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A shining example of Christian behavior

We had an amazing night at Awana tonight. It does my heart wonders to hear little voices reciting God’s Word.  Not my child, of course, as he deemed his particular verse WAY TOO HARD.  And for the record, his verse was suppose to be:

James 2:10 “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.”

And frankly, Jensen has been doing a good deal of stumbling of late, and finds himself in a pile of deep punishment for various infractions.

Plus the verse is a hard one.  I’ll give him that.

Our Awana group was treated to an amazing fireworks demonstration as we were leaving, since we had a medical center celebrating their grand opening across the street.  It was a fireworks display that put Disney World to shame.  The children all lay on the lawn looking up to the heavens, enjoying this spontaneous show of pyrotechnics.

Consequently, the children were in a particularly jovial mood on the way home.  My girls were priding themselves on how many verses they conquered in their own handbooks.  I felt a warm glow as I basked in the knowledge that all these years of volunteering in Awana were paying off, because I was able to witness first hand how my children are actually hiding the Word of God in their hearts.

We began the ritual of tucking the children into bed and everyone was saying their respective goodnights.

Emme passed her baby brother in the hall on his way to bed, and she offered, “GOOD NIGHT FUR BALL.”

To which he responded, “GOODNIGHT YA BIG CHUNK OF POOP.”

Truly, a proud parenting moment.  My book, “How to Raise Godly Children” will be out in the Summer.

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  • I’d be the first in line to buy it, sounds like an honest look at raising Godly children and I like honesty 🙂

  • Terms of endearment that they’ll recall in adulthood with fondness, I bet! 🙂

  • Sounds real to me, “booger face brat”.

    I won’t even go into the things I called my little sister, growing up…..and we both grew up to be godly, christian women. Thank you Lord for forgiving booger face brats like us! 🙂

  • Now that’s funny stuff!

  • I now enjoy ‘bickering’ (its mostly in fun, now) of my grown up children on facebook. 32 and 30 and I still see ‘It’s her fault’ from the older brother and ‘He said it first’ from the little sister. I have requested that somewhere on my tombstone they engrave my automatice response… ‘I don’t want to hear it.’

  • I am ever so grateful to hear that my blessed children aren’t the only ones that call each other weird “pet” names…Thanks for keeping it real:)

  • About How to Raise Godly But Still Sinful Children for a book title?

  • I’ll buy that book! The names I called my brother 30+ years ago still make me cringe… I am twice as hard on the girls in attempts to not let history repeat itself. I’m hoping it’s a brother/sister thing.

    I have to tell you, Dee Dee, I’ve been looking at every blond woman we pass down here wondering if that’s you… I can only assume the woman I saw on the side of the highway pushing a grocery cart was not you. Besides the lack of children following (because I am assuming that, like me, you are rarely without kids trailing behind) she wasn’t wearing a hairnet and I’m pretty sure it was a Target cart and not Publix.

    I love Target- we don’t have any of those yet, and we’ve spent a couple of hours there the last two days spending money on bizarre food we don’t have in the frozen north- multi coloured gold fish crackers in tiny milk cartons- genius!

    Another miracle is Chick-Fil-A. If I lived here I would weigh 400 lbs. The milkshakes alone would be a daily ‘must-have’. What a great company too. I love the ‘signs’ we see around reminding us of God’s goodness- sky writers and the company policy of Chick Fil A. What a great place!

    Tomorrow is our first day in THE park. Can’t wait to see Mickey and the castle. My cheek muscles are already hurting from smiling.

    Can you tell I don’t have a blog… I promise not to keep hijacking your comment section! I really will buy a copy of that book 🙂


    • Oh Shelayne,

      This comment made me so happy. I giggled. Today, I could easily have been pushing a grocery cart down the side of the highway. Alone. Because I may or may not have locked my children in the van, and decided to hoof it just for a little peace and quiet. 🙂

      Have WAY TOO MUCH FUN tomorrow at the happiest place on earth! And don’t forget, the Fast Pass is your friend. You’ll need it for Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.

      And we finally got a Chick-Fil-A in my corner of Armpit, Florida. Oh happy day. I do love that company. While you are here, tune your radio dial to Z88.3 FM. It’s an awesome Christian station that’s safe for the kids. That’s just about all we listen to.

      God bless you!

  • Thanks, Dee Dee! I just snorted Dr. Pepper through my nose. Good stuff!

  • Aww kids. The ones to blame for all of our grey hair!

  • It sounds like it was all said in love and since love covers a multitude of sins, I think you’re covered. So do I get a signed copy of that book? 😉