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Date night and taking a bite of the apple

All of the stars aligned and Fiddledaddy took me out on a date.  Without an entourage.  I was craving steak so we headed to Outback armed with a coupon.  The wait time was somewhere around a day and a half, so we chose the outdoor dining option.  Which consisted of a mesh metal table and two matching and equally uncomfortable chairs.  It was terribly romantic.  Except for the cigarette smoke.  And car exhaust fumes.  And the Florida heat.  And the flies.

“But other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”  

But I had a wonderful time, which tells you how desperate I was to be out of the house with my husband, yet without the bickering children.

Usually after a date, we find ourselves wandering the aisles of the local Wal-Mart.  But on this particular evening we decided to shake things up a little and visit a new Apple store that opened recently.  It’s not an official Apple store, per se, but all they carry are Mac products.  So, that makes them a toy store an Apple store in my book.

And speaking of books, I wanted to show you a little something I’ve been coveting.

This is the 11.6 inch MacBook Air.  It is super light weight (lighter than air, as it were), and is just ever so slightly larger than the iPad.  I could fit it in my purse.  If I buy a bigger purse.

At first I had my eye on the iPad, but had to really consider what I would use it for.  Ideally, I need something from which I can work on the fly.  As in while waiting at the doctor’s office, or at the gym while my children are being taken care of and I should be exercising but aren’t, etc.

The iPad could work for this, but if you ever saw me texting you would know that I type 4 words per hour.  With my pointer finger.  And the iPad, to me, would be very much like texting.  The nice little sales girl who looked to be all of 13 told me that I could buy a iPad case which contains a little bluetooth keyboard, so it would be more like regular typing, employing all 10 fingers.

I was intrigued.  The iPad retails for about $500, and the bluetooth keyboard is around $100.  Which is cheaper than the retail price for the 11.6 MacBook Air which hoovers hovers around $999.

At this point, it’s all a dream.  I’ve drained the couch of all loose change but am thinking creatively.

So, to all fellow Mac fanatics, do you have any experience with either the iPad or the 11.6 inch MacBook Air?  And if so, can you tell me the pros and cons?

As usual, I’m taking to the internet before considering a major purchase.  #whyadvertiserslistentomommybloggers.

15 Responses to Date night and taking a bite of the apple

  • The iPad is so appealing, but you could be in stiff competition with your children for its use. I agree with you, if you wish to do significant typing, as opposed to reading email only, watching videos, web surfing, then the Macbook Air would make a lot more sense. I hope you are able to get it!!! We are total Mac folks here.

  • I have both a Mac book pro and iPadand I’m typing on the iPad right now,? U love the virtual keyboard because I have arthrus in my hands and tying just hurts. With the virtual keyboard, it’s just so light and easy on my hands. I type my blog on it as well but if I want to add pictures, I do that from the Mac Book Pro as it is easier to do it from there. For day to day stuff, I love my iPad! I read books (has the Nook, kindle, I books loaded) surf the web easily with Safari and it carries well where ever I go. Battery life is very good as well! Hubby has fat fingers so he has the case with the Bluetooth keyboard attached and he loves it. Up here they go on sale through Brookstone a lot and you can get them for $69.00.
    And the Apps! Oh my, the apps you can get are just so much fun! So there is my opinion on the toys for adult.

  • I love my iPad! Although I admit that I have no real “need” for it. I mean, I use it to play games, watch a little Netflix, and generally goof around…

  • I had the same exact date last week just substitute Mimi’s Cafe instead of Outback! My hubby has iPad and we have MacBooks, the iPad is great, but I rarely get to touch it 🙂

  • I really love my iPad. I can actually type on the virtual keyboard with both hands using about 8 fingers if, and only if, I’m at a table/desk/etc. If I’m holding it in one hand, I’m pecking away. I have mine loaded up right now with apps for an upcoming trip to San Francisco. I have a BART app for transportation, a guide to the city, and of course the weather and my map. I think it will be very useful as we travel. I’ll let you know!

  • We have both and I still am loyal to the laptop. My husband is a programmer and still prefers the laptop also. The thing about the iPad is that there are all kinds of learning games so it’s easy to take along and have our daughter do a quick little lesson. As for typing on the keyboard… meh. You have to prop the iPad up at just the right angle so there is no glare and you can see what you are typing. Plus the screen is smaller.

    My vote is for the Mac Book Pro 🙂

    If you really wanna splurge, buy their Cinema Screen. Holy Cow that thing is awesome.

  • Conversation my husband and I had recently. A little background….we own a desktop Mac and LOVE it. I also have a Sony VAIO laptop that is on it’s 3rd hard drive in less than 3 years. I named it “notthemac”. Clearly I do not love the laptop. We are looking at getting a MacBook Pro. My husband, who likes to dream that we have money, wants the most expensive one there is. I told him I wanted the least expensive MacBook Pro AND an iPad! He looked at me and said “Why do you want an iPad?”

    My answer, without hesitation (no joke!):

    “Because it is the coolest toy EVER!”

    I’m 40…he looked at me like I had just grown a second head.

    (sigh) I still do not have either one! =(

    I am however, on my second iPhone and love it…except for the keyboard.

  • I’m typing this on my iPad and here’s what you need to know. I LOVE my iPad and use it much more than my laptop (because my children have confiscated the laptops for school). It’s incredibly convenient to grab and take with me and most things work exactly the same. But not everything. The keyboard has auto correct, which makes typing easier, but it makes you lazy when you go back to the laptop, which doesn’t automatically capitalize I and insert your apostrophes for you. I can’t post to Blogger except by email, so my blogging has all but stopped because I prefer using the interface and I’m too lazy to go steal back the laptop. The iPad has all the same apps, but they work differently. Like I have Pages, but you have to relearn how to do the formatting. It’s easy enough, just different and with fewer options. Periodically, you’ll run into a website that isn’t iPad friendly and you can’t select the menu option you want. And you’ll need to purchase a new HP printer if you want to print from your iPad, at least until other printer companies get the AirPrint technology.

    Because of all that, I wouldn’t want to just have an iPad. It’s nice to have the laptop available when I need it, but I really don’t need to use it much. My laptop is fairly old, but it works just fine as a backup with my iPad as my primary. I love tossing it in my purse and having something to work/play/read on when the girls are at dance or whatever. And, as you can see, I have no problem typing on it!

  • Let me say that, “But other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”, had me snorting my coffee, so thank you for that wake-up experience.

    As the owner of six Macs, one of which is an iPad, I feel moderately qualified to respond to your inquiry and I would ditto Valerie. I use my iPad so much that I’ve knitted a hip cozy so I can wear it ’round the house. It’s ease of use and portability are unmatched. The apps are insane, and I mean that in an insanely good way. I can type, with both hands, on the virtual keyboard, but for bigger projects I do use my iMac.

    That was no help whatsoever, was it.

  • We just had the ipad vs macbook air debate and ended up buying the laptop. It makes far more sense (because we use the laptop for school and needed something that could handle more robust programs), and it’s just a bit more money. We bought ours at best buy and got the $100 homeschool discount. Cha-ching.

  • I don’t have either of these items. I’ve heard the MAC is the mac-daddy, whatever that means.
    I’ve also heard good things about the iPad. My geekoid husband bought us a totally different tablet pc, which is just a laptop with a stylus, which I hate. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse with it, but I might as well go sit at the desktop, with all that stuff!
    Meanwhile, I got a hoot of laughter over this…
    “the 11.6 MacBook Air which hoovers around $999”

    It vacuums? Now THAT’S what I call a good deal!

    • This is why I am really in need of something that can go beyond spell check and read my mind… 🙂

  • My husband loves his iPad2 with just the wifi but one step from the bottom in memory. He’s an incomplete quad, so challenged somewhat with holding it. He hasn’t chosen to take it with us when we go out yet. He finds typing is a challenge unless the pad is stable. There is a $4 app that is recommended to help you type.

    I’ve helped him set some things up on it – learning curve is pretty easy (especially with Fiddledaddy around – you’d have it made). I’ve thought about getting an iPhone, but am leaning toward a smaller tablet and keeping my current style phone where I get texting but no e-mail/internet.

    Comparing typing, I like the feel of the keys on a keyboard better and not having to look at what I’m doing when I type. You have to shift between ABC and #’s so there would be a learning curve.

    My guess would be you’d do both depending on where you are. But I’ve decided I really want the capability of having the internet easier than a laptop – as my last trip driving my parents to Mayo in Jax proved.

    This is kind of rambling, but hope it helps.

  • DeeDee,

    My house is Mac exclusive (except my pesky work laptop), but if you’re looking to do any real typing, you want a laptop. I love my iPad, but for heavy amounts of typing… it’s not worth it. For the extra $300, a real video card and ability to have actual programs, as oposed to apps, is worth every penny. I’m actually giving up my 1st gen MacBook in favor of my iPad, but it’s because I have a full MacPro desktop at home, and I have my work desktop at work. Typing’s not as big a deal when i’m out everywhere else.

  • I recently bought an Macbook Air (refurbished) and LOVE it! It’s so light, and it totally fits in my larger purse.

    My MIL has an iPad (the family went in together and bought it for her 89th birthday) and while it’s fine for looking things up, it is TERRIBLE for writing/responding. Takes a sweet forever to get anything written.

    Go for the Air!