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TV Land, where I live

Fiddledaddy TiVo’d (is this a verb?) the TV Land Awards for me, and I’ve finally gotten through the entire show.  Sometimes my television viewing has to be done in small chunks of time.

Not unlike my writing.

I swoop in, and then I swoop out.  Allowing me to put out all the many fires around me.  Figuratively speaking.  Sort of.

I don’t know about you, but the TV Land Award show left me a blubbering mess.  Is it really possible that Welcome Back, Kotter is celebrating its 35 year anniversary?  And is it possible that I’m actually able to order a senior McDonald’s coffee?  I have to say that I was impressed when I saw the actors that had gone on to greater achievements, come back and humbly acknowledge the television shows that made them a household name.

John Travolta, I’m talking to you.  And I’ve almost forgiven you for Hairspray.

It was great fun to see families that I grew up with come back together for a night of celebration.

The 70’s and early 80’s were a time of transition for television.  Boundaries were being tested, and just as we were in a state of flux as a nation, so was the state of television.  I am so grateful for networks like TV Land and the Hallmark Channel, among others, who have brought back family centered television viewing.  Shows which depict the parents as strong role models (as opposed to some of the buffoons that we are privy to now), who actually guided and disciplined their children.  Mr. Cosby drove this point home, and he hit the nail on the head.

I also loved what Lisa Whelchel said when she thanked TV Land for broadcasting wholesome shows that our children can actually watch.  And I’m totally paraphrasing.  She was eloquent.  And looked GORGEOUS, btw.

She is absolutely right.  We’ve managed to completely bypass what networks are serving up for our impressionable youth.  My children dearly love the old shows like Little House on the Prairie and Brady Bunch.

I’m a closet Waltons fan, but my children have deemed it too boring, so I’m not able to sway them.  BORING?  I don’t think so.

Some of my childhood favorites included, but were not limited to Dark Shadows (now THERE’S a reunion show I’d love to see, if they are not all dead…), Bewitched, Get Smart, and Twilight Zone.

What shows would you like to see resurrected?

14 Responses to TV Land, where I live

  • Little house was popular here too.
    When I was about 15 and still in school, the topic of conversation amongst the girls in the Art class was Nelly Olsen. When I read the little house books with my kids, I was amazed to find how little she is featured and how much more entertaining and interesting the books are.
    On the other hand, the TV version was far better than some of the embarrassingly ‘adult’ based ‘childrens TV and film of today.
    We had a lovely art based program with no talking, called ‘Vision on’ which was so relaxing to watch, I think the presenters did some very simple sign language and the art type projects were inspiring.

  • Here Comes the Brides (Bobby Sherman…::faints::), McHale’s Navy, Emergency (be still my heart Johnny Gage! I thought “start an IV with D5W” was a miracle drug – Rampart Hospital always was ordering it!).

    Family Affair – always a sweet show! Except Cissy – she irritated. Loved Petticoat Junction (opening theme STILL memorized!) and My Three Sons! Nanny and the Professor was a favorite as was Please Don’t Eat the Daisies too. Those twins! Did you ever watch The Ghost and Mrs. Muir? Flying Nun? Sally Field was such a darling nun…novice…whatever she was. Courtship of Eddie’s Father (theme still memorized for this one too…just sayin!) was great.

    My kids don’t know what they missed. I was just talking to them about the Walton’s last Thursday morning on the way to piano lessons. I was telling them how they’d all call out goodnight to each other at the end of the show. Then I tried to remember all their names and I couldn’t! Had to google. Sad….

    I’m dating myself, I realize. And I don’t even qualify for senior coffee yet!

  • I loved seeing the cast of Family Ties back together. I agree with you, Lisa, and Mr. Cosby. Thank goodness for Halmark and TV Land. Although they’re not showing all the shows from the 70’s and 80’s as much anymore.

  • I also can get the senior coffee so here goes my list of TV shows I loved to watched:
    I Love Lucy – when they moved into the house in the country.
    Red Skelton and Ed Sullivan shows (anyone else remember the mouse – Topo Gigio)
    The Danny Thomas Show
    Father Knows Best – and he Did know best.
    The Rifleman – Oh how I loved the way he protected his son!!
    Thank goodness for Hallmark and TV Land.

  • Can I vote for McGyver?? My kids love it and he solves problems with brains not brawn!! He doesn’t use guns and just shoot everyone! I love Little House, Cosby, Family Ties and Brady Bunch.

  • I think I like the TV Land awards the best out of all the awards shows. The Oscars is too political now there is always some celebrity who includes something obnoxious in their acceptance speech etc. But he tv land awards were cool and it was nice to see those big names come back to their start. 🙂
    I love tv land and hub for bringing back good tv again. I also am a hulu watcher too. lol the one on there that I liked was Major Dad, I have not seen that back on tv yet but love it. My kids are loving the brady bunch. ;0

    • I watched all of the Major Dad’s on Hulu too. I was kinda sad when I was done! My husband and I have been watching 227 on Crackle. We’ve been checking out The Cosby Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, and others from the library.

  • Okay, these were reruns when I was younger, but I loved them: Happy Days and the Andy Griffith Show.

  • My all-time favorite TV show was “That Girl.” Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas) had the cutest clothes, and the cutest boyfriend! Why aren’t any old re-runs of “That Girl” on TV??!!

  • Oh, goodness! Dark Shadows? Yes, please! I watched the original and the remake in the 80s with my mom.
    I’m only 30, but I agree with you. I’m so disappointed in the buffoons that are portrayed on TV as parents!

  • Great lists above, and I also loved Creature Feature (the one where the hand came up out of the grave during the opening credits). And was there a girl in 5th grade who didn’t have a passionate crush on David Cassidy?

  • I miss: The Mary Tyler Moore show, Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett, and Johnny Carson. It is hilarious to me that my 97 year old grandma still won’t miss Laurence Welk on PBS. And I am not really sure that she understands that the show isn’t live, bless her heart. Ever look at those hairstyles?

    Oh and remember when Love American Style was racey?

  • Oh my goodness, I had a headache from crying after watching the TV Land Awards. I stumbled on it and got drawn in.

    Watching it was like visiting with old friends, friends I missed and hadn’t seen in a long time. The best part? I had the pleasure of watching in my pajamas!

  • My very favorites were Family Ties and Cosby Show.
    Now I’m going to have to see if I can track down the TV Land awards!