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The stuff dreams are made of

Our cable package includes the weather channel.  Which only feeds my neurosis this time of year.  I have been horrified by what is going on in our neighboring states.  And of course my prayers are with all of the families that a suffering such loss and devastation at this time.

A great deal has been made about how much media coverage there is of the upcoming wedding of William and Kate.  Which of course has been a major news staple for the last few weeks, before the devastation of the recent tornadoes.

I have to admit that I can’t get enough of the details of the British festivities.  And really, when the engagement was first announced, I was all like, yawn.  But, as this week has approached, I was catapulted back to  1981, where as a college student I was captivated by Diana, and the fairy tale that appeared to be her life.  I was up at dark thirty to watch her marry her prince, on my 13 inch Magnavox.

We all know that fairy tale was all smoke and mirrors.  But still, I watched her conduct herself with grace and dignity, as she tried to raise her boys in the public eye.  And I cried as I watched those boys walk behind her horse drawn casket as she was laid to rest.

Hope springs eternal.  I want William and Kate to have the fairy tale, the happy ending.  Only time will tell.

If I can get away with it, and not be mocked by a certain member of my household, I will once again be up at dark thirty to get a gander at Kate’s gown.

Show of hands.  Are you going to watch it live?  Or sleep in and catch it on the news later?

22 Responses to The stuff dreams are made of

  • I am not a dark thirty kind of gal, unless it is at the other end of the night. : ) I too, have to admit that all the new publicity has taken me back to 1981 as well. I was only 10, but I remember my family was in our first day of driving from VA to our new home in MN. When we arrived at the motel that first evening, my sister ran to the television to try to catch as much news coverage as she could of the blessed event. : ) My brother and I thought she was crazy for wanting to watch some boring wedding on tv. Now, I understand the fascination a little bit more. : ) I’m hoping, like you too, that this time the romance really will last through the years.

  • I’m getting up at 4:45. Heaven help me. I will definitely need a nap later.

  • I will be up at four and watch as much as I can until I have to leave for work. Big pot of coffee… I cannot wait.

  • DVR….enough said!

  • I’ll be up at 4 with my 5-year-old daughter, who is so very excited to see a real princess. Naps are scheduled for later in the morning.

  • I will also be watching it with my princess infatuated five-year-old, who didn’t realize that kings and queens and princesses were real. She thought they were all part of the stories. So she is really excited to get to see a real royal wedding and see someone become a princess and wear a tiara for the first time. We won’t stay up for the whole thing, and naps will be scheduled later in the day, since my BIL is here to visit, and he’ll have fun playing with the other kids for me. 🙂

  • I’m up baby! Watching it live. I don’t have a DVR and I can’t seem to sleep like normal people.

  • Up and watching it as well. As a Canadian, I feel obligated. 🙂 Not really! Thinking on the same things as you, Dee, watching Diana and Charles’ wedding and then their boys following her casket. I grew up Anglican and loved the service.

  • I watched it live! I woke my three guys a little after the actual wedding started to watch part of it with me. I felt it was historically significant enough for them to miss a little shuteye!! I made them a hot breakfast to entice them!! I loved every minute of it. I thought it was elegant and worshipful – just as every wedding should be!! When I saw William lean over and whisper something that made Kate smile, I thought “How sweet! I wonder if he’ll ever reveal what he said?” And then later, the news commenters said “the professional lip readers said William said…” I was appalled! I wonder if they were aware that they were being so heavily analyzed!! Probably so. My 15 year old son said “I think she is too pretty for him.” I had to laugh. The boy is clueless!!!

  • I was a dark thirty kinda gal for Diana. This time… not so much. I’ll catch it later today.

  • I was 13 in 1981 watching Diana marry Charles. Now I was up again watching Catherine marry William. It was very beautiful. There is just something about the pomp and tradition of it all.
    Lovely. I think that Catherine and William really do love each other and I believe the people of England love them too. It is quite different than Diana and Charles’ marriage.
    The queen mother also looked very nice in her yellow outfit.

  • I wasn’t the least bit caught up in any of it until it was all over FB yesterday. Several far away friends were hosting tea parties at oh-dark-thirty and if there had been one in my area, I probably would have been there just for the fun of it. (Although, in my area that would have meant 2-3am!)

    That said, I probably couldn’t pick Catherine or William out of a line-up I know, I know. I’m just not one to pay the least bit of attention to most celebrity events. So, I didn’t feel the need to get up all by myself and watch. In this house full of boys, there would have been nothing but mocking. ha ha.

    In the interest of true confession though, I will most certainly be looking at some pictures in the near future. The pure beauty of it is not to be missed. 🙂

  • Up at 5:00 watching as I was with both Diana’s wedding and funeral. It was beautiful and more fun this time because I was watching it with my little girl. While my husband was watching the NFL draft on ESPN. 🙂

  • I was up and watched it for as long as I could before HAVING to get out the door and off to work. I missed the Kiss! Oh it was loverly.

  • I got up at 4:00 AM to watch, thinking that London was 7 hours ahead of CST, only to find out I was 1 hour ahead of schedule (pronounced shed-yule, in honor of the festivities), and could have “slept in” until 5:00. But I had the commoner’s problem of Mt. Washmore, so I sorted and folded laundry and watched the pre-game show.

    I thought her dress was gorgeous, but the wedding ceremony was boring. But I’m totally fascinated by the idea of royalty and it’s fun trying to imagine becoming royal with the use of 2 words: I will.

    I let my children watch a DVR’d version when they got up and Piper kept asking when they were going to dance. She was a little disappointed that she won’t get to see that part. 🙂

  • I was 10 when Diana married Charles and we got up to watch the whole thing. When my husband and I married in 1994, I didn’t copy her dress, but I had the huge cascading bouquet going on. I just couldn’t help it. And though I didn’t get up and watch the wedding since I had to get up and go to work this morning, I did watch clips on USA today as soon as I got here, and it was magnificent. I can’t wait to curl up tonight once everyone is asleep and watch the whole thing.

  • Nope didnt watch! It will be on every news program for days and probably repeated ad infinitum seeing as I live in the UK anyway,so there was no real desperation. I like that these 2 people really chose each other, rather than someone being approved of for their ‘blood line’ etc. There were a few street parties but not in our street, many people who had been meaning to have one were put off by their local councils pointing out that they must accept liabiity for any law suits that could arise.

  • I’m normally an early riser, but these drugs…erm…medicines make me sleep like a rock until 9 am or 10. We watched it after I got up with scones and tea (in a fancy tea cup on a saucer…because we like to jazz it up ;))

  • My 16 year old son didn’t understand why I wanted to watch. As I pointed out to him, I watched Charles and Diana shortly after graduating high school. I remember when William was born and watched him grow up including his handling of his mother’s death. Now I wanted to watch him marry someone he truly seems to love instead of someone picked for him like with Charles and Diana. Watching Harry rib his brother in the church was priceless. Oh, and even I could tell William was telling her she was beautiful when he leaned over to her when she arrived on the altar. They seem so happy it was just nice to see.

  • I waited and caught it later in the day. So much pomp and so many crazy hats!!! I too watched to see a glimpse of Kate and her dress. I felt a bit sorry for them though, was this the wedding they would have planned for themselves, so stuffy and formal? They seem like the type that would have wanted a beach wedding, something a bit out of the ordinary, but because of the royalty they really had no say. I do wish them well though!

  • I watched it at dark thirty, then made a hat out of tissue paper and kitchen skewers and wore it all day 🙂 Needless to say I embarrassed my kids royally!

  • I would have watched it, but my power was terminated by one of the infinitely many tornadoes in Alabama Wednesday. BUT, thanks to Piers whats-his-name, Fox network and CNN I’ve had plenty of chances to catch up and watch the repeats. I, too, was a college student – half the girls in our dorm watched Diana get married in the dorm common room, all collectively sighing because we didn’t understand anything but the fairy tale. But something tells me she left a firm enough legacy with her boys that they will make it, romantically speaking.