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Pet names, bag packing, and other unrelated minutia

You can bank on the fact that I will not allow my children to read the comments on my last post regarding my firm position on my No Pet Clause.  Because YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT HELPING ME.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I love animals.  I really do.  We had animals all around us when I was growing up.  Some started out as future food, but something odd happens when you name your food.  They become family pets.

As was the case of Maria, the pig.  And her 7 baby piglets.  Then there was Sam and Red, the calves.  Not to mention Gorgeous George the rooster, and all of his harem.  Our intentions as farmers were noble.  But we never could bring ourselves to eat anything more than the eggs that Gorgeous George’s 22 girlfriends laid.

We did have domesticated animals as well.  There was Tinkerbell, the Siamese cat that lived to be nearly 16.  She went everywhere with us.  Even vacations.  When we traveled, it was by car.  So Tinkerbell and her sandbox always had a place with me and my brother in the back seat.  Seats that did NOT include seat belts.

In Junior High, we had a dog named Bananas.  After my feeble attempts at making pancakes for breakfast, my parents would hand them out the back door to Bananas, who would bury them.  I loved that dog.  Until he ratted me out for trying to sneak out of my bedroom window in the middle of the night to meet up with my delinquent girlfriends.  Stupid dog nearly gnawed off my foot as I hung dangling from the window.

There was an angel fish named Angela.  Who was no angel.  As she ate her mate, Timothy.  A couple of miniature turtles named Princess and Johnny took up residence with us as well.

I’ve told my children that someday, when we have a yard that is bigger than a postage stamp, we will have pets. So they’d better start praying hard for provision. But, not the ones that some of you all recommended, however.  I’m talking to YOU Beth.  The hissing cockroach?  When pigs fly.

I tell you what.  I really did enjoy all of the comments.  Posting, and then reading what you all have to say is like having all of you over for coffee with me.  In our bunny slippers.  You all crack me up.


I am going to be spending the better part of my Friday freaking out about my trip to Los Angeles on Saturday morning for the CAbi make-over and photo shoot.  It will be an extremely quick trip, as I’m only staying the night Saturday night, and then flying back to Florida on Sunday morning.

My plan is to take a small carry-on bag, so that I don’t have to go into debt to CHECK A BAG.  What is that about? As you know, I lack the gift of brevity in my writing.  I also lack the ability to pack light.  So, this will be a new experience for me.  I do plan on taking my lap top so that I can document this journey.  The thought of sitting on a plan for FIVE HOURS EACH WAY without it makes me twitchy.

For certain, I’ll be twittering as I go.  If you twitter, and I’m not following you, let me know in comments and I’ll make sure I do.

Wish me luck!  I’m very excited.  They asked me if I’d be open to coloring my hair and a cut.  Since I color my own hair IN MY BATHROOM, I’m pretty sure anything would be an improvement.  We’ll see how brave I get.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.  I’LL BE BACK!

16 Responses to Pet names, bag packing, and other unrelated minutia

  • Lack of brevity and the ability to pack light, wow, we could be sisters!
    As for eating the eggs? A few weeks ago my kids were tasked with getting the neighbors eggs while they were on vacation. Believe it or not, after feeling the warm eggs it was weird eating them the next morning. I literally almost gagged. I would never survive having to eat an animal I raised.
    Have fun on your California trip! Pictures please when you get back 🙂

  • LOL you sound like my daughter.She is home from University for 2 1/2 weeks ,my son is just finished uni at the same time so we drove to get them both(600 miles each way). My son’s worldly goods were loaded into our compact 3 door car and my daughter wheels out a huge suitcase plus a laptop bag and her shoulder bag.
    There was much negotiation but the huge case became a much smaller one. Its not like she doesn’t have clothes already at home…

  • We had animals growing up, as well. In fact, after I left home, my Daddy raised rabbits for butcher. I came home for a year when my military husband went on a remote tour of duty with my toddler child and we played with the bunnies a lot. It never bothered us much to eat them…my Mother is a very good cook. My own children had dogs, cats, bunnies (not for butcher), hamsters, guniea pigs, birds, fish…I used to call myself the zoo keeper!
    Have fun in L.A. I just followed you on Twitter. I’m @mbustermassey.

  • I’m not one for animals in the house, except maybe for fish. And that’s even only a possibility. 😉

    Have a WONDERFUL time this weekend!! I look forward to reading all about your journey. 🙂

  • Have fun getting the re-do and I look forwarded to hearing all about it on twitter. Looking forwarded to what happenes to you.

  • Have fun! And be bold with the hair color. Go for it!! My husband still laments that I’m not the blond he married. I tell him unless he’s willing to shell out the cash each month…it’s not happening 😉

  • I’m right with you on the pet issue – luckily we have the “We are in the military and move so often it wouldn’t be fair to the pets and who knows we could be stationed in Italy next month and then what would we do?” excuse. Of course, we will never be stationed in Italy… but the kids do not need to know that. My DH is currently in Afghanistan, and the kids were begging me to just let them have a hamster. Hmph. Hamsters are way too closely related to mice in my opinion. So I’m the mean mommy. What. Ever. I can deal with that.

    have fun on your whirlwind trip to LA – can’t wait to see the pics! And yes, let them go crazy on your hair and such – if nothing else, it will serve for good blog fodder! Enjoy your time!!

  • You are going to do great!! Quit worrying. =)

  • Have a great time! Can’t wait to see the after photos.

  • Have a ball and represent us well!

    No pets here — unless you count dust bunnies? I can barely take care of the people who live under the same roof as me and speak my language. (i.e. can ask for food!) I can’t manage to keep a plant alive and finding the shriveled, dead, carcass of something we named in the laundry room would be more than I could bear..

  • I have delusions that I am Mary Poppins when I’m packing & the copiousness wil just vanish into my overhead carpet bag. Too bad I can’t fly around with her umbrella either.

    Have fun walking the CAbi catwalk. I’ll be eager to see the after action accounts!

  • Oh my…we caved big time on the pet issue! We have 4 dogs, 2 cats. They make vacations nearly impossible, but then again, so does the economy! I dearly enjoy each of the creatures, and the truth is that I do have the primary caretaker role, now that our oldest has started college and our youngest plays sports and has a job. It ain’t easy!

    Hope you have a great experience with the makeover.

    I twitter/tweet if you want to follow another! I go by the twitter name jtebbetts. I don’t tweet a lot but it is fun!

  • I have a pet that I inherited from my daughter when she went off to college when he was 6 months old. This was after I ADAMANTLY REFUSED that we ever get another pet when my children were 13 and 9 and our beloved lab chased a 4-wheeler on our road, and caught it, and had to be put to sleep. We cried for weeks. Now I have this one and I have told my family that I WOULD be relocating ALONE if another 4 legged creature showed up that required my caretaking when something happens to this precious baby who loves me unconditionally and more than anybody else. So I know if another pet shows up, they want to get rid of me. Don’t fly Southwest……..

  • I am so excited for you about your trip!!! I can’t wait to hear all the details! Have a great time, safe travels and lots of fun! 🙂

  • Hmmmm.

    I will see your angel fish and raise you with he story of my two hamsers GusGus and Cinderelli (3 guesses as to when we got them, how old I was, and just how addicted to Disney movies I was- first two don’t count).

    In the middle of dinner, Cinderelli decided to eat all 15 of the bald, squirmiey little babies she had given birth to the night before.

    In the middle of dinner.

    My poor Southern Belle of a mother about died.

    As did Cinderelli.

    Note: should you get two hamsters, and they are male and female- the female should be taken out of the cage after giving birth.

    And before dinner.

    The End.

    PS: You didn’t think that FL to LA, ColorCutandSHoot, Stay Over then FlyLAtoPortlandtoBend, Then BendtoPortlandtoFL was too much to ask?