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Level Up

Sometimes I really do feel as though I’ve lost an entire year of my life.  And considering that the highlights of last year were two knee surgeries, near paralysis, and Lyme Disease, well, I really did lose a year.  We’re wading into April, and I’m just now getting caught up on tax paperwork, homeschool filing, and end of the year kid’s activities.  I don’t even want to discuss the dust bunnies taking up residence under my bed.  Honestly, I expect my bed to start levitating, which would be kind of a nice change of pace had I not seen The Exorcist when I was 12.

But I digress.

One area of our lives that has suffered the most neglect would be all that is involved in the girls American Heritage Girls scouting troop.  Not long ago, I came across my old Girl Scouts handbook, and was amused at the simplicity of the badges I earned.

After thumbing through a few, I came across the Cyclist badge that I had started but not completed.  The requirement that I was hung up on was:  “With others show how to make a shelter using ponchos and bicycles.”

This surprised me, especially since my mother had proudly made me my very own rain poncho to see me through my formidable growing up years.  She cut a hold in the middle of an round orange fringed vinyl table cloth, then sewed some orange bric-a-brac around the neck hole.  She stuck my head into the neck hole and called it a rain poncho.

I called it an invitation to get beaten up at the bus stop.

I’m certain that I’ve told this story here before, and I suppose I’m still suffering the humiliation.

Anyhoo.  Badge work today is considerably more complicated than in 1971.  And so is operating the television, but who am I to complain.  I spent the better part of the last few days getting Cailey prepared for her Level Award.  This is an award that a Tender Heart (1st through 3rd grader) receives just prior to moving up to the status of an Explorer (which is 4th through 6th grade).

There were service star hours to be tallied, last minute badge work to be finished, and she had to make a poster demonstrating what A.H.G. means to her.  She completed everything about 2 minutes prior to time to leave for her A.H.G. meeting today.  Which was not a moment too soon, since the 3rd graders were having their Level Award interviews today after the meeting.

When we arrived back home tonight, Fiddledaddy asked Cailey if she was nervous during the interview.  Exasperated she replied, “NO, but guess who was?”  And with that she pointed her bony finger in my general direction.

She continued, “While I was waiting, Mom kept telling me SMILE AND SPEAK UP,” attempting to imitate my voice while sounding suspiciously mocking.

Sue me.

I was very proud of my girl, as she has indeed earned her Level Award and will officially be counted among the Explorers at the Cross Over Ceremony next month.  Sniff.  Sniff.

Wherein I will be in the first row with my industrial sized box of tissues, horrifying my two little scouts with encouragements of SMILE FOR MOMMY!

Frankly, they don’t know how good they’ve got it.  Table cloths are on sale at Target this week and my, but it’s been rainy.

8 Responses to Level Up

  • Table cloths….shhhhh, don’t tell my hubby! Last week he wanted us to go to Disney during the “flood” like rains wearing garbage bags! Seriously! I put my foot down and insisted on a rain poncho! 🙂

    Congrats Mom! I’ll bring the tissue. A common refrain around here is “mom, are you gonna cry?”. My answer: Of course!

    It’s so amazing, wonderful, scary, fantastic to watch our babies growing up!

  • I tell my guys the amount of stretch marks they gave me gives me every reason to torment them. With every eye roll and sneer will only earn them something that only I can come up with. My craziness has triumphed and they don’t do that anymore. 🙂 Rock on momma!

  • Hahahahaha! Bric a brac was very popular when we were kids wasn’t it! Thank goodness my mom didn’t make me a rain poncho out of a tablecloth but we did wear those ponchos that I now look back and call “ugly ponchos”. Amazingly enough, they even were back in style a few years ago. I couldn’t bring myself to buy my daughter one even tho she wanted one. Shudder!

  • You just gave me yet another reason I grew up in the Southwest-not enough rain to warrant a poncho!!

  • I dare you!

  • That reminds me of my brother’s open toed sandals that mum cunningly fashioned from a pair of red plastic beach shoes using the bread knife.

  • My rain “poncho” was a black, Hefty garbage bag – with a hole cut in the bottom for the noggin. No joke. I had to walk close to a mile to the bus stop – no rides for me or parents lined up in vehicles keeping their angels warm and dry while they waited for the bus….at 6 dark thirty! I’m not bitter or anything. I also wore Wonder bread bags on my feet to keep my boots “waterproof.” I think I’ve just had an epiphany – now I know why I’m such a wackadoo! Scarred from my formitive years!!

  • You still scare me sometimes! I had an outfit just like that one! Still have my GS and Brownie pins somewhere as well as my GS manual. My mom still has her GS leader manual. My dad was a GS leader, too!

    Some day, when you want to pull your hair out (and we know those days come!), give your kids a hug for me. I wish we could have had some, so I really enjoy knowing the ups and downs through your writing.