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Pass the jellyfish

The children enjoyed an outing to the beach this afternoon.  I am still unable to frolic on the beach because of a pesky sensitivity to sun exposure due to the fact that I’m still on Doxycycline.


After I packed Fiddledaddy and the children up in the van and sent them on their merry way, I skipped back into the house.  And stood for a few moments just soaking up ALL THE QUIET.

Then I settled myself down to enjoy of few hours of paperwork and laundry duties.  Sheer heaven.

There is something so very liberating when you stand in your own house and know that you don’t have to tend to anyone for a period of time.  I’m going to experience that next week when for the first time in history, as all 3 of my children will be attending VBS at the same time.

I’m fairly giddy when I think about the chore list that I’ll be able to tackle.

After a fashion, the quiet did start to wear on me and eventually my family got hungry and headed for home once more.  As they walked through the front door, the first thing out of their mouth was, “We have something to show you, BUT DON’T FREAK OUT.”

Well.  If someone tells me that I SHOULDN’T freak out, you can bet money that I very well WILL freak out.

“Is it alive?” fear on my breath.


I began backing up toward the sliding glass door at the rear of the building, lest I needed to make a hasty retreat.  Emme held up a sandwich baggie, which I recognized from lunch.  Only the contents had changed dramatically.  Inside the sandwich bag, were 3 small jellyfish and the sea water necessary to sustain them.

My children then excitedly told me how our beach had somehow been overtaken with swarms of jellyfish.  To the point that no one really could swim without being stung.  And it seemed that in lieu of swimming, my children became jellyfish hunters and wanted to give the misunderstood creatures a better life in a baggie.

Jensen asked me if he could release them into my beloved aquarium, and I quickly placed myself between him and my fish, that I’ve managed to keep alive for something like 8 years now.

Which is rather miraculous if you knew my track record regarding the maintenance of life forms other than my children.

I found a small glass fish bowl out in the black hole, also known as our garage.  The sea creatures were unceremoniously dumped into the bowl, and have then had to endure 5 sets of large eyes staring at them for the better part of the day.


Emme is completely in awe of the jelly fish, and has decided on Marine Biology as a career choice.  Which is an improvement over Rock Star, in my mind.

They really are fascinating to watch.  Our newest pets are called Mauve Stinger Jellyfish (named for their color and the potent sting they administer), and have overtaken our beaches.  The news reported that about 1,800 beach goers have been stung in the past week.  We’ll be making that 1,801 if Jensen continues to stick his fingers into the bowl.

I cannot imagine that our sea faring visitors will live very long in their cramped environment.  Emme attempted to feed them a fish food flake, but I think they’ve set their sights on the neighboring Serpae Tetra instead.

Emme wants to take them with her to park day for show and tell on Friday.  What could go wrong?

I’m just glad that they’ve at last settled on a pet that’s super cheap, house broken, and for now, easily replaceable.

I have to admit that I’m a little unsettled while working in the kitchen, as I have no idea if they are staring at me from behind the glass bowl.  And how do they know if they’re going backwards or forwards?

I’m just going to brace myself for their eventual demise.  Jensen has already planned the burial at sea.  Which, if you must know, does not involve a trip back to the ocean.  I will have the lotion infused tissues readied for the girl children.

Because that’s how I roll.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

5 Responses to Pass the jellyfish

  • Re: your first paragraph.

    I remember feeling really badly that my mom could never go with us to see the 4th of July fireworks, parades, trick or treating etc because she always had to stay home with the baby (we had a lot of foster kids throughout my childhood, there was ALWAYS a baby).

    I understand now. It wasn’t so much that she COULDN”T but dangit, babies go to bed about the time we head out and she got several hours of PEACE! I played the same card many times. Too bad that now my babies are all old enough to go to these night time events. 🙂

  • ha ha ha, “don’t freak out, mom” is just NOT one of my favorite phrases. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the peace and quiet for a while at least. I adore those times alone.

  • When we lived in Hawaii, they would publicize Jelly fish warnings on the news channels. When we asked about it, they said that the jelly fish come closer to shore during a certain phase of the moon. I wonder if Jelly fish are pre-menstrual?

  • Dude. Jellyfish as pets… Didn’t you see the movie “7 Pounds” ?? (Or was it “9 pounds”? Can’t remember.)

    I have been in the ocean, snorkeling, only to find myself in a massive swarm of jellyfish. It’s the freakiest thing I can describe. Silent and unsympathetic killers.

  • We usually poke them with a stick and leave them on the beach. 🙂