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It’s in the bag! A Giveaway

I have to come clean about something.  As a homeschooling, grocery shopping, live out of my van type of gal, I’m always hauling stuff around.  And by stuff, I mean curriculum, grocery lists in my notebook, and binders for everything imaginable, because I’m a binder girl.

Whenever I leave the house with all of my crud, I reach into a drawer in my kitchen, and drag out whatever ratty canvas bag is on top.


Unless I’m wearing my stained yoga pants, and favorite t-shirt with the air vents (code for holes).  Unsightly, to be sure.

I was contacted by Christy, an Independent Director from the company Thirty One Gifts, and she asked me if I’d like to review one of her most popular bags, the Organizing Utility Tote.  Frankly, she had me at Organizing.

Now let me say that I know some Thirty One Gifts consultants, and I have ADMIRED ALL THE CUTE BAGS they haul around.

I said youbetcha, and commenced with selecting the fabric that I wanted.  I ended up choosing the Black Tailor Stripe.  What I love about this bag is that it has 7 exterior pockets and it’s WASHABLE.  And okay, it’s as adorable as can be.  And because it’s black striped with a bright pink shoulder strap, IT MATCHES MY ENSEMBLE.

Which almost always contains some variation of black.

There are a number of beautiful fabrics to choose from, depending on how you purpose this bag.  This same style can be used as a diaper bag, computer bag, gym bag, beach bag, and my personal favorite, a bag for All The Binders.

The Giveaway!

Here’s the best part.  I get to give away an Organizing Utility Tote to one lucky reader, who then gets to personalize it by selecting the fabric they want!  All you have to do is go to the catalog section (pg. 43) of Christy’s website, and come back and tell me in the comments on this post which fabric choice of the Organizing Utility Tote most appeals to you. And I hope that it hasn’t escaped your notice, that this giveaway is just in time for Mother’s Day!

A Few Rules:

•     One entry per person.
•     This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 or over.
•     Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail.
•     You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.


Warning:  you may get lost in the website because there is a lot of cute girl-stuff.

I will keep comments open until Saturday , April 23rd at 8:00 pm.




Please Note: I was not compensated in any way for this review, except to receive the aforementioned Organizing Utility Tote for the purpose of reviewing the bag.  The honest opinion expressed in this review is my own.

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125 Responses to It’s in the bag! A Giveaway

  • Wow! Did you SEE all of those bags?!! Of course you did; you wrote the blog. But, wow! This site is a homeschooling mom’s dream. I love the pin dot, but I think I will start with basic black.

  • I don’t worry about coordinating… I LOVE the garden bloom fabric!

  • I LOVE the Circle Spirals. So perky and springlike. Makes me think I could load it up and head to the pool or the beach or a picnic. But I also would be perfectly happy to load it up with the things that I carry to work and park it beside my desk. I have never heard of/seen this particular catalog, so I thank you for introducing it!

  • I choose the “Garden Bloom” pattern.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Circle Spirals all the way! My daughter would LOVE this to use when she is out and about with her two little ones. Plus she is in charge of most of the social events at her church so she’d be able to keep the details in one place.

  • Hmm, I’ve seen some 31 Gifts stuff before but I’ve never bought one. I don’t like anything too loud print wise (I think it’s because the children have the “loud” area of my life pretty well covered), so I’ll go with the St Andrews Tartan or Black. I like them!

  • I am a St. Andrews Tartan gal. I LOVE their bags and will now have to buy one if I don’t win this! Thank you for the entry.

  • I like quite a few of the fabric choices, but I will have to go with basic black. It goes with everything you know!

  • I like the Garden Bloom!

  • I think I’d go with St. Andrews Tartan. I’m a classic kind of girl and that would never go out of style.

  • Gotta be little flashy, it’ll go with my kids personalities. MY favorite is the circle spirals.

  • Either basic black or pin dots. I’d love one of the more “fun” fabrics, but I would rather it match more outfits than some of them would allow.

  • I like the St. Andrew’s Tartan or the Circle Spirals (could I get anymore extreme). I’ve seen lots of 31 bags around, but have never been to a party. Enjoy your new organizing bag!

  • I really like the St. Andrews Tartan but the Circle Spirals is really cool too! Great giveaway!!!!!

  • Floral Celebration 🙂

  • The garden bloom bag would be wonderful!

  • The Boho Patchwork Paisley is very pretty!

  • It is too hard to choose and this is why I have never bought one. =) I think I would do the Paparazzi Dot though. Or maybe the Floral Celebration. Or I might need both.

  • Ooooh…papparazzi dots, please! I <3 their stuff!

  • I really like the circle splash. I’ve seen lots of pic’s online of their products and have been very impressed. Not too much exposure yet in West Mi.

    • Mary, I would love to give you some more info if you like. We are still a growing company.

  • OH – How wonderful would this be to get for my mom, who uses a carry-on luggage item as her purse. I’m not kidding. Sigh. Pindot please – she would LOVE it!

  • Goodness, they are all so cute!! It’s hard to choose. 😉 I will say the St. Andrews. Thank you for the opportunity to win. 🙂

  • I like the Garden Bloom!

  • Love the Pin Dot – what great bags!

  • St. Andrews Tartan is my favorite, but they are all very cute!

  • holy cuteness batman!!!! boho patchwork please! These are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

  • I’m really liking the boho paisley right now. Cute bag!

  • I love the St. Andrews Tartan! Wow! What a fabulous bag! I love having things organized, too!

  • I’d go with black. But they are all cute! Thanks!

  • They are all so cute but I would have to say that my favorite was the Paparazzi Polka Dots. I love polka dots because they always seem to say, “Look at me! I’m fun!”

  • oh my, yes, so easy to get lost. how cute they are!! 🙂 i love the boho patchwork paisley!

  • The Circle Spirals looks fun!!

    And I can see that I am going to be spending a lot of time looking at that site! Wow!!!

  • I must say I was alarmed when I first looked at your webpage and saw a diaper bag in a crib!?!
    Paparazzi Dot for me.

  • I have never heard of these bags ( I don’t get out much ). I LOVE the Boho Patchwork Paisley print! Now back to browsing bags. 🙂

  • I love the Boho Patchwork Paisley. But it wouldn’t go with most of my plain wardrobe, so I’d probably go with basic black.

  • I would love the black stripe with the pink strap. I too am a binder girl. 🙂

  • I like the paisley!

  • LOVE their bags! Call me boring, but I like the basic black the best. Simple and will most definitely go with everything I wear. 🙂

  • Definitely Circle Spirals. Love the colors.

  • I love them all but my favorite is the Boho Patchwork Paisley. I love me some organizing supplies! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • I love the paparazzi dot pattern! I went to a Thirty One Gift party before and was really impressed with all their cute stuff!

  • Love the floral celebration! Looks like a great bag …

  • I’d love to win! Thanks. 🙂 I love Thirty One Gifts!

  • Wow! So many choices!
    I like the plain black though. Goes with everything.

  • I like the Pin Dots! What a neat bag! Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome bag I think that the Paparazi Dot, I am certain I am not spelling that right but oh well you know what I mean!

  • I would choose the Circle Spirals! I so love polka-dots. I have honestly never met one I didn’t love! These bags look fabulous and I could think of at least a dozen ways to use one! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Boho Patchwork Paisley is just dreamy. What a beautiful to haul around all the stuff that goes with me to gymnastics, baseball, soccer, etc. Thanks!

  • I really love the Boho Patchwork Paisley! So cute, and super functional bag!

  • Circle Spirals Please. I see many cute things I “need” on that site!

  • Love the Floral Celebration fabric!

  • I love the circle spirals pattern!

  • I like the circle spirals.

  • I’ve had my eye on a Garden Bloom organizing utility tote for awhile now. I would love to win one for free. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Oh, I hate decisions! I loved several of them, but if forced to choose just one, I’d probably have to go with Paparazzi Dot. What a great bag!

  • I like the St. Andrews Garden fabric. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I like the circle spirals pattern! So cute!! I love Thirty One’s bags….they’re ADDICTING!!

  • You won’t believe this, but I was already placing an order for THAT EXACT bag today (ordering through a friend) TODAY b/c it looks like the greatest bag ever.

    However, I’d love to win another!!

  • Love love love the Bojo Patchwork Paisley.

  • Love the boho patchwork-what a fabulous bag! Pick me!!

  • Thanks for the great giveaway. I would love to win either the boho patchwork paisley organizing utility tote or the st. andrews tartan organizing utility tote. I really like both of those fabrics…it’s just so hard to choose just one. 🙂

  • Black! It’s the new black! 🙂

  • I love the st andrew’s tartan, these bags look great!

  • I LOVE the Boho Patchwork Paisley!

  • Love the Circle Celebration pattern.

  • Oooo, they are all fabulous but I would go with black. That gives me a chance to convince my husband it’s not too girly for him to carry.

  • St. Andrews Tartan – so cute and so practical!

  • Oh Lawd!! Think of all the stuff I could take all organized to my homeschool co-op!!! Yahoo. I would take it in black cause I’m boring like that but I would choose a really bright color for the Embroidery 🙂

  • Either the St. Andrews Tartan or the Floral Fanfare – very cool bags and even if I’m not always organized at least I’d look like it!

  • I would have a hard time deciding, but St. Andrews Garden is cute!

  • I love the St. Andrews Tartan, but the Paparazzi Dot looks really fun too. Thanks!

  • gotta love St. Andrews Tartan or Boho Patchwork Paisley… the sensible side of me and the crazy side of me! 🙂

  • Love the basic Black!!!

  • Oooo, this would be a great carry all for a day at Disney. 😉

    Decisions….if I pick Black I can get hubby to carry the bag too, but the Circle Spirals is too cute……..

    Cute wins – Circle Spirals! 🙂

  • I LOVE the pindots. It’s just perfect to carry to the office, or tote the MOUNTAIN of stuff the 3 year old insists MUST GO when we go anywhere!

  • Boho Patchwork Paisley. I love 31! I have one of their lunchbags and it is wonderful!

  • I like the Boho Patchwork Paisley-great bag!

  • Cheeky Elephants.

    It’s like me, in a fabric.

  • I feel dotty most days when it comes to being organized so my eye went straight to the paparazzi dots. That’s an eye popping bag.

  • Circle spirals. CUTE!

  • Oooh, tough choices. I love the stripe, love the paparrrizi dots, but in the end, the circle spirals make me happy–so I would go with circle spirals.

  • I LOVE Thirty~ One bags! I have so many it is hard to say which is my favorite or which fabric is my favorite! I do have the organizing utility tote and I use it for my Preschool Bag. As a Preschool teacher I am always filling it with books and things to enhance my class!

  • Oh yes, it’s either the St. Andrews Tartan or the Paparazzi Dot for me…….these are fabulous!

  • I love the paparazzi dots! What a fabulous giveaway, especially for this mother of 3, soon to be 4!!

  • I have to admit I am a bit of a bag-aholic. I love bags. I was so excited to see your give away! I like the stripe with the pink handle!

  • For sure the St. Andrews Tartan, i think all women love bags theres just something about them. I have several but that is never enough.. these are so cute!!!

  • I’m a new school teacher, and boy, could I fill that thing up quick! Circle Spirals!

  • Boho Patchwork Paisley, and do I need some organization!

  • These are all so cute. I keep hearing about this company but had never taken the time to look at the website! We are constantly going on “picnic lunches” so I would love to get one of the picnic totes or lunch bags! They are all so cute….so I’m not sure which one!!

  • Circles spirals! Because it matches my phone cover and my iPad case and I’m a sucker for bright happy fabrics.

  • It is really hard to pick my favorite, but I think I will go for the Circle Spirals.

  • Dude! Great minds think alike! I like the black tailor stripe best!

  • Floral carribbean is be-a- u- ti- ful!!! 🙂 they do have beautiful bags.

  • I am a fan of Circle Spirals. But then it is all just so cute!

  • I think the tailor stripe is perfect as I usually have something black on. Stripes and polka dots are always classics anyway. What a great product, thanks for sharing!

  • I’m a basic black girl when it comes to purses, totes or shoes. They are all cute though. Thanks for the review, sounds like a great product.

  • The basic black. It’s sophisticated mommy organization!
    Won’t that look great at the homeschool conference!

  • Never heard of this…thanks for turning me on to it. Love the circle spirals fabric…hope to win it!

  • Ooooh! That’s a tough choice! I’d probably pick the Circle Spirals. I also really like the Floral Celebration. But I’d also be tempted to pick the basic black, so that I’d have a great chance of my hubby being willing to use it when we are out running errands together with the kids, LOL!

  • I love them all. My favorites, black tailored stripe and St. Andrews Tartan. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very cool giveaway!! Garden bloom 🙂

  • Am in love with the boho patchwork paisley. They have some awesome prints – especially in some of their other styles. Have a few of their bags already and always get compliments on them!

  • Paparazzi Dot all the way!

  • Floral celebration! So cute, and not TOO girly (as the mama of a little man!).

  • St. Andrews Tartan

  • Ummm, my ocd just shivered with glee. Definitely paparazzi dot. And wow, LOVE.

  • Thanks for the giveaway. I love the paparazzi polka dot.

  • I love them all but I think I’d have to go with “pin dots”.

  • Onyx Medallion! Yep. That be the one!! 🙂
    Just heard about these fabulous purses/organizers the other day. Actually, I had missed a party and several of the gals in my sewing/quilting class brought their new buys in to share. Love, love, love!!!


  • The Cheeky Elephants are so cute! But since I have a 15 year old daughter who would likely curl up and die rather than see her mother with a super cool Cheeky Elephant bag, I would choose the pin dot. Hmm, are there pin dot elephants available?

  • Ladies I would love to help you with your Thirty One needs. Please contact me. I can ship anywhere in the U.S.

  • I like to pretend I’m fashionable and have it together. I think the black tailored stripe would help me continue in my fantasy. Thanks!

  • I love the boho patchwork paisley. So pretty and feminine!

  • I’m very familiar with Thirty One. One of my fellow teachers at school sells it. Such cute stuff! I would have to say my favorite is the one you pictured above, the St. Andrews Tartan. I love red! I’m currently toting 2 bags to school every day, and I’m pretty sure I could combine them BOTH into this tote. Very nice!

  • Boho Patchwork Paisley and being 7 months pregnant and having a 2 year old … I need all the organizing help I can get 😉

  • love the plain black bag 🙂 all of the designs are really cute.

  • I like the basic black because it goes with everything and with three boys, will hide the inevitable spills, etc. All those pockets to organize speaks to my ADHD mind, which longs to be organized!

  • I like the circle spirals pattern! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  • Boho Patchwork Paisley is my favorite. And, I could definitely use this as a homeschooling mom of 3, including a newborn. I always have to carry a ridiculous amount of stuff with me. I love this bag!

  • Boy…I didn’t need to go look at that site 🙂 SO fun! Where have those bags been all my life?

    I like the St. Andrew’s Tartan…my oldest is an Andrew and since I feel like I’m always toting lots of his stuff around it fits!

  • Cute bags! Love the Garden Bloom.

  • I love the circle spirals..it’s so bright and cheerful that I’d forget I was carrying around work!