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A gaggle of geese

I’ve never been the artsy craftsy kind of mom that most kids wish to have.  But what I lack in art skillz, I make up for in Yahtzee playing capabilities.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Fortunately, my children, who are artistically bent thanks to their father’s gene pool, have been able to hone their own crafty needs.  The latest craze in our house is origami.  Using my 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.  Which is fine, since I’m still stuck on Cailey’s baby book.  (Cailey is nearly 10, by the way.)  I know nothing of origami, as the only thing I can fashion a piece of paper into is a spit ball.

I kind of wish they’d broaden their pallet a bit, because this is what has roosted on my family room floor.

There were 45 at last count, evidently possessing the ability to breed.  They did live on top of the kitchen counter, until my eye began twitching uncontrollably, and I threatened to cook the flock by means of a flammable material.

And there are more strategically placed throughout the house.  We may need to move to accommodate the new hobby.

8 Responses to A gaggle of geese

  • If they are still around at Christmas, you can spray paint them gold and put ribbons around their necks and use them for Christmas decorating! That’s what I do with loose car parts that are left around my house…at least that’s my threat. Parts fly back to the garage when I get the cam out 🙂

  • So many things here that made me laugh. Just the thought of how far behind on my kids pictures I am, wait, maybe you have something here. If I hand the supplies over to the kids, I’m officially washing my hands of it, right? No supplies = no more guilt about not using them.

    Sweet!! I’m showing my kids origami next week. And maybe, just maybe, someday in the next decade, I’ll start sliding the remaining 4,746,301 photos into sleeves and just call those their albums. Does it really matter if their oldest brother has multiple books made with painstaking care? Nope, I’m now at peace with it.

    Although, the multiplying paper creations in this house already make me twitch. Maybe the new ones can live on the back patio. Hmmm, I’d be willing to donate a box for their new home.

  • I’ve been thinking about teaching my kids origami. Will have to think about that a little more carefully now.
    Love how they’ve marked them C and E. Gotta know who’s is who’s ya know!

  • What is it with these kids? I just took a picture of a similar plight in my familyroom yesterday. Our house has turned into D. Int. Airport with Will’s fleet of paper airplanes!

  • Our grandsons love making and flying paper airplanes. There are great books out with step-by-step instructions and special coloured paper with designs. I help them with the more complicated ones. I bet Jenson would enjoy them, and maybe the girls as well!

  • Oops–Jensen, not Jenson!

  • I did origami with my art students at our co-op. The nephew received an origami kit as a gift one year. He did one swan and was done. It’s neat, but I’m not that talented to venture beyond the bird. LOL… 🙂

    I think I have some of that same scrapbooking paper. 🙂

  • I realize this isn’t helpful to you or your living room, but did you know that the Japanese believed that if you made 1,000 paper cranes you get a free wish?