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The Dinner Hour

Our local MedFast Clinic closes up shop promptly at 7:00 pm.  Which is good news, since I generally serve dinner at 6.

Over the last few years, we’ve made frequent trips to MedFast.  And by “we”, I mean Fiddledaddy hauls Jensen to the clinic, while I stay home wringing my hands.  Fiddledaddy has learned that it’s best to leave me behind, as it is hard to hear the doctor over all of my hysterical sobbing.

They know us by name.  And they generally know to expect us right after dinner.  Most of the time, I unwittingly serve Jensen some sort of sea food concoction.  And sadly, Jensen is allergic to certain types of fish.  We’re just not certain which ones, so a seafood dinner in our house is like playing Russian Roulette.

I’m since learned to simply feed the boy a fare of Chicken Nuggets or a simple Hot Dog whenever I’m serving sea food.

Over this last particular weekend, I made a dish that featured roasted Pine Nuts.

Jensen is allergic to Peanuts.

And he is apparently allergic to pine nuts as well.

You would think the NUTS would have given me the clue.  The ensuing projectile vomiting certainly drove the point home.

The dish I made was one I’ve served before.  But I’m assuming that I had the pine nuts in a bowl to be used separately as a garnish.  On this night I threw everything all together.

Jensen eyed the pine nuts nestled in his beloved ground beef suspiciously.  I waved them off as a spice, and told him he would never know they were there.  After one singular bite, he grabbed his throat and complained that it was hurting.

We keep a small amount of Prednisone on hand (from his last trip to MedFast) and administered it immediately.  To no avail.  Since we were fast approaching 7:00, Fiddledaddy bundled up his boy who was clad in his Toy Story Woody pajamas, and headed for the clinic.  Armed with a 9 year old sister to help corral the throw up bucket.

When he arrived, the nurse sighed, “Well, I’ll go plug the machines back in.”

They are always happy to see us.  Before the visit concluded, he was back to his old self.

Upon exiting, the helpful nurse told Fiddledaddy to pass on some information, “Yes, pine nuts do fall within the NUT family.”

I was outside weeding (which is far more productive than hang wringing) when they drove up.  Jensen bounced out of the car carrying an empty Wendy’s Frosty cup.  And all was right with the world once more.

Especially since Fiddledaddy also saw fit to ply the guilt ridden and bedraggled mother with a Frosty of her very own.

13 Responses to The Dinner Hour

  • That must be so difficult…to have a child with such difficult allergies. We don’t have allergies, but my son is a dare devil…and if he’s going to break something it’s usually JUST when the Clinics are closing and we have to go to the ER. Many blessings!

  • Both hubby and son are allergic to fish and chocolate! They don’t throw up, they stop breathing!!! So we always have Benadryl and a needle kit on hand. Son is now a grown man with kids of his own so his wive has to make sure he has what he needs but still, I understand the fear that something has fish or chocolate in it! Good thing the clinic is close and knows you.

  • Scary, DeeDee!! I’m now doubly grateful that we don’t have to deal with allergies. I’m glad to hear that he was back to normal by the time they returned.

  • Glad everything worked out and he is fine. Have you talked to the pediatrician about getting an epi-pen? Sounds like it might be good to have one around.

  • I just had to chime in here, as the mom of food allergic kids. Peanuts are a legume, and not a nut. A peanut allergy is not the same thing as a tree nut allergy. And I second the recommendation for an epi-pen. Here is a web site that I have found helpful: http://www.foodallergy.org

  • Benadryl has saved me many trips to the ER due to food allergies and my ashtma. Seriously…. 🙂

  • That Fiddledaddy is a smart man.

  • I will have to agree with Greta on this. Smartypants Nurse needs to get her facts straight! LOL

  • allergies of that nature can sure be a pain, you just never know what reaction you might encounter. So happy to hear it all turned out well. Poor Jensen he may need therapy if this keeps up!!! LOL

  • BTW, I served fish tonight for dinner. Jensen ate a hot dog. 🙂 We did get a prescription for an epi-pen. And I keep an industrial bottle of Benadryl in the cabinet.

    With each trip to the MedFast Clinic, I’m inching closer to that coveted Mother of the Year Award.

  • oh dear poor Jensen!
    My nephew also had multiple allergies including some forms of antibiotics but he did eventually outgrow them.
    At family parties he would point at all the things he couldn’t eat only to be told ‘well don’t eat them then’ by his bigger unsympathetic sister.

  • My 12 year old is allergic to peanuts. We’ve had our fair share of trips to the ER, until I figured out they pump her full of Benadryl and charge me $300 to watch her sleep for 2 hours. Recently she’s told us that certain things she’s eaten have made her “feel” like she ate a peanut. At the age of 12 I trust her to know what that feeling is. The common ingredient has been soy. At least the reaction to soy isn’t as bad as peanuts! I know all about the puking. Not fun.