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The Callback

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments about my family in the video/pictorial montage.  I loved being able to share them with you.

A while back, I told you all that I was dipping my toes back into the acting waters by auditioning for commercials again.  After a nearly 20 year absence.  I had another audition last week for an orange juice spot, and learned yesterday that I had a callback.  Set for today.  And fyi, a callback is simply code for “we’ve narrowed it down from 200 to 50 or so, and we want to put you through the whole ordeal again.”

I had to grill Fiddledaddy regarding callback protocol, because nearly 20 years ago I had no children, and could actually put REAL WORDS TOGETHER AND REMEMBER IMPORTANT STUFF.  Like how to program my VCR to tape “X-Files” because I was too scared to watch it live.  At night.

He reminded me that I needed to wear EXACTLY the same outfit that I wore to the original audition.  Which really bummed me out, because on the fly I had picked out a sort of frumpy frock because I was feeling puffy.  And I know you know what I mean.  So I was stuck with frumpy, instead of hip and cute.  Which I prefer.

Of more immediate importance was my hair.  I had roots.  Which I decided to touch up this morning, prior to the audition.  Because even if I’m feeling frumpy, a good dye job does me a world of good in the feeling sassy department.  As I got to the highlight portion of the tinting session, I received a message that the casting director wanted to see all of us 45 minutes earlier than our call time.

And since I needed to drive to Orlando, every moment was already accounted for.

We had farmed all the children out to two different sisters, plus my good friend Brianna.  Divide and conquer, a most awesome parenting technique.  That way we are assured of no reports of bickering, and everyone has a fabulous time at their destination of choice.  Emme got to spend the afternoon with her dear friend, and still get to her A.H.G. meeting.  Cailey was able to be a little girl again with her girl cousins.  And Jensen spent the afternoon frolicking with his boy cousins, fashioning weaponry out of everyday household heirlooms.

Fiddledaddy packed the children up and shipped them off to their destinations, which bought me more time for preparing for my closeup.  After rinsing my hair, I was forced to use the blow dryer to speed things up.  I don’t usually use the blow dryer because it is impossible to hear the inmates setting fire to our house while I’m trapped in the bathroom.

I threw my head over in an attempt to dry the underside first.  When I righted myself, I noticed that my bangs stood straight up at attention.  My 90’s counterpart would have been proud.  I had mall bangs.  And no amount of water, product, or coaxing could bring them back down.  And what luck, the longer I used the hair dryer, the bigger the rest of my hair became.  I looked like a dandelion.

Fortunately, I had plugged in my trusty Chi (a deluxe straightener that I would marry if I weren’t already spoken for) and my large barrel curling iron.  I pulled, prayed, and finally talked my bangs into submission, as well as the rest of my hair.  But because of the amount of product I had to use, I was hoping that no one would strike a match within 15 feet of me.

As soon as I finished, and was satisfied with the results, our electricity went out.  For the next 20 minutes.  Which honestly is not usually the way my luck runs.  Under normal circumstances, the electricity should have gone off when my bangs were saluting the ceiling.

Which would have been AWESOME for the audition.  And the requisite unflattering poloroid they insist on taking on the spot.

I pulled myself together and Fiddledaddy drove me into Orlando.  The callback went fine, and I know this because I did not throw up or soil myself.

And they let me keep my plastic cup of orange juice.

As I mentally replayed everything I could have done better in my head, Fiddledaddy reminded me of another callback factoid.  You have to LET IT GO once you exit the building.  Which is true.  But difficult, if you’re dealing with OCD tendencies.  I was awfully proud of myself for getting a callback, and that’s what I’m holding onto.

That and my beloved Chi.

If anything comes of it, I’ll let you all know.  For now, my mantra is out of sight, out of mind, said while sticking fingers in my ears singing my happy song.

17 Responses to The Callback

  • If it had been me, the electricity would have gone out while I was rinsing my hair. LOL…

    Fiddledaddy is right. Let it go. I’m sure you did great! 🙂

  • You go girl! Well done. Last time I tried out for anything, I ended up being the Dodo Bird in a local production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.’I was the oldest person in the cast and had the fastest song and wildest dance!

  • Good luck! Never understood why the hair refuses to cooperate on the needed days and looks great when it doesn’t matter!

  • Hey, the callback is practically a JOB! It means they liked you. Whether or not you’re a fit for their commercial isn’t your fault at this point because they LIKED YOU and you got a call back.

    Reminder for next time, though: go for cute outfits the first time around!

  • Congrats on your callback! And I’m well-acquainted with the gravity-defying bangs. Happens to me on occasion because I am the world’s WORST blow-dryer.

  • Love it! So glad you got the call back…you rock my friend!

  • Hey, congrats on the callback, DeeDee!! You deserve a season of fun and affirmation after all these hardships!

  • Ok. I laughed so hard I cried!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    Oh, that felt soooo good! Needed that. 🙂 Thank you, DeeDee

  • Good thing that Fiddledaddy was there for you to reference the standard protocol. Too bad he wasn’t there to advise you on your outfit for the first round, huh?
    As for the bangs….well, if I had taken the blow dryer to my hair, I wouldn’t have been able to fit through the door. You do have one up on me there….;O)

  • Soooooo excited for you! I think the timing of the electrical outage is a sign of good luck and good things to come!

  • keeping fingers crossed!

  • You are so funny. Making me laugh out loud…

  • What? Mall hair went out of style? Darn… I didn’t get that message.

    *shuffles feet down hallway*

  • Awesome for you! But I hate to tell you this… You can’t marry the Chi. I married it first. I would be so lost with out my Chi. My hair would be one big frizz ball if I didn’t use it every day. And you know Texas…hot and humid. THis girl needs all the help she can get!

  • I’ve learned divide and conquer is one of my best “mommy tools”! It’s easier when all of your kids sit in car seats and aren’t sure how to unbuckle themselves. 🙂

    Good luck, I’m sure you did great, and wonderful advice from Fiddledaddy that can be used in a multitude of situations (I’m can be the queen of rethinking it afterwards).

  • just catching up on the blog…since I have the pleasure of doing it in person lately. But I still have to say on the record- I am so PROUD of you! You go girl!
    Oh and why haven’t you shared the wonders of the chi? …I clearly need one and I didn’t even know it.

  • I hear you about the Chi. My husband balked at the thought of the money I wanted to spend on something for my hair. I justified it in that we have 3 daughters. Split the cost 4 ways, and really, it’s a bargain! The only problem came when I was going out of town for a conference and informed my 16 year old that the Chi goes with ME. (I even sang that rhyme to her..hehehe.) I’m so mean. I told her to get over it and go with a ponytail till I got back. Shockingly, she survived.