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Working for the weekend

I completely enjoyed reading about all of your career path wanderings in comments yesterday.  Deven’s was one of my favorites.  But that was only because I once considered cake batter a meal…  And why I bid SO LONG SUCKER to my metabolism…

Thank you guys so much for showering love on Fiddledaddy on his Facebook Fan page.  Your comments were precious.  I learned the hard way that I can’t comment on his page because he made me an administrator, and whenever I try to comment, it looks like Fiddledaddy is talking to himself, as his own avatar and name show up.


Which actually, now that I think about it, could be kind of fun….

Anyhoo, I’ve run myself into the ground by keeping my children’s dance card full while the apple of their eye (who is not ME) is out of town for two long weeks.  I’ve kept them busy with play dates, and an extra 3-day VBS type of camp.  And by THEM, I mean only the girls, as Jensen has been sticking to me like a polyester skirt on a hot humid Florida day.

It’s been hard to shake him off.  For example, yesterday we heard rumblings of a possible thunderstorm which was likely 50 miles away or so.  He was right on my heels.  Like a little Rat Terrier.  I must have tripped over him at least a dozen times.  Finally I let it be known that I intended to go to the bathroom.  ALONE.  Without skipping a beat, he followed me saying, “That’s where you’re wrong.”

I managed to wedge myself into the bathroom and hold the door closed with one foot.  But I could hear him breathing through the space at the bottom of the door.


Between all the sleep deprivation and high maintenance, I’m spent.  I’m actually looking forward to a weekend with nothing more planned than a game or 7 of Yahtzee, and possibly a Penguins of Madagascar marathon.  Heaven.

Fiddledaddy returns to us on Monday.  Jensen has already posted his Welcome Home Dad sign.  It should come as no surprise that he did not ask for spelling help.


I’m pretty sure that Mario is angry and is kicking some unknown object from here to kingdom come.  I suspect it may represent a sister.  Or two.

Have a fantastic and restful weekend, everyone!

3 Responses to Working for the weekend

  • Thanks for sharing your family with us! It has been fun to finally put faces with all the stories.

    However, I do miss those cleverly cropped photos that hid facial features. Maybe you could toss one in now and then, just for fun! 🙂

    Why yes, Wilson was my favorite character on Tool Time! How did you guess???

  • That Penguins of Madagascar marathon actually does sound like heaven. I’d much rather do that than what we have planned. Last weekend we packed up camp in the rain. This weekend we have to reset up all the tents and tarps and equipment and hose them off and dry them out. Considering this is the first day my husband is home AND the first day the sun is shining since last weekend…this really, really stinks. Long live the penguins!

  • It actually looks to me like Mario is pulling the letters into the sign (if that makes any sense) and is clearly a little reddish from the exertion. As for the only word spelled correctly (MAD), well, that I can’t explain. 🙂