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Some randomness, with a sprinkling of fear

The other day when I told you all that I had a commercial audition for Publix, I didn’t tell you the prayer that I said under my breath as I placed the hairnet on my head.  It went something like this:

“Dear God, Please don’t let me run into anyone I know.”

I found out today that I have a callback tomorrow for the Publix commercial.  I have to drive clear across the state to Tampa for it as well.  AND I HAVE TO WEAR THE HAIRNET AGAIN.

It finally occurred to me that if I should be blessed enough to book this thing, I’m gonna be running into a whole lot of people I know on their 60 inch television screens while I’M WEARING A HAIRNET.

So, I’m not quite sure how to pray for this one.

“Dear God, Forgive my vanity, and make me look not horrible in a hairnet.”

It just so happens that I was in Publix today (before I learned of the callback).  I was ordering lunch meat from the gal behind the deli (which is the role I was auditioning for).  I looked at all the girls (and guys) behind the counter wearing their hairnets.  Not a single one was self conscious.  And I took a particular liking to the lady that helped me, because I could tell that she enjoyed her job.  She made it a priority to make eye contact, smile, and joke with her customers.  And I noticed a mischievous quality about her as she tried to hide a chuckle when overhearing a grumpy elderly patron giving an older and even grumpier deli employee what for.  And that older deli employee was not lying down and taking it.

I do believe that encounter has given me the motivation I need for this audition.  If I were a method actor.  Which I am not.  Really.

Moving on.  Fiddledaddy went to see the movie he was in, “Battle: Los Angeles” last Friday during a matinee.  Thankfully, he was still in the movie.  You just really never know until you see it.  The only hint he would give me as to whether he was offed or not, was “I will likely not be in the sequel.”

Pity. $$$

And many of you guessed correctly, he does play the reporter on the street during an attack.  I’m going to try to go see it with him in the next week.  I LOVE that kind of movie that simply scares the tar out of me.  And makes me want to go out and stock up on canned goods.

And no matter how much bribery and begging my children throw at us, they will not be viewing this movie.  As I don’t want them sleeping on my head at night.

The end.

If I have enough bravery in me, I’ll video tape my auditioning escapades tomorrow and perhaps have a vlogging experience.  But I’m not promising anything.  I mean, if I can post a photograph of myself wearing a stocking over my head for all of the blogosphere to see, what’s a hairnet.  Am I right?

Wish me luck.  Or a broken leg.  Nevermind.  I take that back.  🙂

14 Responses to Some randomness, with a sprinkling of fear

  • I wish there were a good alternative to the whole wishing a broken leg thing! ‘Cause I’d sure wish it for you. Instead, I’ll wish you a good day with a great outcome! God Bless!!

  • Best of luck!! So glad that things are going so well for you! I am betting that you will totally rock that hairnet.

  • I would absolutely loove to see a little video of your escapades at the audition. The closest I’ve come to seeing an audition would have to be Idol. Which I totally cannot stomach anymore!

  • my mum used to do stage acting long ago .She used to say the ‘break a leg’ thing was a cheeky way of saying ‘I wish it was me instead of you’ (probably an understudy thing)…so I certainly wont wish for broken legs for you..(I would be far too scared to go in front of a camera for TV).
    I will wish you all the luck in the world 🙂

  • Yes – definitely do NOT break a leg! But *good luck* anyways! 😉

  • Praying for you with your audition. I know you will do GREAT! 🙂 OH, and take your own hair net.

    As a former “cafeteria lady” I totally know what you mean about them. LOL… 😉 But, after awhile you forget about it. 🙂


  • DeeDee, you would look fabulous in sackcloth and ashes, so a little hairnet is NOTHING! I won’t say “break a leg” anymore either, but God’s best on the callback!

  • The term I use is “have a good run!” I picked that up from the exhortations given to my boys before their competitive marching band show performances … when you certainly do NOT want to say “break a leg!”

    Speaking of my boys … son #1 went to see Battle: Los Angeles this week (he works at the local Cinemark so I think he was there for the midnight showing when it opened). I had pointed Fiddledaddy out to him in the previews and he was very impressed that I knew him. Although I did have to pull out the photo albums from college to prove it … he didn’t believe me at first (Fiddledaddy will be pleased to know that he still looks enough like he did in college to squelch any doubt of my credibility!).

    And he reported back that “he had a bigger part than just what was in the preview!” I’m not a “blood and guts, blow things up” type of movie goer, but I may need to suck it up and see this one!

  • You knock ’em dead! And I know you’ll rock that hairnet! 🙂

  • I’m a behind the scenes…WAY behind the scenes…kind of gal. I applaud you! If anyone can pull of the hairnet look, it’s you!

  • A few weeks ago I was standing at the Deli counter at Publix which is next to the bakery and a lovely beautiful girl in the bakery dept. (in a hairnet) was standing there talking with a cute guy who turned out to be her boyfriend (I know this because they kissed goodbye.) Her beauty shown through the hairnet and I’m sure yours will too!

    I totally thought of you last week because my husband is an audio technician and he worked on the press junket for Battle Los Angeles in Miami. He was doing audio for the main female star, whoever that is. I hardly ever watch movies so I don’t know, but he said she was nice. I will now have to go back and watch the trailer again just to see your hubby.

  • Good luck on the audition tomorrow! Don’t forget to take your own hairnet!

  • Hi DeeDee! Good luck at the audition! We arrived in Florida today and, my goodness, the weather is AMAZING. Everytime I went outside I expected to be cold and was excited every time that I didn’t have to shiver. What an amazing place to live- there are flowers! Green grass! Chick Fil A!

    Strangely enough I was thinking of you tonight, so I had to come read your site (even on vacation- BIG fan!) and it was a perfect two entries (I had to catch up). Once we settled in our condo today, the girls and I went to get groceries and as I’m standing in this Publix store (which we don’t have), I was thinking “I wonder where the ‘real’people in Florida get their groceries?” Now I know I WAS in the real people’s store… although the checkout lady told me it was all vacationers shopping there and I’m not sure what the bagging lady told me because she had a really strong accent that I am not used to and I was more worried if she meant to come home with me, since she bagged my groceries and then took them to the car for me… they don’t do that at home, is that normal?

    ANYWAY, little did you know that on top of being a funny/great blogger, you are the #1 source for all things Florida for at least one of your readers 🙂

    Again, good luck tomorrow!