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A gardening post

I have a new blog post up over at MSN’s Mom’s Homeroom.  Just a word of warning, I’m talking about my gardening prowess.  Try not to be jealous.  And if you’re wondering about my referencing the grass house art project that I mention, I chronicled that adventure here.  Replete with pictures.

And speaking of pictures, I HAVE to have a new headshot taken for my Mom’s Homeroom posts.  I think that picture was taken 5 years ago.  During a period of time that I felt perfectly comfortable with someone taking a photograph of me WITH ROOTS.

And just so you know, in the olden days, a headshot was a big deal that involved big money and me going weeks without eating so that I could pay for it.  Nowadays, it entails me heading to Walgreens for some hair dye and a few false eyelashes while I sweet talk Fiddledaddy into snapping a picture or twelve of me with my point-n-shoot pink Sony pocket camera.  While I smile demurely into the camera, hoping that Fiddledaddy can fix anything hideous in photoshop.  Just kidding about photoshop.  Sort of.  Once he did actually “hide” my braces and trimmed my ears a bit for a family Christmas picture.  Those things hang on someone’s fridge for like a sweet forever, you know.

Recently, someone took a long look at my driver’s license picture while I was purchasing, say, a bottle of ChocoVine at the grocery store.  The cashier commented that I looked like I was a teenager in the picture.  I was.  Well.  The picture was taken before Emme was born, so I didn’t wear all the STRESS that 3 children can bring to a weary face.  I just learned that my license is up for renewal in August and that requires a trip there to take a new photograph for my drivers license.  I’m pretty sure that no one is going to mistake THAT picture for one belonging to a teenager.  I wonder if the license bureau has photoshop capabilities?

It won’t hurt to at least ASK.  Am I right?

Oh my, how I meander.  Anyhoo, I’m over here today.

8 Responses to A gardening post

  • The only “photoshop” capability the Driver’s License office has is to make sure you look your absolute worst 🙁 There must be an art involved in that because they all manage to do it!

  • Here in AZ, your driver’s license is good for like 50 years (no kidding). My picture is pre-kids too, imagine what the stress of five kids looks like!! When I have to show my ID, the person always says how much it doesn’t look like me…the picture is horrid, so I always say Thank you! LOL

  • Last week I had to renew my license. Here in GA you can do it on-line. So I did make use of current technology. They use the old picture they have on file. SWWEEEET!

  • For the first time ever, I was NOT carded to buy liquor this past week. The darn register asked in flashing LED if customer looked 40 and I was screaming in my head “please please please ask for ID!” but no, she merely looked at the three very active boys at my feet and hit enter. As someone still closer to 30 than 40, it was a low blow. For enduring that, I’d like a discounted coffee at McD’s please. 😉

  • I had to have a passport photo taken at a Walgreens and just walked in and let the clerk shoot it – it looked like a mug shot and she no more wanted to touch it up than have pins driven up her fingernails. Do the touching yourself

  • Tell Fiddledaddy that Twindaddy says it’s all about the dirt…everything else is noise. Don’t get distracted by flashy containers, irrigation gadgets, organic seeds, or arcane formulations of N-P-K fertilizer with fish emulsion/seaweed pulp additives (Don’t worry, Fiddledaddy will catch my drift). Just. Get. Good. Dirt. (P.S. I hear that West Volusia Shed in Orange City or the Monterrey Mushroom farm out there are both good/cheap sources…)

  • I wanted to cry last year when I had to renew my license and they wouldn’t let me keep using my picture from 1993. {sigh}

    Oh, when they tell you to bring all the ID items – they aren’t kidding! Bring them ALL! I got to make a wonderful trip to the downtown court house for a certified copy of my marriage license and purchase a copy of my birth certificate (that was conveniently located at the DMV)! What an expensive day! Oh yeah, you know fees went up too!

    Good luck on the Photoshop question….it’s been my experience that the lack of a sense of humor is a job requirement! 😉

  • I just have this to say, “It is humanly impossible to be the shade of ORANGE that my skin and hair is on my drivers license.”