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Beauty is skin deep – Life Well Lived

I am so excited to be a part of the Life Well Lived Blogger Panel!  And I’m even more thrilled that our topic this week is BEAUTY.  And the most awesome part of that is that I’m learning some great tips on how to maintain a beauty routine WHEN I HAVE NO TIME.

I have vague memories, b.c. (before children), of spending upwards of 20 minutes on makeup and hair before leaving the house to greet the day.  These days, I’m just hoping that I remembered to put on pants prior to exiting.

The question posed this week is:

How do you take care of your skin when you have zero “me” time?

If you’re like me, a good 2 minutes is about all I can spare.  And I would answer that question with a routine that my mother started me on when I started wearing makeup in the 8th grade (and yes, this included powder baby blue eye shadow).  She got me started on the right track by encouraging me to always wash my face with a mild face soap both morning and night, and apply moisturizer without fail.  The other trick I’ve learned is to drink a whole boat load of water during the day, to flush out those pesky toxins.

Head on over here to see what beauty expert, Maegan Tintari, has to say about how a few minutes can make a HUGE difference when it comes to your beauty routine.

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So how about it, how do you take care of your skin when you have zero “me” time?

5 Responses to Beauty is skin deep – Life Well Lived

  • At the very least, I put on a body serum from Arbonne that, well, just tightens everything up a bit! Love it!

  • I make sure to put on my face lotion that has sunscreen in it every day.

  • I started oil cleansing about 2 months ago, the speedy version. Which means I rub on the oil and then wipe it off with a warm washcloth, without breathing deeply, thinking peaceful thoughts and slowly massaging.
    It works though, and it’s less than two minutes and cheap!

  • I’ve started putting on Olay Total Effects (fragrance free) daily moisturizer at night. The little bumps/not quite pimples on my forehead are completely gone! Maybe tmi but I do love the product. 🙂

  • I drink water and go make-up free as much as humanly possible.