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Pig in a Blanket – The Field Trip

One of the activities that we enjoy as a homeschooling family, is the requisite field trip.  Today we all made the trek to our local Publix with a gaggle of other homeschooling families for a behind the scenes tour.

The first thing that was required of us, and I kid you not, is that we all had to put on hair nets.  It was then that we decided that if we were to ever frequent another Publix field trip, we would chose a location far from where we lived.

On account of the likelihood that we might run into a neighbor.

On a bright note, the hair nets that we received were all NEW.  And we were given a stern warning by our Publix hostess that we should NEVER share a hair net.  You can bet that I’m keeping my own new personal hair net, in the unlikely even that I should ever be called in for another Publix audition.

We made our way behind the scenes through bakery, deli, produce, and the dairy refrigerator, where the children had a grand time yelling and waving at customers from behind the milk.  Thusly unnerving a few elderly patrons.

After a trip through sea food, we ended up in the meat department.  The crew in the meat department had a little surprise for the children.  And they kept it under wraps…

Until the end of tour.  Wherein this was revealed.


Twenty two homeschool children suddenly made a vow to go vegetarian.

Here is Jensen, mourning the mental loss of his morning bacon.

I’m thinking that our next homeschooling field trip excursion should be, say, a jail.  That ought to be a tad less traumatic.

13 Responses to Pig in a Blanket – The Field Trip

  • OMGoodness! That photo really creeped me out! I would have run away screaming. I feel for those kids.

  • LynnMarie,

    I have to tell you that it was the highlight of the tour. They screamed in terror, but were secretly delighted. It was kind of like a Science class and Field Trip all rolled up into one horrific ball. 🙂

    Even Jensen, who swore he was never going to sleep again, slept like a baby.

  • What really got to me about the pig were the USDA stamps on his shoulder and rump. That was a little too ‘farm to the table’ for me. The men in the meat department got a little too much joy out of the whole pig event 🙂

  • That was the most hilarious creepy thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the morning laugh!

  • Hilarious! Those Publix employees must have great senses of humor (?)…sense of humors (?)… senses of humors (?)…They’re really funny! Good for them for making it such a “memorable” trip for those children.

  • Y’all, I just found my boy at the kitchen table eating a snack. Wearing his hair net.

  • We journaled when we got home yesterday and NONE of my kids even mentioned the pig. Alex wrote about his hairnet. Jake about the guy “smooshing” boxes and Nicolette about the lady making roses in the bakery. My boys have been wearing hairnets over their faces this morning too! A trip none of us will ever forget! 🙂

  • Okay. That was just what I need today. How hilarious!

  • Okay, I have to ask–who is the rebel not wearing a hair net in the top picture?

  • That’s the BEST! We didn’t have that much fun when I took my class to the local store. I burst a few bubbles today when we talked about what a dozen is, then I showed them a dozen eggs (we were decorating today) and then asked where they came from. After 12 answers of “a bird” I finally told them. The best was hearing one student whisper to another, “But they’re not REAL chicken eggs.”

  • Got to love those homeschooling field trips!