The Pie Hole

Our Awana program is winding down for the year.  And again, to celebrate, the leaders have been called upon to take one for the team.

Each year, if an Awana member finishes their book for the year, the names are entered into a drawing for each team. If drawn, that student is allowed to take aim, and throw a whip cream pie into the face of a leader of choice.

Oh sure, the leaders are given a flimsy trash bag with a neck hole to protect (mockingly, I’m using air quotes) their clothing.  But frankly, I chose to bring my own armor.

The likelihood that my own child’s name would be called was slim to none.  Especially since Jensen is on the 3 year plan.  In the beginning of the Sparks book, the students are taken first through the first letters of S-P-A-R-K-S.  And then they move on to learn many many more sections before completing their book.

Jensen is still on K.

Slow and steady wins the race…

Anyhoo.  One of my very favorite things about Awana this year, has been the leaders that I’ve been serving with on our team.  They are coincidentally also homeschooling moms, and 3 of my very dearest friends.  We’ve had far more fun than anyone ought to be having in church.  Just sayin’.

Brianna, me (in goggles), Trish, and conspicuously absent is Stacey

We were well suited up.  Somehow I managed to dodge the bullet again this year.  Both Trish and Brianna were nailed with pies.  The odds were completely against Brianna since the 2 names picked from our group were E & K, her identical twin daughters.  (Yes, that E & K.)

(Insert maniacal laughter)

If I serve on Awana again next year, which will be my 5th year God help me, I don’t think my luck is going to continue.

But I believe I will start campaigning for a better pie.  Maybe something in a chocolate meringue.  With a cherry garnish.

8 Responses to The Pie Hole

  • Well it sounds like fun and you sure looked prepared for whatever may have come your way but where is the “After” shot! That is something you will want to hold on to so when Brianna become your inlaw!!

  • Stick with the whipped cream pie, trust me, you don;t want to divert from that 😉

    Here’s a video of me getting the whipped cream pies this year…

    No fancy garb to protect my clothes (just a towel)…

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, what I meant to say is, “I am so sorry that I couldn’t make it last night”. 🙂

  • I believe the goggles are the frosting on the cake! (Or the topping on the pie!) 🙂

  • I know I’m not part of your homeschooling club, but I thought you might be interested in an online interview I was asked to do for children’s singer/songwriter (who lives in Florida incidentally) Jack Hartmann. It’s on his site,
    I think I’m a pretty good teacher to other kids…just not my own! Those of you who CAN, you are awesome.

  • That was supposed to be
    I really need some tylenol!

  • That’s an even better look for you than the pantyhose on your head! Love it!

  • We DO have fun, don’t we? My favorite part was E dipping her finger into the pie and tasting it right before she smashed it into my face. Even with being pied, I sure have enjoyed serving along side of you DeeDee. But we all know we could not have done it without Super Trish.