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Weekend Update

We had dear friends over from Orlando to spend the day with us on Friday.  We took care of their 3 year old twins for them while they attended a meeting.

Let me pause to say that I had forgotten what a 3 year old is like.  Which is I think a gift from God, because after experiencing 3 with each of my children, I would likely not have had any more had I really remembered what 3 is actually like.

So Friday was like having a 3 year old Jensen again.  Times two.  No.  Times five.  Because these particular 3 year old twins have MORE ENERGY THAN SHOULD BE HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

And what I find really fun about the whole thing, is that their daddy is Fiddledaddy’s best friend.  Since college.  And they are the same age.  So this poor sweet man is father to 3 year old twins and he’s OVER FIFTY.

I have a whole new respect and admiration for my friends.  And I’m saying an extra helping of prayers for them each day now.

Jensen was shell shocked by the whole experience.  He kept saying, “MOMMY, THEY ARE WILD!” In fact, that night he woke up with a horrific nightmare.  I told Fiddledaddy that Jensen likely dreamed that the twins were moving in with us.

I wanted to do a little horn tooting and tell you that Fiddledaddy was asked to write a guest blog post on “Big Hollywood”.  It appeared on Saturday, so you can click here to read the post.  I thought it turned out wonderfully.  If you have a second, please leave Fiddledaddy a comment on the post.  It would make his day.

Some of you have asked what else he has appeared in.  The blog post has a link to his website, and his credits are listed there.


We begin our 4th and final quarter of homeschool today (Monday).  The end is in sight.  PRAISETHELORDFROMWHOMALLBLESSINGSFLOW!  I have my reservation for the Florida Homeschool Convention in May.  I may or may not have already started packing.

If you’ll recall, last year I was in between knee surgeries, in pain, and not getting around to well.  So the trip was not as restful and rejuvenating as I had hoped.  And because of the pain killers, there were no wine coolers in my luggage.

I plan to make up for valuable lost time this year.  Just saying’.

Have a fantastic Monday, everyone!

18 Responses to Weekend Update

  • That is so cool!! 🙂 I watched the audition tape, and he definitely deserved the part. 😉

    I don’t normally like this kind of movie, but after reading Fiddledaddy’s blog post, and seeing the audition tape, he has made me want to see it! 😉 I’m even willing to go to an actual theater instead of waiting for Netflix. LOL… 🙂

    I posted this to him here, because I didn’t want to sign up at the other link. Hope that’s okay. 🙂

    • Of course! He’s a regular reader of this blog. 😉

      Mostly to make sure I get my facts straight…

  • Deedee,
    I totally had an enjoyable time looking at your husband’s website. It is a great “behind the scenes”. It struck me as amusing when I saw the pic of him standing with some other actors…big smile….with “blood” splatter all over his shirt–and evidently a hole in his head. I guess his character got shot. Love me some Hollywood! haha.

    So your life consists of commercial auditions, Awanas, Disney, home schooling, kids, chaos and an actor husband. You should write a book:)

  • Speaking as a card-carrying member of the Over 50 Fathers of 3-year-old Twins Club…congratulations on experiencing but a small sliver of our daily lives!!!

  • My Cousin who is over 50 (well over 50!) is raising 3 of her grand children and no they are not 3 years old, but she has 3 kids! One is about to become a teen so you know how her life is – hormones and all!!! I pray for her a lot. I will check out hubbys blog – looking forwarded to it.

  • We just spent spring break with our three-year-old-the-end-of-this-month grandson. Constant activity, and what an imagination! We went from putting out fires with Fireman Sam to playing hide and seek to flying paper airplanes to acting out his bedtime issues, with him as the dad and us as his kids, to putting out fires again.

    His baby sister is due to arrive in five weeks. God bless his mama!

  • While, I am not 50, I am a mother of a 3 year old…she is the youngest of five children. And if I had had her first, she would have been an only child! She is a spitfire! LOL

  • Tell Fiddledaddy what a great & interesting article. Kudos to you both. Him for the part and you all for surviving the twins. Happy Monday!

  • I took care of a friend’s 2YO a couple of weeks ago, and while he was mild-mannered, the fear of having to change a poopy diaper nearly did me in. It’s been just a couple of years since I’ve done that myself, but wow, hope to never ever never ever have to do it again. I graduated from that class, yes mam!

  • I’ve gotta say I love all the info on Fiddledaddy. I launched an all out search to figure out who he was. (Unsuccessful as it was, until you finally gave us the clue that gave him away) I love that he has been on Army Wives. It’s one of my favorites. His blog was great. You should have him guest blog periodically for you. I promise we won’t fawn over him too much. It’s just so cool to “know” a real actor and get some personal insight into the behind the scenes stuff.

  • I had no idea I was watching Fiddledaddy on Army Wives! I feel like I “know” a celebrity now!! I’m super impressed.

    I once heard that 3 is the toughest age (until the teenage years) and I believe it. Sometimes I think our older son never really turned 4, since some of the 3-year-old behaviors come back to haunt us now and then. I believe the phrase “holy fits” will do.

    We took our kids to the zoo yesterday and as I entered the ladies’ room, I couldn’t help but think of your post about “feathering your nest.” I giggled right out loud.

    Happy Monday!

  • I have just “found” Burn Notice and am watching the series from Season one. I will watch for Tom’s appearances in this great and fun series. I enjoyed reading his guest blog post on “Big Hollywood” too. I always like to read the backstories on how things are filmed. Watched all the demos also. Good job, Tom!

  • We are on Spring Break this week but is it wrong to already be wishing the end of the school year would hurry up and get here. This 5th grade homework is killing me!

  • I tried to leave a comment but for some reason it wouldn’t let me!! Glad to meet FiddleDaddy and get to know him a little better through his post. It was great!! Glad Jenson got a taste of what 3 was like for you! Maybe next time he wants to act crazy he will remember his weekend!!

  • First, you are quite possibly the best looking couple. My goodness, you’re kids have got some good genes! Beautiful…

    Secondly, what a great post by Fiddledaddy. My hubby and son are planning to see this movie and while it isn’t one that I would normally see, as number one fan of the “chick flick”, I just might tag along.

  • All my guys want to see the movie but I’m a bit of a chicken to see it. I figure I see enough end of world stuff with living with this crew. But high-five Fiddledaddy! You totally rocked the microphone!

  • So, I have to confess that when my husband and I finally had a chance for a date night this past weekend, guess what I said? “I want to check out DeeDee’s husband in Battle:LA” Ha ha ha. The movie was excellent. I was impressed.

    As for the three year old twins? The ones with MORE energy than Jensen? Yeah, uhm, that just boggles the mind. Way to go to both of you for giving the parents some time on their own.

  • I can’t even tell you how much I love being able to come here to your blog and read about your life. If only I didn’t read so darn fast I could escape MY own life for more than 5 minutes!! I’ve been so crazy busy these past 2 weeks, I think I’m on permanent overdrive. If I run away I’m heading south…just a heads up 😉