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The Makeover

This afternoon was a service project day for our American Heritage Girls troop.  Each year we take the opportunity to give back to the church which graciously allows us to take over their facility each Tuesday afternoon, by beautifying the grounds with weeding, mulching, and general planting.

I was placed in charge of the Explorer’s Unit, which is happily where my oldest daughter resides.  When she learned of this, she died a thousand deaths.  MOM PULLLEEESSSEE, TELL THEM YOU CAN’T DO IT.

I assured her that I would try my best not to embarrass her.

I then asked her if it would be all right if I wore my Tigger overalls that I had just unearthed from my closet after a 15 year absence.  Her eyes grew alarmingly large, MOM, NO!

(Alert:  Bunny Trail.) The Tigger overalls were the star of a little video I put together yesterday to showcase the sad state of my wardrobe.  They are the same overalls that I dearly loved until I outgrew them (thanks to 3 successive pregnancies in which I packed on 50 pounds each).  Fiddledaddy abhors these overalls, and I have lived in fear that he would rat me out to the folks of “What Not To Wear” who would then show up on my doorstep to save me from myself.

So after learning that I could indeed fit back into my Tigger Overalls, I decided to rat myself out by entering a contest for a makeover put on by the incredible gals of CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation).  CAbi is a fabulous line of clothes that are sold at home shows.  I have watched this company grow for many years, as I had met a number of the gals that started it way back when I lived in Los Angeles.  One of my dearest friends is a consultant in Texas.

We’ll find out who the lucky 4 gals are that get the makeover in about a week.  The winner gets flown to Los Angeles.  I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. But regardless, I’ll likely be reviewing the Spring line on my blog soon.  CANNOT WAIT.

Anyhoo.  My girls were not impressed with the Tigger overalls, and would likely never desire to be seen with me should I wear them publicly.

I do have to give props to my 9 year old, who when she learned of the makeover contest said to me, “Mommy, you don’t need a makeover.”

I think I’ll keep her.

Back to the whole weeding/gardening/beautifying aspect of this post.  Which if you think about it, a makeover really isn’t all that different than getting weeded and new mulch.

Cailey had to remain at home with a cold that spurred her into making out her will, while I hauled Emme to A.H.G.  After she learned that she would have to endure the afternoon with ME telling her and her little friends what to do, she was further disgraced to learn that her father had changed his mind about letting her ride in the front seat of the car.

Even though she is taller than the driver.  Ahem.

My vote was for her to wait until the age of 12, but he let her ride shotgun a bit prematurely.  Then he read an article about the dangers of the front seat, so she was once again relocated to the peanut gallery.

All the way to A.H.G. she laid herself low so as to not be seen.  Still.  I chatted happily to thin air, letting everyone around me think I was talking to myself.

Horrifying her even more.

The church beautification went along without a hitch.  Meaning that no one lost a finger while using the Edward Scissorhands clippers that I brought.  Just for fun.  I believe we spread out 82 bags of mulch collectively.  I’m still picking mulch out of my underdrawers.  Do not ask.  I hope to never lay eyes on mulch ever again. Ever.

All of the hard work was worth it, as the grounds did look lovely.

We could all use a little makeover now and again, don’t you think?

And yes, of course, after the contest is over I’ll post my little video after I find out if it’s not violating any rules to post on my own blog.  But beware, I did it with no makeup and even I scared my own self.  Just sayin’.

10 Responses to The Makeover

  • LOL… I get the same reaction from my nephew. I help serve the Youth on Wednesday nights, but that’s as far as he wants me to be involved. Last year I threatened to go to Youth Camp as a female sponsor, just to needle him a bit. IT WORKED. 😉 LOL….

    I can’t really blame him since I was the children’s director at church most of the time he was in the children’s department. And since we homeschool we are together A LOT. So, I give him the Youth Group time alone he needs… most of the time. 😉

    I’m praying you get the makeover you want, but I agree with the 9 year old, you don’t need it. You’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever “met”, inside and out. 🙂

  • I had a little “mini makeover” last weekend. We were going to a fancy event. I don’t have fancy clothes. So, I was corralled into a friend’s bedroom where she dressed me up fancy. I wore Chiccos black pants, tank and an overshirt thing. I felt fantastic! I even curled my hair and bought mascara (yes, that’s how far down the food chain I am, I had to actually purchase make up for this event).

    My kids’ reaction? “Mom, you look like a witch. I hope you take that outfit back to Mrs. M’s house as soon as possible.” To further horrify them? I wore it the next day to church. 🙂 And yes, I still feel fantastic when I think about it!

  • I thought of you when the man of our house read me the new Academy of Pediatrics car seat recommendations. Kudos to you. Technically my eldest should go back into a booster. I just don’t see that happening. But it would be a consolation to Emme (: The two of them prove that misery loves company.

  • According to those recommendations, my 9 and 10 year old boys should still be in booster seats. I am fairly sure that won’t happen!

  • Charlie is in kindergarten. Monday he brought home the permission slip for the Field Trip in April. I told him I would be going to and his eyes got about 6 feet wide and he said “Really? Why? You don’t have too.” *sigh*

  • I thought that one of the perks of being a parent was that we could embarrase our kids one day? NO? Oh well I sure did that. Most fun indeed!

  • My favorite form of embarrassment to inflict upon my kids these days is to drive up to the high school to pick them up blasting Lecrae (a Christian rap artist) from THEIR ipods which they leave in the mini van when they get out in the morning. They go to a rather…um…multicultural school, so I like to put the windows down and bob my head a little as I pull in. My kids put the windows up as fast as they can and confiscate their ipods. Such fun!
    For the record I also like Lecrae all on my own 😉 That’s how I roll.

  • Whenever Mia and I go in to use a public restroom she immediately orders me “not to talk.” Huh? Yeah…that’s exactly what I say. Don’t talk? It’s not like I’m asking for a play by play of the proceedings. Little girls are funny creatures.

  • I am SO happy that my kids are still little enough to want me around – even at school – sometimes a little too much. I will be so sad when that ends!

  • I think leading the kids to believe you’re gonna TRY to embarrass them is as much fun as really embarrassing them. And it also serves as a good “threat punishment”, they’ll behave good if they can be sure YOU will.
    Oh, and I truly need to see a photo of the Tigger overalls.