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Happy Hair

My plan was to stay away from my computer and celebrate the 4th of July with my family.  However, I felt the need to share with you the results of Jensen’s self inflicted hair cut.  With the kid sized safety scissors.

I’m thinking he might have a future in barbery (caution: made up word).  It sounded better than hair dresser.

Have a very wonderful and happy 4th of July, my friends!

6 Responses to Happy Hair

  • I guess you could go for a crew cut, then grow it back in again!

  • I don’t know about the haircut, but OH MY WORD his eyelashes are going to make E swoon someday! Happy 4th!

  • Hair cut? Did he get a haircut?
    All I could see were those striking eyes!
    I see future heart breaker!
    Uh, good luck with that! 😉

    Happy 4th!

  • I agree with everyone else. What beautiful eyes! He is definitely going to be a heartbreaker!

  • Haircut? I just thought he was stylin’. And those eyes? Watch out.

  • Aww… that’s not so bad. My son (at about the same age!) also gave himself a haircut. We like to refer to it as the time he had a “reverse mohawk.” Imagine laying a pair of scissors on a center partline (right at the scalp) and then cutting. When I held him up to a mirror and asked if that was the look he was hoping for, he replied, “No, not really. Should I try again?” Don’t worry… my son is now 18 and entering college. You’ll survive, too!!!