Love is in the air, and up my nose

I have wonderfully fond memories of warm evenings on our back porch in Ohio, catching fireflies with bare hands.  I want to recreate these extraordinary childhood wonders for my own children as they grow.

But alas, since we live in Florida, I can only offer them the wonder of the lovebug.

A lovebug is descendant of the fly family.  But because they generally flit about in swarms, they more accurately resemble a plague.

A love bug gets its name because it spends a good deal of its short life span mating.  And is often seen attached end to end, playing fast and loose with a neighboring love bug.  Any one will do.  My girlfriend’s 6 year old daughter described two lovebugs to me one evening while frolicking outdoors during Awana game time, “They’re doing the tango.”

No truer words were ever spoken.

We warned the children not to smile when running for the ball.  They in turn made a game of trying to catch the lovebugs in their mouths.

While the onset of lovebug season is troublesome whenever you walk out of doors and inadvertently a pair ends up rattling around in your brain cavity, they are more offensive to the front of your automobile.

While driving down the highway the other day, I thought I heard the unmistakeable sound of raindrops.  It turned out to be a swarm of hapless lovebugs that met with an early demise, as their entrails were splattered all over the windshield.

Lovebug guts on a car can spell body damage disaster if not removed immediately.  Their tiny little body fragments become acidic is left for more than an hour or two, and can result in pits and etches in automotive paint and chrome if they are not removed.

An Easy Answer!

Fiddledaddy asked me if I had any dryer sheets.  Since buying my dryer balls a few years ago, I’ve had no need to purchase dryer sheets.  Dryer balls are a bonus tip for you today.  Your welcome.

I did recall that a box with one lone bounce sheet had fallen behind the dryer some years ago.  And what with my housekeeping skills being so finely honed, I was banking on the fact that the box was still there.  And it was.  Along with some stray underwear, a hairball the size of a small cat, and an extra child we had forgotten about.

Fiddledaddy came back in the house, sans the dryer sheet, a while later.  “Success.”  Dryer sheets are a most excellent way to remove pesky bug guts from the front of the car.  You use them instead of a sponge or wash cloth, and with your favorite car wash soap.  We use something called Rain-X.

But I’m stumped as to how to get them out from the deepest recesses of my nasal cavity.

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9 Responses to Love is in the air, and up my nose

  • Lovebugs are a nicer name than we had in Mississippi…. we called them “Mate-r-bugs”.

    Cause, ya know, they fly around, matin’.

    Wish we had known about the dryer sheets when we were there. I cannot tell you what the front of our cars looked like when we left town.

    As I have said before, you married a gee-nee-us.

  • Oh, can the front of my car attest to the whole acidic thing. Seeing as how we lived in Florida for 3 years and no one told us about that until a week before we moved. No joke. And dryer sheets? Who knew! I seriously believe that before you move to a new state they should present you with a brochure at the border that introduces you to the bugs, wildlife, bizarre traffic laws, and culturalisms that you can expect in that state. Would really make life a lot easier!

  • Ahh, the love bug!

    Trust me, whilst living in Savannah, GA, I’d have taken a love bug (pair) over a sand gnat ANY day!

    While we were there I remember a news article about love bugs. Did you know that there is something about running vehicles that attract them in greater numbers??? I can’t recall if it’s the heat of the engine or the gas smell or what.

    I did not know about dryer sheets, but most automotive stores sell some sort of product (don’t recall it’s name, but it’s probably something colorfully accurate like “guts away”) that you just apply to a cloth and then rub the guts off.

  • Dryer Sheet! Well at least you found a use for the last one you had. I use dryer balls too and so don’t buy the sheets but since we live in NH where we are still putting on the heat in the morning to take the chill out of the house, don’t think those matting little “buggas” would want to be up here doing what they are doing down there. Good thing they have a short life.

  • In the interest of “Works for me Wednesday”- dryer sheets are also good used…hang with me here- once they have been through the cycle with your laundry, they are really good to hang onto for use in the kitchen! Esp. for any casserole dish etc. that has baked in food- in fact, I have some soaking in an 8×8 in my kitchen as I type- instead of slaving for what feels like hours scrubbing off the yuck, pour hot water into offending container, throw in a used dryer sheet or 2 and go to bed for the night. In the morning, a quick swirl around with the wet dryer sheet and the crusties lose their evil grip on your pot or pan!!!

  • Thank You! My hubby just washed our vehichles yesterday to get those horrid things off. I would have waited until the season was over. Maybe we will grab some dryer sheets. :)0

  • This was so funny to read, b/c I was just wondering what those bugs were last week! We were down near Orlando for the Homeschool World Series baseball tournament, and the bugs were EVERYWHERE. Linked up in pairs. Our car was disgusting. My 18 month old likes to point and yell “EEEEEEEEEewww!!” several times each and every time she sees a bug these days, so the baseball games were especially fun. And loud. 🙂

    So are they just especially prevalent at this time of the year? They’re not all over the place like that all of the time, are they?

    • Cindy,

      I believe they make their appearance in April and May, and then come back for an encore in late August. A pair flew into my hair as I was driving home tonight. I looked like a windmill trying to bat them off of me. Just as I was passing a police car. Awesome.

  • Are you telling me that if I buy and use dryer balls that I don’t have to buy and use dryer sheets; that I can keep used ones from ending up all over my house? Seriously, let me know.


    I read everything, but can only focus on the fact that I might be able to stop buying dryer sheets!