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American Idol, Hair Nets, plus other disjointed thoughts

My televised viewing has taken quite a hit as this seasons shows are winding down.    I think I’m still mourning the loss of Lost and have not recovered from the so-called finale.

I gave up on Survivor, because I didn’t think my blood pressure could handle another season of Russell.  Although I hear he’s gone, and Boston Rob rules the roost.  Still.  I just can’t watch anymore.  My kids have gotten me somewhat hooked on a Survivor rip off show aimed at the tweens called Endurance.  Which is good because unlike Survivor, I no longer have the need to lob footwear at the television screen.

I’ve quit watching Glee as well.  For many many reasons.  Which I can’t even bear to give voice to.  All I will say is that if Glee is any indication of the moral compass of our youth, we are sunk.  The end.

Surprisingly, the only show that I’ve set my TiVo to record is American Idol.  When Simon left the building, so did I.  Alas, I was intrigued by the new panel of judges.  And I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying them.  Okay, Steven creeps me out a little.  But Jennifer is a vision to behold, and I love the heart she brings to the show.  And Randy is actually using more, you know, real words.  And I can tell that they all respect and admire one another.  It’s a good mix.

And the contestants.  Oh my word.  Never have they ever had such an amazingly awesome group of talented young people.  And I do enjoy watching the behind the scenes mentoring from, you know, REAL MENTORS THAT DO NOT INCLUDE MILEY CYRUS.


I’ve retired my hair net.  I did not book the Publix gig, and I have to tell you that I’m not all that broken up about it.  And it’s not even about the hair net.  Well.  Okay, a little about the hair net.  But by NOT booking the commercial, I do NOT have to drive back to Tampa in the dark and work from 9 PM until 7 AM, and then drive 2 1/2 hours back home.  Physically I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull that one off.


Fiddledaddy and I were able to audition for another commercial together on Wednesday.  We took the kids and called them our entourage.  They were looking for a couple of kids for the spot, but our kids did not meet the right age requirement.  However, the casting director wanted to put them on tape anyway.

Fiddledaddy tried to follow them into the casting to make sure that they didn’t do or say anything inappropriate on tape, and he was shoo’d out of the room by the casting director.  Stage Father.  Snicker.

Not to be dissuaded, we camped outside the door with a cup against our ear, while trying to peer through the blinds on the glass door. I’m pretty sure they couldn’t hear us breathing through the air vent. From what we could gather, our offspring did just fine and there is no cause for us to have to change our last name.

Imagine my relief.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend, my sweet friends!

12 Responses to American Idol, Hair Nets, plus other disjointed thoughts

  • I agree with you about Glee and if it is the moral compass of todays youth…yikes. That said I am still a Gleek. LOL I do not however allow my kids to watch it. That Britney spears episode almost did me in for watching it. I was shocked.

    In any case I was commenting to suggest that you try watching Castle if you have not already. 🙂 I think you would like it…it has drama, makes you think, but is also really really funny! I usually tivo it as it comes at 10pm my time and well I get up at 5am for work and I love my sleep. LOL But hubby and I watch that together later on..it is one of the few shows we watch together because he is sci fi buff and I am a comedy gal.
    Good luck to you and your hubby on your audition!

  • Husband encouraged (hounded) me to give up Glee as well, plus some other shows. He continually reminds me what I watch and allow as “OK” now to sink into my own brain, will encourage networks to push and push the envelope to what is accepted and normal on shows. Next thing will be children’s cartoons with … well, characters that I don’t find appropriate. I tried the “but Cole doesn’t watch it with me” approach forever, but finally became convicted myself about my own voice counting and just saying “no” to what I already know isn’t appropriate. *Being an adult stinks*

    I too gave up Survivor for the first time last season about 2 shows in, I’d watched every episode since the beginning I think. It was just always more of the same, I finally felt like I’d kinda seen and heard it all on there. NO room for much “new”. I’ve given up Biggest Looser this time too. I never watched Idol and apart for my “Days of our Lives” addiction and “Army Wives”, our DVR is full of Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba and Imagination Movers. We watch a ton of Food Network or Travel Channel, history and Golf thrown in if we’re watching together.

    TV is in a sad state in general in my humble opinion. 🙂

  • I’m with you on the TV viewing. I”m afraid my “regular line-up” consists of reruns of The Waltons and Wind At My Back. That’s pretty much it.

    I’ve heard a lot of my friends talk about GLEE, but I’ve never seen it and don’t care to.

    LOL… I can just picture you and Fiddledaddy outside the door listening, or with your noses pressed against the window trying to see the kids audition. LOL…that would be funny. 🙂 Have a blessed weekend.

  • Gave up on Glee a while ago. I think I watched the entire 1st season and only part of the 2nd and then never again. It was way too much for me to image that this stuff really happens in real school and if anything this is a good example whay I would home school my child if I still had one at home.
    If you haven’t seen it yet, turn into “Off The Map”. All of the doctors have a past that is part of the current reason as to why there are where they are. Good story line. It’s about the only story I really look forwarded to -well I still like Big Bang but is’t starting to get old so may not be a fan much longer. I love “Sheldon” but the others are only interested in “getting a girl” at the moment so if that doesn’t change, I will change what I watch again.
    Good luck getting a acting jog, I know the right one is out there for you.

  • The other night I decided to see what all the Glee fuss was about so I found an online episode to watch that included Gwyneth Paltrow. Are you kidding me? This is what American teens are “gleeks” over? It scared me so much I turned it off after 10 minutes. Yep, I’m a prude.

    My family has turned to the BBC for much of its tv watching now. Dr. Who is awesome!

  • Oh, you gave up on Survivor too soon! I wasn’t sure I could handle watching Russell again either but I am soooo glad I stuck it out. Watching him get voted out and then lose on Redemption Island made every minute worth it!
    As for TV, we love NCIS. I have never watched Glee although I considered tuning in when it first came out and everyone was raving about it. I saw a clip from the recent episode with Gwyneth Paltrow. Seems like Glee started out all nice and innocent and then slowly reeled the viewers in while turning to pure smut. Now people are having a hard time turning it off. That is exactly what Hollywood wanted.
    Good luck on getting your commercial. 9PM to 7AM if you booked Publix? Yuck!

  • I used to watch Glee also. Watched the whole 1st season, but it was getting a little too “racy” in the 2nd season, so had to give it up.
    My husband and I watch NCIS, CSI: NY and the Mentalist. But those shows probably have something to do with me hearing strange sounds in the middle of the night sometimes! I also have been watching old Gilmore Girls shows. I’m on season 4. I LOVE it! They are so funny!

  • Tonight our 15 yr old, Rebekah, makes her stage debut in the chorus of Phantom of the Opera at her high school. My word! No one warned this mom of the crazy long practices and late nights! I can’t imagine the crazy hours tv people work. No thanks. I’d rather watch. Speaking of which, message me some of the things Fiddledaddy has been in, so I can watch them.
    Julie…we love the Mentalist. Our shows are Chuck, The Event, and Fairly Legal. The less reality the better I say! Watching tv for me is a complete escape from reality.

  • Okay, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you are a joy giver!!! Hope to be able to chat with you sometime SOON!
    And I agree with the comment about Gilmore Girls — it’s enjoyable 🙂

  • I have never watched “Glee” and have no interest. I really like “The Event” and “Off the Map.” “Army Wives” is a good fill in for the summer months.

  • I hear you on the tv issue. I tape American Idol too, but I dearly miss Simon! I’ve started taping House lately, but it’s pretty formulaic – however, I do think House is pretty cute 🙂 I basically can’t watch more than one show a week or I start feeling like I’m being sucked into the tv… and really, I’d rather read a book!

    Also, I was going to tell you: at my Publix deli, even the BALD GUY has to wear a hairnet!!! HAHA!

  • I never did get into the whole Glee thing. Glad I didn’t I had to give up some shows. last year, because I knew my tolerance for impurity was slipping down the drain. We are beginning to let the kids watch a few grown up shows, so I am feeling VERY aware of what they are seeing. They have seen a few NCIS episodes and even a Chuck, or two, although, that one is a bit much, in my opinion.
    We do love Survivor, and I agree that seeing Russell voted off, then defeated on Redemption Island was so satisfying. Biggest Loser is a weekly event in our home. This season has been very uplifting, with so little game being played. It is the perfect combination of contestants with high integrity and hope. Such a relief, after a couple years of having mean people on it.
    Hubby and I love Army Wives, and the new show, Coming Home is a tear jerker that we enjoy sharing with the kids. Of course, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is always a good choice, as well as America’s Funniest Home Videos. (Although, I don’t like Tom Bergeron at ALL, and think he tends to be dirty-minded.)