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A Sure Fire Cure for a Bad Hair Day

So I didn’t get the commercial that I was called back for earlier this week.  Easy come, easy go.  But I learned yesterday that I had an audition for a Publix commercial set for this morning.  The wardrobe was typical Publix attire, a polo shirt and apron.

I’ve been in Publix no fewer than, I don’t know, ONE THOUSAND TIMES, but for the life of me I could not remember what color polo shirts the employees wear.  So I decided that I would take all three children with me to do a little sleuthing.  And pick up some groceries since we were there anyway.

The polo shirt color was green.  And as luck would have it, I do not own a green polo shirt.  In fact, I do not own a polo shirt of any persuasion.  So this warranted a trip into the Beall’s Outlet store after the groceries were safely stored in the car.  I was prepared this time, however, as I had the good sense to bring Jensen’s Nintendo DS.

Therefore he was thoroughly entertained while sitting in a chair, and had no interest in fondling the ladies lingerie.

I found the perfect green polo shirt.  Perfect in that it a) fit, and b) was under $10.  The only apron that I could find had large red lips on the chest, with “KISS THE COOK” emblazoned underneath.

I felt that it might be a bit distracting, so I opted not to have an apron for the audition.

I got myself ready, and pulled my hair back into a pony tail.  Since it was raining, I was awfully glad not to have to worry about my big hair issues, because a pony tail, as we all know, covers a multitude of hair sins.

When I arrived at the audition, looking rather perky and cute, for me, I learned that everyone had to PUT ON A HAIRNET.  And they even provided us with a complementary one from a bag of USED HAIRNETS.

The casting director introduced a little levity by telling us that if he stared at the bag long enough, IT MOVED.

I was not amused.

Then I looked about the room and I noticed something that I found comforting.  No one, and I mean no one, looks good in a hair net.  So I put mine on, not even bothering to look in a mirror.

Frankly, a hairnet does a good job of leveling the playing field.

I believe every audition that I go on should demand a hairnet.

Except that next time, I’m bringing my own.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

6 Responses to A Sure Fire Cure for a Bad Hair Day

  • Ewwww….shared hairnets. My paranoia would have kicked in. I remember having to wear a hairnet in college when I worked in food service. Not the kind of thing that a young college co-ed wants to wear while serving up lunch in the cafeteria to the cute boys. Sigh.

  • Sorry you didn’t get the first commercial and hope you get the new one. After all, it’s fitting somehow that you re-start your TV career in a used hairnet! It will be a great post! Good luck

  • I think with all the cool stories you have posted about your trips to publix that even if you don’t land the part, they should make you their spokesperson. 🙂 Good luck though! I am amazed at how far you have come especially when just several months ago you were down for the count and not feeling well etc. I am so excited for you!

  • Since we had a lice episode in our household last fall, the hairnet episode sounds very frightening. You may want to have someone do periodic head checks for the next couple of weeks!!!! Just to add a little drama to your life 🙂

  • One word. Ick. (about the hairnets, of course.)

  • Gross on the hair net!

    BTW, now that you have outed Fiddledaddy I think it is your turn. How about telling us some of the shows etc that you did while working as an actress? Pretty please?