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Makeover – CAbi Style (Part Tres, The Face Lift)

A few weeks ago, I entered a contest sponsored by CAbi.  The 4 winners selected were to be flown to Los Angeles for a whirlwind makeover, and then they would appear in the CAbi Fall Lookbook catalogue.  I was one of the 4 winners.  This week I will be reporting on my adventure.

Part 1
Part 2


I so looked forward to having my makeup professionally applied.  Makeup application in my morning routine, while absolutely necessary, generally takes up about 3 minutes of my time.  Mostly because I’m afraid of the damage that 3 high spirited children can cause when I’m back in the bowels of the bathroom.

The makeup artist was a beautiful girl named Jana, with long flowing brown chestnut hair cut in long layers.  I marveled at all of the tools that were laid out before me on the counter.  Not unlike a painter, her carefully organized sable brushes were in neat order awaiting use.  She welcomed all of my many questions, as I was determined to make this a learning experience.

She began with a lash curler.  I don’t know about you, but a lash curler is tantamount to torture for me.  I think because I’ve had an eye injury in my past, I am reluctant for anyone to come near my eyes with an instrument that could PINCH OFF MY RETINAS.  She talked me into trying it, and she promised me that she would not pinch my retinas.  Honestly, the lash curler did make a difference to my sparse little blonde lashes.

We talked about makeup for a bit and all the many issues that I have with my skin tone and such, and she suggested that I purchase a makeup primer.  Which is not unlike a light spackle.  NOT THAT YOU NEED SPACKLE, she quickly followed up, NO OFFENSE.  None taken.  I didn’t have the nerve to ask her opinion regarding zit popping.

She asked me what makeup I used, and I said Neutrogena.  She gently told me that I need to go to the makeup counter at a department store and seek out a line of makeup put out by an actual makeup artist.  I’ve seen such beauty products, on my way to the clearance aisle at Belk’s.  I don’t know if this dime stoe cowgirl can pony up to shelling out the big dollars for REAL makeup.  And while I’m thinking about it, does anyone have any makeup counter suggestions that they love?

I wonder if the spackle at Lowes would work?

Anyhoo, the transformation of my face took about 15 minutes.  It also included eye brow tweezing and a few swipes of a brown pencil.  Evidently, I have bald spots.  And culminated in the adding of individual FALSE LASHES.  Only once have I ever attempted fake lashes, and that resulted in what can only be described as a sickly caterpillar resting on my eyelid.

She only added a few to each eye, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE THEY MADE.  And I could not tell they were not all mine.  I’ve got to get me some of those.  For trips to Wal Mart, don’t you know.

This last photo is the finished product.  I’m kicking myself that I didn’t sit still long enough to get a full frontal shot that didn’t make my nose look like it should have its own zip code.  But the second the makeup artist was finished with me, I was whisked off to the dressing room to put on 3 different CAbi outfits from the Fall Collection.  AND NO CAMERA WAS ALLOWED IN THERE.  Because, you see, the Fall Collection hasn’t been released yet, and IT’S SUPER SECRET.  But I will tell you this.  The Fall Collection is CUTE CUTE CUTE.

Also, I would like to brag a little.  I wear a size 6 in CAbi.  A SIZE 6!  This time last year I was giving my size 12 stretchypants a run for their money.  One thing (among many) that I love about CAbi clothes, especially the pants, is the fit, and the GIVE.  And you girls know what I’m talking about.

I was photographed wearing the 3 different outfits for the Fall Collection Look Book.  And there was one picture that was snapped by Marie, the Marketing Manager at CAbi while she lurked in the background. Marie graciously agreed to follow me around with my camera.  Because I lack the ability to take a decent picture of myself.  Even if I do have ape arms.  Anyhoo, Marie gave me special permission to post a picture from the set.  Please take note of the shoes I was wearing.  I dubbed these, THE SHOES THAT TRIED TO KILL ME.  I gave up trying to teeter to the set in them, and ended up carrying them back and forth.

Y’all know that I’ve worn nothing but Crocs for the last 5 years of my life.  And Crocs keep me nice and low to the ground.  I’m simply positive that the creator of the shoes I was wearing, while really groovy, was a man.  Just sayin’.

I had a ball playing dress up in front of the camera.  When the Fall line is released, I’ll be able to show off more pictures.

Tomorrow I will share with you what I did after hours in L.A…..

15 Responses to Makeover – CAbi Style (Part Tres, The Face Lift)

  • Makeup? I’m a MAC girl myself, but there are lots of other lines that are great. I started using MAC before my wedding about 6 years ago, and haven’t looked back since. Of course, I only use certain things from them: Face powder (they have the most amazing face powder called Studi-Fix. It’s a foundation and powder, all in one – F.a.b.u.l.o.u.s!), Eye Shadow (when I finally get off of my lazy booty to actually apply it), and lipstick. Then I supplement with drugstore eye liner and mascara – ’cause who needs to spend more for those items? I find that they are exactly the same as MAC, but much cheaper. If you go to the make-up counter at a local MAC store (or MAC counter at Macy’s), they will give you a free make-over with their products. Just ask them to teach you how to apply the items. Enjoy!

  • A Size 6! Way to go. You gotta love that. Will they let you take home the clothes you wore for the shoot? Now that would be wonderful. You look awesome!!! I love the make up but like you I get my make up at WalMart and spend may 5 minutes putting in all together.

  • Having fun reading of your adventure! All the fun and none of the “jet lag”! 😉

    You’re so nice to us! heeheehee 🙂

  • Is there an Ulta store near you? I love the Bare Minerals makeup and they offer pretty nice specials on a start up kit. I also buy Bobbi Brown eye makeup. I’m a makeup counter addict and had to go through a special 12-step program to be able to step away from the free-gift with purchase deal. I have a blue million little makeup bags that I got for ‘free’ after purchasing $32 worth of products. Bobbi doesn’t have the free-gift-with-purchase so I’m safe to go to that counter.

    Sounds like you had a blast. I have a friend who is a CAbi consultant. Everything looks great. Did you get to keep the clothes?

  • I couldn’t help but chuckle as I read this post…spackle! I can totally relate. I’m always envious of those ladies that can swipe on some minerals (powder) and go. I’m in the “all over concealer, liquid foundation, topped with minerals” camp due to rosacea.

    And as for eyebrows…I’m not sure a little brown pencil will help what I have going on. See, I’ve got what appears, from a distance, to be bare spots. Almost as if I’ve been oddly plucked. Up close those bare spots are really places where my eyebrows have given over to WHITE eyebrows! Ack!

    So glad you are getting this fun opportunity! Enjoy the journey!

  • You gotta hit Chicos. I wear a size ONE there (and in recent years I would have given your size 12 stretchy pants a run for their money, too!) Even when I was a skinny bean pole in middle/high school I wasn’t a one.

  • A couple months ago I thought I would start wearing make-up, since I just don’t have the face I used to. I found the most natural, yet made-up (does that make since?) girl I could find at church. I loved how beautiful she looked, yet didn’t look heavy or fake. I asked her what she used and she replied, “Oh, drug store stuff on sale.” Ah, what a relief, because we can’t afford anything at the mall! I have been picking up a few things with coupons and Care Bucks from CVS. It has been a small investment, but made a big difference.

    You look AMAZING, by the way. Bet hubby was happy with the makeover 😉

  • Bare Minerals is the way to go!

  • You look great! But my feet were hurting for you just looking at that picture. OW! Couldn’t do it.

  • Sephora. Go in and ask for a full makeover. They have lots and lots of different lines of make-up to choose from. Tell them what you’re looking for (quick and simple?) and they’ll do the whole bit. I bought everything except lipstick the first time, but then decided which products I couldn’t live without and which I could find drugstore replacements for when they ran out.

    Be prepared for a bit of sticker shock, but remember you don’t have to buy everything at once very often, if ever again!

  • What Fun! You look great!

    I use Clinique and so does my sister in-law who has many allergies… I like their whole line of products….

  • First of all, I can’t believe I didn’t get to see you in LA. Second…you look fabulous! I can’t wait to see the CAbi shoot up close! Hope you were totally pampered like you deserve!

    • Gretchen,

      I KNOW. I so wish I could have extended my trip. We drove by Barney’s Beanery and I thought of you. Wishing I could eat my weight in Chili Cheese Nachos with you again! 😉

      Miss you, my friend!

  • Fake eyelashes scare me. I’ve never tried them. The eyelash curler…um…no thanks! As for makeup, I use only Bare Escentuals. I’m not sure if that counts as ‘real’ makeup, but I like it. I did add in some erase paste from benefit. That stuff is magic on my purple/allergy under-eye mess!
    Sounds like you had SO much fun!
    I’m with you on the shoes!

  • you look lovely! can’t wait to see your look in the fall cabi catalog. re: makeup. i live in hot and humid south, so my suggestion is the loose minerals route. you’ll sweat off anything else pretty quickly. i like meowcosmetics.com pampered puss formula. similar to bare minerals but w/o the bismuth oxy-something that’s in bare minerals, that breaks people out, makes them shine, and flashes white in photographs. also i second the MAC recommendation. you might like the mineralized skin finish natural applied with a brush. oh, and the MAC prep + prime skin primer is really nice too.