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52 Weeks of Organizing: The Bathroom Closet

Otherwise known as the black hole.

I’m jumping in late to Laura’s challenge of 52 Weeks of Organizing over at Organizing Junkie.  I want to be Laura when I grow up.  In the meantime, I have to settle for stalking her, and pretending to be her.

We have about 3 more weeks left of our summer vacation, so I’m trying to tackle one small project at a time.  Last week, while I had Cailey out of the house at a playdate, I cleaned out the girl’s closet.

Now you would think I should let my own children clean out their own dang closet, but if I did, nothing would ever be thrown away.  My Cailey is emotionally attached to inanimate objects.  I don’t know where she gets that from.  I mean, I keep my grandfather’s gold teeth in a small cardboard jewelry box in my drawer, but that just makes good horse sense…

Cailey is the child that at the age of 3, clung to our old bedraggled couch as Fiddledaddy drug it out onto the street for garbage pickup.  Crying hysterically.  It took two adults to extricate her from the cushion, otherwise, she would have ridden off into the sunset atop of the Waste Management truck.

And just recently I found a favorite dress of hers, 4 sizes too small, waded up in her drawer.  I am POSITIVE that I had thrown it in the trash.  Three years ago.

The closet was a wonder to behold, and so far, she’s noticed nothing missing.  (insert maniacal laughter)

This week I faced my bathroom closet and gave it a good cleaning out.  This is a very small, and oddly shaped closet, so I have to make the most out of every inch.  Now.  I’m including a photograph.  Which you might think is the BEFORE picture.  But it’s not.  It’s the AFTER picture.  Which gives you an idea of what state the closet was in prior to the reorganization.  And in the spirit of full disclosure, I did keep my retainer from my adult orthodontia nightmare of 7 years ago.  The retainer no longer fits over my teeth, but I’m keeping it.  As a painful souvenir.

I emptied the entire contents, and placed items into zones, assigning plastic baskets for items that needed to be wrangled.  For example, (lowers voice to a whisper) feminine products no longer fall to the floor when the closet is opened.  An occurrence which nearly always sent Fiddledaddy over the edge.

I have no idea why.

It’s not like he’s never seen me, you know, GIVE BIRTH.

Since I’ve embarked on my couponing with a purpose extravaganza, I am able to purchase things like toiletries for free, or nearly free.  And it is now more important than ever that I am able to know what I have in stock, and what I need.

For some really terrific organizing ideas, head over to Organizing Junkie.  You’ll be hooked.

9 Responses to 52 Weeks of Organizing: The Bathroom Closet

  • You are right to remove temptation from your older daughter LOL
    My daughter (21 last month) has finally cleared out her room!
    It took several large dustbins worth and things such as the home decorated t-shirt she wore when she was 7 came to light.
    She did keep her restyled(punk hair) barbies though and her pink dolls house.
    My son (23) still has his action man(GI Joe) and heaps of too small clothes.
    If either ever move out, the skip lorry will be called in.

  • I love the fact that the TOWELS get a teeny space in the closet! I envy you the closet – our bathrooms just have the vanities, and I covet having the ability to look right at the stuff in the cupboard rather than groveling on the floor and digging in a dark damp vanity. But we do have a decent sized lnen closet in the hallway.

  • You’re killing me, DeeDee! I only have 2 goals this summer, and one of them is organzing this house. I’ve been doing a REALLY good job of procrastinating. My other goal was to start being social again. You know, inviting people over and having parties and stuff. We used to host game nights all the time, but that was before I got old and it seemed like too much work. I’ll have to check out that site and hope something I read kicks my butt into gear!

  • Btw- my girls are pack-rats too, so I totally feel your pain! At the beginning of summer I told them I refused to buy them one item of new clothing until they’d gone through EVERYTHING they had. We gave 7 garbage bags of clothes to the Salvation Army!

  • I have always been a thrower, which saddens my hubby often. He will find clothes of his at our churches annual clothing drive, of course these are clothes he hadn’t worn for years, but suddenly he misses them!!
    My oldest daughter was a huge pack rat growing up, she kept everything! Now that she’s been at school for three years, she is realizing she can live without much of her stuff. When she home last month, she purged her room of boxes of stuff. So there is hope!!!

  • This is our last week of break until the end of August. I have been meaning to tackle the school room; it needs reorganizing so badly. I’ve been putting it off, but you have inspired me to start today and have it finished before the nephew returns from youth camp on Friday. 🙂 Thank you for the motivation I needed.

  • I’m just jealous that you HAVE a bathroom closet, with ya know..shelves and all. Niiiice! : ) Recently I started ‘hiding’ the “lady things” in gift bags. It’s much prettier to look at that diagrams of ‘stuff’. : )

  • I keep my coupon stuff in boxes in the bottom of the linen closet, then when DH asks for something I tell him which box to look in!

  • Okay I was skimming yesterday and just now (while waiting for the Casey Anthony case to resume) read the entire word for word blog entry. You are hilarious!

    My now almost 23-year-old youngest daughter was a pack rat as a child. When she was about 7 I started throwing crap into a large black garbage bag. She threw herself onto her bed crying hysterically. I told her if she could name anything in the bag she could have it back. She could not think of anything. HAHAHA. Now she has her own 2 year old and is really good at purging, maybe because they are a military family??