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Christmas in August

I had a chance to celebrate a little Christmas in August.  Because when I returned home on Friday from running errands in the sweltering heat, LOOK what was waiting for me.

As you recall, a number of months ago I was lucky enough to be chosen for a CAbi makeover in Los Angeles and was featured in the CAbi Fall Look Book.  Because I didn’t stink up their photo shoot (I’m guessing), the sweet girls on the makeover team sent me one of the Fall CAbi outfits that I modeled.  It just so happened that it was my favorite!

And as if that wasn’t enough, they also sent me a pair of Ivanka Trump bling bling high heels!  I’m going to learn how to walk in these things if it’s the last thing I ever do.  If you add a few inches to my height, I look a little more proportionate.  Just saying’.

They also sent a fun video featuring all four of the makeover girls at the photo shoot.  Speaking for myself, a team of stylists and makeup artists can do wonders on a middle aged housewife from Florida.  I wish they did house calls.

I’ve got to say, CAbi knows how to treat a girl.  Right after the photo shoot, CAbi also sent us some CAbi bucks, which I spent on some pieces from the Spring line.  I’ll be modeling those as soon as I can set up a shoot with my photographer (who also doubles as my husband).

I LOVE GIRL CLOTHES!  Thank you, CAbi, for making me feel so very special.

4 Responses to Christmas in August

  • You look GREAT! I like your favorite outfit best, too! What a neat experience. Thanks for sharing!

  • WOO HOO for great new clothes. You looked amazing in the catalog. Next time I’m at a CAbi event, I’ll proudly be the one saying, “Hey, I know this girl! Well, technically, I stalk her on a blog she writes. That practically makes us family, right?”

    Have a wonderful day!

  • How awesome is that! 🙂 You look beautiful. 🙂

  • So fun to see you in that video! The CAbi staff and design team told me they had soooooooooo much fun working with you. How could they not? 🙂 Love and misses…