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A Mother’s Day

Generally speaking, on Mother’s Day, the only gift that I ask for is that I not have to cook a single meal.  Therefore a typical Mother’s Day is one in which I am either escorted through a drive-thru, or am seated on some nice naugahyde, ordering from a menu with pictures.

However, as much of the country is doing, we’re seriously tightening our purse strings, and I am here to tell you that we’ve not eaten a single meal out in about 2 months.  Which is some kind of record for me.  Spoiled as I am.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did swoop through a Wendy’s in order to procure frosties for myself and my offspring.  But I cut corners by ordering the Junior Frosty.

Which was a hardship, to be sure.  But 4 spoonfuls of Chocolate Frosty is better than no frosty at all.

But since no chewing was involved, it doesn’t count as eating out.

I don’t quite know how Mother’s Day is going to work with this newly imposed financial mandate.  We’re either going to a) starve, b) power through all of the hard boiled eggs that are stashed in the rear of the refrigerator, or c) someone who does not answer to “mommy” is going to have to make friends with the cookware.

This Mother’s Day is hitting me particularly hard this year.  And it’s not because I’m mourning the 3 squares that I will likely not be getting on Sunday.  My own mother has been on my mind a great deal lately.  I think it really started with that wonderful and out of the blue chance meeting of Brenda, an old friend of my moms, at our homeschool park day.

She sent me the sweetest note some days later talking about my mom, and what an impact she had on all those who knew her.  I’ve since learned that we also have a lot of mutual friends.  One of those friends sent Brenda a link to my blog.  And Brenda wrote me that she could really see so much of my mom in my writing.

That brought me to tears.

My mother, as I have said many many times, was a larger than life personality.  She was brilliantly raucous, loud, and flamboyant.  If you know me in life, I am nothing like that.  I’m rather quiet and prefer to observe.  My mom was forever trying to get me to liven up every aspect of my life, from my wardrobe, to shoving me right out of my self imposed comfort zone.

And when I think about it, I really do live vicariously through her in my writing.  I did not begin writing until well after her death.  But, I do feel a special kinship with her as I live my life, and raise my children, out loud through this blog.

On this weekend, I will especially honor my mother.  Who shaped and molded me into who I am today, and continues to guide me through a legacy that will never be forgotten.

I miss you, mom.  More than you could have ever possibly known.

Happy Mother’s Day, to all of you, my sweet and dear friends!

10 Responses to A Mother’s Day

  • Happy Mother’s Day, DeeDee! I’m sure your gang won’t let you starve!

  • My aunt passed away this January. I miss her every day, but I can only imagine how hard this weekend is for my cousins. Enjoy your day “off” and Happy Mother’s day!

  • Tried to get this link to work – ugh. You can look up this post for this weekend….

  • What a sweet post. It made me tear up a bit.

  • I’m tearing up as well, DeeDee. Your children will know her for the amazing woman that she was, through your stories. I feel as though I know my aunt that way as well, although she passed away when I was only two. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I’m sending you wishes for a work free, delicious food filled day. 🙂

  • Your mother was beautiful! I shamefully admit that even though I have e-mealz, we have eaten out almost 6 times in the past 2 weeks! This is a stressful time of year for me, and since my incredibly picky family refuses to learn to cook, it’s either that or we starve. I applaud you for your run of cooking! Someday I might aspire to that myself. Maybe if I were to get a less picky family 😉
    Not only is Sunday Mother’s Day, it’s our 18th anniversary. I think I should get a bonus or something.
    Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Wow. She was absolutely beautiful. And I can see that rise to her chin with the attitude you describe.

  • Your mother was a beautiful lady, and sounds like she was very interesting. I lost my mom in 2002 and she is still so very much missed, this holiday is always bittersweet for me as well.


  • Your mother was GORGEOUS and this post is beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day to you and in her memory.