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For Me?

Saturday was a day to divide and conquer.  I went to Wal-Mart to procure the groceries for the week, while Fiddledaddy headed off to Sam’s with the children in search of samples to feed them for lunch.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  We go to Sam’s for select grocery items.  The sampling is simply a happy by-product.

I arrived home after they did.  And as I was unloading groceries into the refrigerator, I spied this:


Sing with me, please.  “Sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you…”

A bottle of ChocoVine.  I haven’t had a singular sip of ChocoVine since I began fighting Lyme Disease last year.  Fiddledaddy put his giant sized whatever foot down when I cleaned up my diet, and then went on antibiotics.  NO MORE CHOCOVINE.

It was a dark day, indeed.  But I’ve been a very very good girl, and he knew that I secretly desired my beloved ChocoVine for Mother’s Day.  And there it was, in my refrigerator, right next to my Probiotics.  Oh, happy day.  Notice the label that the 11 year old affixed using my office labeling system.  We might need to put a little more effort into the spelling portion of our homeschooling day.

Now, what Fiddledaddy did not realize was that I had also slipped a bottle of ChocoVine into my own grocery cart whilst in Wal-Mart.  As a Mother’s Day present to myself.


As I was pouring myself a largish wine glass full of the liquid gold, he started with all the label reading.  “You know there’s 14% alcohol in this, don’t you?”

“What’s your point?”  And with that I sashayed my way out of the room, clutching my wine goblet.

I think my Mother’s Day celebration is off to a wonderful start!  The ability to see straight is over rated.  In my opinion…

13 Responses to For Me?

  • Yay for you DeeDee!!! So glad you got TWO bottles – one for Mother’s day and one for tonight.. PRE-Mother’s day!! Enjoy your Chocovine, my friend. You are VERY deserving!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Did you happen to get the raspberry one? Remember, that tastes like cough syrup. Blech. Still haven’t gotten up the courage to try the regular one.

    • Tara,

      No, I’m not a fan of change. I got the tried and true regular one. I heard a rumor that they are coming out with a White Chocolate flavor. WOOT! I may make an exception for that.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to you! Maybe you should stash one for the homeschool conference? 🙂 After a day of not cooking and ‘as little as possible’ responsibilities, the homeschool conference is the next best thing in my book! I’m in NC and ours is in 18 days…

  • Happy Mother’s Day! Today is also our 18th anniversary and as I was waking up my super-romantic husband said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better mother.” To which I bust out laughing, “I’m not your mother!” Really, conversation should be saved for after 1 or 3 cups of coffee. He also informed me that sometime today flowers will be delivered. To which I replied, “Why? That costs SO much!” I have indeed become an OLD mom 😉
    Enjoy your ChocoVine and your day!!

  • Posted on your FB page:
    Had to laugh – I had an “life/blog intersection moment”. I went into to CVS before church this morning and right on the counter was…..you got it! Bottles and bottles. Might have tried it if it weren’t for the non-selling of alcohol before noon. I laughed out loud and the clerk asked what was funny. So I ended up telling him about your blog and what a great writer you are. Thanks for the laugh.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  • Happy Mothers’ Day to you, DeeDee! Enjoy your SPECIALmomz ChocoVine. 🙂

  • I saw ChocoVine at Costco on Friday night. Made me think of you immediately. $7.99 a bottle…good price or not?

    • Sandra,

      Excellent price! It was 8-something at our Sam’s Club, and around $10 at Wal-Mart. We’ve got to get a Costco over here in Equator, Florida!!!!

      Have a great week!

  • Yay! I’ve still never had it (though it sounds yummy), but I’m very happy for you. 🙂

  • ChocoVine at Wal-Mart? And Sam’s? Not at mine here in Tulsa 🙁

    Prolly a good thing I live in the “Buckle of the Bible Belt” where you have to darken the doors of the liquior store to get anything with a higher alcohol content than wine coolers. The Pillsbury cookie dough is temptation enough for me when grocery shopping … hate to think how much ChocoVine I’d purchase if it was that easily accessible 🙂

  • Chocovine is divine. And it looks like they are coming out with an espresson flavoured version. Coffee, chocolate and red wine – all my favorite things in one bottle. I hope it lives up to my expectations.