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Mother’s Day at Blizzard Beach

The family decided that to honor me for Mother’s Day, they would whisk me off to the beach.  Blizzard Beach, that is.  Our Disney water park passes are about to expire this month, so it was determined that this would be the best way to keep me from trying to get work done around the house.

I fooled them though, by packing my upcoming homeschool convention paperwork, so that I could peruse all of the courses available.  I have quickly determined that I need to attend 3 classes at the same time each hour, in order to sponge up all the information necessary to stay sane during the upcoming homeschooling year.

I gathered enough courage to endure the family raft ride.  And of course, the lazy river is a favorite.  Although I really do think they ought to install cup holders onto the inner-tubes.  And float-thru beverage stations.  It’s amazing to me that Disney has not come to me and offered me a job on the planning committee.

I know what appeals to the moms.  And lets face it, without the moms, Disney World would be anarchy.  Just saying’.

I still don’t feel physically able to throw myself down all of the really wild water slides yet.  Most of which involve a good deal of stair climbing and waiting in line in the sun.  Because I’m still on Doxycycline, I still must avoid the sun, doctor’s orders.  I’m beginning to look a tad pasty.

The rest of my family tempted fate and braved the big scary water rides like Summit Plummet.  This is a water ride that guarantees you a wedgie.  And frankly, junior high school ruined me for that.

I spent a good deal of quality time enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, while doing some mental bathing suit shopping.  In the land of too little Lycra, and far too much skin, the pickings were slim.  I’m on the hunt for a cute little tankini.  Not too low in the front, and just the right amount of coverage in the caboose.

I’m sending out mental vibes to the nice people at Land’s End so that they will see fit to ask me to review their new summer line.  No one does a tankini like Land’s End.

Frankly, a two piece is a must at a water park.  For water conservation alone.  Disney has installed self flushing toilets in an effort to go green.  While I wrestled with my one-piece sausage casing in the stall, the toilet flushed no fewer than 15 times.  And I don’t even want to think about how much water was wasted as I writhed and turned myself into a pretzel while attempting to extricate bits of paper mache, formerly known as toilet seat covers from the feathering of the nest, from my backside.

When the day ended, Fiddledaddy thought up a clever way to treat me to dinner out, without breaking our No More Spending Money on Dining Out rule.  When Cailey first learned that we were eating out, she inquired, “Do we get to go INSIDE somewhere?”

We headed over to the All Star Movie resort and had dinner in their cafeteria using the last of our Disney Visa Reward Dollars.  It was a romantic gesture, since that was where we spent our honeymoon.  Although then we weren’t a party of 5, and didn’t have to sit down near the coloring pages table.

Since my Mother’s Day included time with my family, dinner time seating on some nice naugahyde, and an end of the evening nip of ChocoVine, I would say that the day was pretty wonderful.

8 Responses to Mother’s Day at Blizzard Beach

  • Oh dear LOL
    You need a shewee:) or a whizz freedom.
    They are very popular at festivals where the alternative is a portaloo and a long queue.I am going to get one for my daughter who travels by long distance coach and avoids the toilets till the last possible moment.

  • Sounds like you had a great day. And, your husband is indeed resourceful for finding a way to take you out to dinner while keeping agreement to not spend money eating out. 🙂 Glad you had a great Mother’s Day. 🙂

  • “Do we get to go INSIDE somewhere?”
    That was a great comment! How funny! Amazing what our kids think is special. So glad you had a good time and didn’t have to cook at all!

  • And how delighted do I feel that I was toasting you with my very first ChocoVine at the end of my Mother’s Day??

  • How smart of them to take you away so you wouldn’t be tempted to do normal “mom” stuff! Genius!

    Only 3 seminars per time slot? Wow, that’s pretty good! I haven’t had a chance to peruse the seminars yet (too many commitments requiring my undivided attention) but I do have a room reserved and my registration in! Ahhhh, 16 days! 😉 But who’s counting??? hahahahahaha

  • “I really do think they ought to install cup holders onto the inner-tubes. And float-thru beverage stations.”

    Yes, they really should do this (and other lazy rivers throughout the nation!). They should be coming to you for ideas, you’re a genius. 🙂

  • Ooo…anywhere at WDW would be a dream come true for me..anytime. So glad you had a great day! : )

  • I can remember watching my then 15-year old daughter standing waaaaaaaaaaayy up at the top of Summit Plummet, (she looked like a speck) and fighting the urge to step into the plume at the bottom and frantically wave her down. DON’T DO IT! Then I saw her climb into the Trough of Sure Death or Dismemberment and heard this tiny, tiny eeeeeeeee sound that got louder and louder and was like a F16 fighter jet when she zoomed by me. She just laid there and I trotted over and said “you ok?” She said “Just stand there for a minute while I try to remove my swimsuit from my sigmoid colon”. It’s one of those favorite family stories!