, Pa’s teeth plus a few assorted gold trinkets netted me the ability to purchase this.


But look what I can fit into my new purse.

A cute little case.  Which contains:


A NEW IPAD!  Now this doesn’t look like your ordinary iPad, because WHAT HO!  I can type using all 10 digits.  While I did not care for the blue tooth keyboard that I saw at the Apple Store because the keys were all soft and kind of stuck, Fiddledaddy found me a Logitech keyboard made to fit the iPad 2.


Well.  At least my dilemma about the iPad and my ability to type at the speed of smell.  And paying for the whole thing.

My joy knows no bounds.

Now I’m eyeing anything shiny in our home as possible collateral toward some new flooring.  I’ve made a solemn vow to Fiddledaddy that I won’t try to hock my wedding ring or offspring.

So iPad users, what are your favorite must have apps?

21 Responses to For sale, slightly used

  • If you were to ask my 8 year old son he would Angry Birds. It is kinda addicting.

  • *he would say…..angry birds. I can’t type with my thumbs
    on my iPhone…. Do they have a keyboard for that?
    Enjoy your new toy!!!!

  • Pages and Numbers were ones that I was told that I couldn’t live without. Pages is compatible with MS Word and Numbers is Excel…I have both on my iPad but I have not used them…so not sure that means I “NEEDED” them.

    Words with Friends! I use the free version because I can handle a brief ad pop up.

    ESV Bible is AWESOME!! I use it at church as my “regular” Bible. It allows me to take notes in it. FABULOUS!!! has an app that I use daily.

    I also have Webster’s 1828 Dictionary on there. I really like that one.

  • I love my Netflix app for the times when the boys have commandeered the TV for Wii playing, I can catch up on an old Monk. I also use the Twitter app, a Mahjong app, Penultimate (love for taking notes), Bing for an additional search engine, scores of educational apps (contact me if you want to know specifically) and I just added Splashtop–which mirrors your laptop enabling you to watch Flash–and it’s on sale at 75% off. Those are only a handful of apps that I regularly use. I bought my iPad for the same reasons–something small & on the go useful. I use mine everywhere! I spotted that Logitech keyboard at Sam’s the other day and it is calling my name. Happy for you!

  • So glad you got the I pad! You will love it. Now for apps.
    Pages and Keynote. I use pages all the time to write my blog. For safety, you will want First Aid, Pocket CPR, iTriage, MHealth and FBIChilidid. 2Do allowes you to create a 2 Do list! Yellow Pages and superpages help you find stuff when you are away. GeoQpons, eBay, Target,Coupons, Groupon HD, Walgreens, CVS and SavingStar all will help with shopping. AllRecipes helps when you want to try something different to eat. Whirly Word and Words HD as well as Scrabble will all entaintain you and Rows 3D will drive you nuts but you will love it.Speak It will read back to you anything you put into it which is great when I lost my voice for a bit. And don’t forget Facebook,Twitter, flipboard, forusquare and you mail to keep in touch with the world. I think that is enough for now. Have fun.

  • You could buy an i-gadget with your uncle’s teeth?? 🙂 I have to meet you someday. Love it!

  • Oh my word. This post about made me wet my pants. Don’t you just love how the Lord provides! Grandpa’s teeth!

    Enjoy the ipad. 🙂

  • Oh, and one word of advice that you can take or leave…don’t put any games on it that the kids might like. Then it becomes just one more gadget for them to fight over. Mommy’s ipad should be BORING….maybe some math flashcards or something…

    Just my two cents!!

  • Congratulations! I am soooo jealous. I am trying to talk hubby into getting me an ipad but never thought to try and sell any teeth. LOL I will have to check around the house and see what I can find. love it! I also think it is really cool that there is a keyboard that is made to fit the ipad because that is one of the reasons hubby tried to talk me out of it. I will let him know.:) Have fun with it!

  • That is awesome!!! Too bad I don’t have any gold teeth sitting around. I was just dreaming of a new couch and ottoman.

    You should install the Nook and Kindle apps. You can get cheap and free books and it’s nice to pull out and read on the go.

  • Oh man! You have all the luck. 🙂 I’m jealous. I had my first sample of ipad use at the orthodontist last week. They made me give it back. Bally ho.

    So now that is on my “save for list” too. You wouldn’t want to trade it for a cup of coffee would you?? 😀

  • I also highly recommend the kindle app. Anytime I am stuck somewhere I can pull out my itouch & read. Am currently reading Sherlock Holmes, but have discovered some great new Christian authors by downloading freebies from Amazon. I also do have games on it for kids, in case I am stuck somewhere with my 6 year old. Sometimes it is more important for them to have something to do than me so they don’t drive me crazy =)

    • I’m reading Sherlock on my iPad, too! I have Kindle, Nook and iBook apps on mine. There are tons of free books. Pixel of Ink is a good website (facebook page, too) to use to find free books. I love, Love, LOVE my iPad!

    • Hey! I’m reading Sherlock Holmes on my Kindle!!
      What is going on in this world??

  • I was waiting for this post…and it did not disappoint. Cute purse too.

  • Nice! Love the keyboard. No ipad in this house yet, just my trusty kindle. You should really try the kindle app.

  • Very Nice my friend! This is so on my wish list. Must bring to AHG tomorrow. Now to go and see what gold I have to sell….ummm, not much. 🙂

  • Completely forgot my favorite apps. I can’t live without YouVersion and Words with friends. I am horrible at it but I can’t stop playing..against people I know.

  • WOW! You had me at Grandpa’s teeth!
    I never would have suspected you could get enough money from some old gold teeth! Shh… Don’t tell, or you will start a grave robbing trend!
    Going to find a shovel, now… There’s a grave yard right behind my house.

  • I’m guessing Fiddledaddy doesn’t have any gold teeth or fillings or he’d be really wary of you!!

    Glad you found a way to pay for your purchases without debt!! 🙂

  • I like your (and Fiddledaddy’s) solution. I’ll have my hubby look at the Logitech keyboard for his iPad. I’m trying to find ways to encourage him using his right hand to regain function – other than holding the iPad. 😉

    My dad makes jewelry – both silver and gold – as a hobby. The entire extended family has given him whatever gold they have, including gold teeth. Dad had made a couple of “family” rings that have my great Uncle Troy’s gold, etc., in them. We family consider them treasures, although non-family members tend to get grossed out. The fact that the cleaning and melting processes take care of germs doesn’t reassure the weak of heart. To my knowledge all of this gold was given prior to death, though.

    Would love to see the look on Fiddledaddy’s face if he were to wake up and see you with a pair of pliers in your hands, though….LOL.