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Heaven is for real

One thing that I appreciated about growing up in a Catholic Parochial school (besides a healthy respect for plaid), was a tremendous sense of faith in something which I could not see.  I have always believed that there is a God who loves me, even though I spent a good deal of my adult life acting like that did not matter.  And heaven, to me, was a very etherial place.  But I’ve always believed there to be a heaven.

As well as hell.

Hell is very real to me.  And it’s not just those days when I can’t zip my jeans, while my hormones play fast and loose with my sanity.  As the children try to talk to me under the bathroom door.

I’ve stumbled through my life not thinking an awful lot about the afterlife.  And while I know that my focus should always be first and foremost on Jesus, it’s all too easy to be sidetracked by deadlines, appointments, and all the general mayhem that happens when you’re juggling a home, husband, and children with a thirst for destruction.

A while back, Fiddledaddy put a hold on Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.  We were something like 15th in line to receive the book. I wondered what the fuss was about.  When I finally picked it up, it made the rounds in our house, and finally landed on my night stand.

If I didn’t need that time consuming activity called sleep, I would have finished it in one sitting.  Heaven is for Real is the real life account of a nearly 4 year old boy who almost, or perhaps did, die on an operating table following a burst appendix.  Just the recounting of the details of his illness and hospitalization, and how a doctor really missed the diagnosis almost costing this boy his life, brought me to my knees.

But then, as he recovered, he began to tell his parents snippets of conversations he had, and people that he saw in heaven.  He knew things that a 4 year old had no way of knowing.  Many things supported by scripture, as told by his father, who is a pastor.

I know that there are perhaps a lot of folks out there who are skeptics.  I believe that what this small boy encountered was divine.  And my views of the afterlife, Jesus, and a heavenly Father who loves me, are forever changed.

If you get a chance, I encourage you to read this book.  I found it hugely inspirational and uplifting.

Frankly, I think that Heaven is going to be one fantastic surprise party.  Where no one wears plaid.

16 Responses to Heaven is for real

  • I’m putting this book on my library list now. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m always looking for new book suggestions.

  • This is a perfect book for alot of the discussions going on in the house right now due to the whole “Rapture Happening on May 2” thing. SO, thank you sweetness!

    I just put in on hold at the library which will send it to the kid’s school. Lo and behold! They only have to walk to their library on campus and voila! A Book.

    Ain’t it grand.

  • This is one popular book! Lots of copies in my library system, but all checked out. I’ve got it on hold too and now I’m even more excited since it seems like everybody wants it so badly!!

  • I go to school with his aunt who is also their appearance coordinator. They belong to a wonderful family who are true believers. Just an amazing story.
    And, what’s wrong with plaid? What do you have against kilts? and golfers? Ha! I personally love plaid, but my son shared your opinion beginning at 2 when I tried to put him in plaid pants. Needless to say, he did not wear them.

  • I just finished this book not long ago and sent it to my DH, who is serving in Afghanistan right now – and we both couldn’t put it down! What a fresh view of heaven – what hope for us! I agree, it brought me to my knees in tears, and made me laugh with joy… what a treasure!

  • I’m looking forward to reading it. 🙂 Like you, I’ve always believed in Heaven and hell, but didn’t always live that way. The one thing I have to keep reminding myself is that this life is only temporary. Whatever happens down here is only less than a nano-second compared to eternity with our Father in Heaven. The song “It’s Only the World” by Mandissa goes through my mind several times a day. 🙂

  • I’m so glad you are writing about this book on your blog. I have always believed in Heaven but have always been VERY skeptical of the many books about people’s encounters with said place. I did read this book a few months ago and could not put it down. I loved it.

  • I read the book a couple of months ago and love it. It was completely amazing. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

  • I saw him on the Today Show! Such a fascinating story. Happy to know the book is good.

  • My FIL loved this book so much, he went to Costco and bought all they had in stock. He’s giving the books away to everyone he knows. 😀

  • Add me to the ranks of those who couldn’t put it down! My son ordered the book online and gave it to me for Mother’s Day. I spent Mother’s Day afternoon and evening curled up in the recliner and read it in one sitting (I rationalized that since it was Mother’s Day it was okay not to do anything else). I was encouraged to do this by my sons who were anxiously awaiting their turn to devour it! Love it when someone gives you a gift they want to share 🙂

  • I saw this boy and his day on FOX news a few weeks back. Sounded like a great summer read. May have to get sooner.

  • Just finished reading this delightful book. Makes one really ponder, and the desire to search the scriptures more closely.

  • THAT BOOK IS AWESOME! I know I just yelled that at you but really it’s JUST AWESOME!!!

  • I believe too!

  • This sounds like a book that every Christian should read…and apparently most are trying to read it! I just checked into 2 different library systems to try and check it out and I am number 24 onone of the hold lists and 18 and on the other!! Maybe by Christmas I will get a chance to read it!!