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Makeover – CAbi Style (Part Deux)

A few weeks ago, I entered a contest sponsored by CAbi.  The 4 winners selected were to be flown to Los Angeles for a whirlwind makeover, and then they would appear in the CAbi Fall Lookbook catalogue.  I was one of the 4 winners.  This week I will be reporting on my adventure.

Part 1


The first order of business was to discuss my roots with the colorist.  He was very complimentary of the color (not including the grey and mystery color of my natural hair).  And he was rather shocked when I told him I did it in the privacy of my own bathroom.  Loreal, have I told you lately that I love you?

He decided to stay in the same blonde family, to touch up the roots, and then additional highlights using foil.  I was secretly thrilled, because change?  I am not a fan of you. I sat in the chair enjoying the sensation of a trip to a beauty salon to get my hair highlighted.  I believe the last time I experienced this bliss was before Jensen was born.  Mitch kept me entertained by offering up the names of celebrities that he’s worked on, such as Kim Bassinger and Faith Hill (squeeee!).  Something I am not privy to in the beauty parlors of our small 3-horse town.  When I finished cooking, and even when wet, I could tell that the color would be beautiful.

Then it was on to the cut.  The stylist was a french fellow who looked to be highly artsy fartsy.  Which struck fear in my heart.  He too was in possession of a sense of humor, and suggested that I go super short.  I had visions of Kate Gosselin’s angryhair in my head, and nearly ran for the exit.

He then calmed my fears and listened to my ideas.  I told him that I did not want anything drastic, and wanted my hair to touch my shoulders.  I also told him that my hair goes postal in the Florida humidity, so typically, layers will give me what I can only describe as witch’s hair.  I also reminded him that I was a middle aged housewife who still had to frequent Wal Mart to do the weekly shopping.

He sighed, in a way that only a French artist can, and began describing what he’d like to do.  And frankly, he sold me on it.  Perhaps it was the French accent.  He may well have been telling me that corn rows were the way to go for me, and I would have nodded my head in agreement.

He first dried, and then straightened my hair prior to cutting.  Using a straightening iron that VIBRATED as he used it.  I quizzed him he worked, and he explained why cutting dry hair is best.  You can see exactly what you’re getting as you go.  Only he used flowery french words.  Made sense to me. And when I asked him about the straightening iron, and if I was in danger of electrocution, he explained that it is a new fangled contraption that causes NO DAMAGE to the hair.  Only he didn’t use the word fangled.  Or contraption.  I asked him where I could purchase such an amazing straightener.  He said that I couldn’t because it’s not on the market yet.  He is evidently a very well connected French man.

He began his work at the back of my head, out of my view.  But since he was playing the soothing sounds of Jose Feliciano on his stereo iPod, I was mellowing out.  He lifted my hair up into the air and randomly snipped away with scissors so sharp I feared for his fingers.  There was some layering to my hair, but it is so subtle that even I will be able to style it using my own beloved Chi.  (The pictures are clickable, if like me you’ve misplaced your reading glasses, or if you’d like a closer look.)

I nearly cried when he finished.  Tears of joy.  It was exactly the cut I’ve always wanted, but have never been able to convey to any known hair stylist in our area.  Even when I’ve come clutching a picture torn out of a magazine.

I asked him if he made house calls.  In Florida.  (Because seriously, WHO AM I GOING TO FIND TO DO THIS IN THE SUNSHINE STATE?) He smiled, and in his best French accent he said, “For a price.” Swoon.

A really good hair cut was just what the doctor ordered.  Put a little giddy-up in my girdle.  I am SASSY.  Just wait until tomorrow when you see that MAKE UP is my friend.

20 Responses to Makeover – CAbi Style (Part Deux)

  • You can tell he is an artiste by the paraphernalia on his work bench and the angle of his woolly hat.

  • WOW look at the stuff on the table! The cut is beautiful and the color!!! I sure hope Loreal makes that color so you can keep it. Looking forwarded to the next part.

  • Great cut and color! I look forward to more pictures and posts of your transformation.

  • The color and cut are absolutely gorgeous!! And I can understand that no one seems to “get” what you are trying to convey to them as far the haircut that you want. I’ve just given up!!
    Can’t wait to see what surprises you have for tomorrow!

  • Oh man! You have the “bump” without a bumpitz! I love that full crown look and am always trying to get it with my hair, but am totally unsuccessful! That is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Let me know if you are successful styling it that way yourself and the secret to the “bump”!!!! Beautiful!!!

  • Beautiful!! I love the color, and the cut is so pretty!

  • “I had visions of Kate Gosselin’s angryhair in my head, and nearly ran for the exit.”

    Best.Line.Ever. My coffee almost came out of my nose. And I don’t like to waste coffee.

    You’re hair looks gorgeous!

  • Your hair looks perfect! And I especially enjoyed the part about the stylist being French and his accent could have talked you into anything.

  • I’m married to a French artist. His sigh sounds more like a snort.

  • The color is gorgeous. And the cut is fab too! Can’t wait for Part Deaux.

  • Beautiful! I wonder if you went to a local hairdresser right now so she could look it over and then ask her how to describe it and also take several close-up photos…maybe she could recreate it in the future?

  • The hair looks fabulous!! I can’t even TELL you how JEALOUS I am right now!!! 🙂

  • Your hair looks GREAT! What a fun weekend of pampering. 🙂

    Also, the Mom’s Guide is live! Thanks for your input; we quoted you in the Losing Teeth section. 🙂

    We really hope moms will pass it around through their blogs, so that it can be exposed to as many moms as possible. We’ve already gotten some great feedback, so hopefully moms everywhere will find a lot of helpful information in the Guide! Have a wonderful day!

    Here it is: http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/

  • The color is perfect! And what a beautiful cut. As always your description is wonderfully written.

  • I’m about to pull out the kitchen box of foil and try it in the privacy of my own bathroom. Wow! What a neat textured look. Really sweet looking cut.

  • LOVE! Not like – loooove it!!

    But I have to say, why, oh why, do guys wear those goofy looking hats? Style your own hair dude so I can decide to trust you with my fried locks.

    But all in all, dude did a great job. You carry sass very well.

  • Just gorgeous! What a treat!

  • Fabulous! Your hair is a beautiful color. I wish I was brave enough to go blond again. My husband would LOVE that!
    Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  • LOVE the hair. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the rest. 🙂

  • Oui oui…..I thought your hair looked FABulous today my friend! Love the additional blonde highlights.