The Rainmaker

I was reminded this week that hurricane season is upon us.  The ominous newscasters really didn’t give it away, as they tend to blow things a wee bit out of proportion, especially on a slow news day.  What clued me in were the grocery store shelves emptied of all manner of bottled water.

Frankly, I think that everyone is missing the boat on this one.

If a hurricane were eminent, I would be emptying the cookie shelves.

Just sayin’.

I believe that Irene has turned her attention away from the east coast of Florida, so we have dodged that bullet.  She has however, sent a bit of rain our way.  A couple of nights ago, an Irene inspired thunderstorm graced us at 3 AM.  It began with a small clap of thunder that no one but Jensen heard.

He made his way to our room and stood next to my side of the bed.  And what luck, just then a bolt of lightning lit up the window and the resulting thunder was accompanied by a loud scream from a small boy.  Three inches from my head.

I noticed that my housekeeping skills have taken quite a hit as I clung to the ceiling fan.

When my heart regained a more regular rhythm, I left the comforting of the boy child to his father while I went in search of flash lights that worked.  And a Xanax.  That’s one of those things on my hurricane preparedness list that is a must have; flashlights paired with the right sized batteries.  (Not the Xanax, although…)

Bingo.  I had managed to squirrel away a few of the good flashlights in the house far from the merry band of offspring that love to hijack a flashlight or two for purposes of frightening a younger sibling during threats of unsavory weather.  It should be noted that I saved one flashlight from an timely death when Jensen wanted to flush it, so that he could see the inner workings of the toilet in the dark…

I look forward to a quiet (as in no activities) but rainy Friday, trapped indoors tucked safely at home, while while watching the last vestiges of Irene gently blow north.

I believe that I may take a page from Cailey’s book, as this is what I found this week:

As if it helped…

Stay safe, all my neighbors up in the Carolinas.  And stock up on cookies.

6 Responses to The Rainmaker

  • A few years ago we had a power outage that lasted more than 24 hours. So hubs bought all sort of ‘no power’ gadgets including a Barbie “lantern”. It holds 4 AA batteries and I think it’s got an LED light in it. Normally I am not a fan of the LED…but this thing PUTS OUT. So even all these years later, if there is a threat of a power out, Barbie still makes an appearance in the form of a little cute lantern. : )

    Stay safe. Hang in there. Eat plenty of cookies.

  • That made me geezer laugh. Thanks! My daughter used to do that – she’d wake up in the middle of the night scared about something and not make a sound until she was thousandths of an inch from my nose and say in a stage whisper “MAMMA”. It’s a wonder I didn’t (a) die of fright or (b) strangle her from fright

  • LOL I like the sign. My daughter had a poster on her door with ‘rules of my room’.
    One of the rules was ‘no grown ups to enter unless they have food ‘ and underneath she had added ‘and they must leave without it’ .

  • This is GREAT!! I think we could design this into a LARGE, sparkly necklace and sell it to all our home schooling moms =) ( for US to wear!! ) <3

  • Xanax! Clung to the ceiling fan! Oh Dee Dee, you made me splutter my coffee this morning and make my children look at me with bewilderment – well, more than usual! Thanks for the laugh – and Cailey’s sign is absolutely precious! have a wonderful day!

  • PLEASE send some of that rain over here to Texas…we’re parched.
    Love the sign…my daughter puts signs on her door. The current one is “Cleaning – Stay out!” Yea, right.