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Loose ends

After all that I went through at the D.M.V. on Tuesday, I discovered much to my horror that my last name is misspelled on my new drivers license.  I have a whole bunch of double letters in my name (first and last) and one of them was left out.

Which is not a huge deal, until you try to use your drivers license to access your library account and they tell you that they’ve never heard of you.  “But I have 65 books checked out that say you HAVE heard of me.”

And it’s not like I can call and ask them to fix it over the phone.  I HAVE TO GO BACK TO HELL  THE D.M.V. AND GO THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS AGAIN.

Including a new photo.

I swear I’m going to cross my eyes in this one…


I dropped the “sample” off at the clinic on Monday.  Fiddledaddy was gone that morning, but when he got home and noticed that the specimen collection contraption no longer took up real estate on the bathroom counter, he asked, “How did it go?”

I informed him that my gag reflex was fully functional and I nearly could not complete the task because of all the tears shooting from my eyes.  But the deed was done.  And we must never speak of it again.

I still have gotten no results.  But I’m still alive and kicking, so that’s a step in the right direction.


I just learned that my little blog has been nominated for Parent’s Magazine Funniest Mom Blog.  I’m tickled.  You can go cast a vote here if you feel led…


I will post the Curriculum Round-up on Friday.  I’ve made a substandard button which you can grab if you’d like.  On Friday please feel free to come by and link up, or leave your curriculum thoughts in the comments section on that post.

And don’t forget that the Big IQ Kids giveaway (valued at $139.97) is going on through Sunday, August 21st.


And now I’m going to curl up and watch “Soul Surfer” alone on my couch.  The kids watched it last night when I was away at a meeting.  I asked Jensen what he thought.  “Well, it was okay, EXCEPT THAT HER ARM WAS GONE.”

I see “Movie Critic” in his future.

4 Responses to Loose ends

  • You probably won’t have to have a new picture as they have it in the computer. I had lost my license several years ago and was looking forward to a new picture and was disappointed when they popped a new one out without taking a new one.

    Good luck in Hell!

  • Good luck at the DMV. That place is dreadful.

    Of course I went and voted for your blog. It totally makes my morning when I get to sit, drink my coffee, and read about the antics that go on in your life 🙂 You are awesome, lady!

  • I can SO hear Jensen saying that! Ha! Any plans for a trip to the beach after watching that movie?

  • Oh my goodness! Is that movie out on DVD already? I was wanting to see it in theaters and never made it! Guess it’s time to check out new releases!
    Glad you got your “specimen” taken back to dr. Hope you get the results quickly!
    How terrible that the DMV misspelled your name! You would think they would check those things, huh?!