Anchors Aweigh

Around our house, if it’s someone’s birthday week, we head to Disney World for a day.  Our passes have expired, but we still have the Disney water parks at our disposal.  But, Blizzard Beach is closed until the end of March, so that left us with Typhoon Lagoon.

Which is an exceptionally fun water park.  And it was VERY not crowded.

My only issue with this water park, or any water park for that matter, is that when you must use the facilities, the paper seat covers transform themselves into paper mache if you are the slightest bit damp.

But Disney more than makes up for this by NOT installing mirrors in their water park bathrooms.  Because let me tell you, NO ONE looks good at a water park, and why be reminded.

And another thing, a water park is really the only place that I feel okay in my own sausage casing, also known as the bathing suit.  Because evidently, most of the other guests are under the false assumption that lycra is an endangered species, so the less the better.


We met up with some family, and a wonderful time was had by all.  Fiddledaddy made a little video to celebrate my first time at a water park, wherein I had no need of a wheelchair.  I am still unable to negotiate stairs, but the best ride there comes equipped with an elevator, for just such people.

Crush ‘n’ Gusher.  It rules.

19 Responses to Anchors Aweigh

  • Clear proof of how much you have recovered! That is just awesome. And another good dose of Vitamin D as well.

  • Wish we were there! Great video. Makes me want to buy a pass. BTW, you could SO be the girl who makes all the Disney theme park videos that they show in the Disney hotels.

  • So good to see you well and able to get out and have some fun! BTW, was Fiddledaddy wearing the camera strapped to his head as you all went down the slide? Or was he just holding it? Because if he was just holding it…that is some serious camera talent right there:) Just sayin’. 🙂

  • NICE video!!!!! Woo hoo to you- and to God for the healing He is doing in your body- and props to Fiddledaddy- whose name I think I found online thanks to the happy birthday to Jensen clip- which was beautiful (and could I add that I think I am pretty sleuthy…curiosity over the identity of Mr Fiddle was literally threatening to choke me…) Keep the movies comin’! Happy weekend!!!!

  • I am SOOOOO incredibly jealous for me, but UTTERLY THRILLED for you!!!

    Look at you!!!

    (And that FD? He has so totally madz video skills)

  • What a great video and you look great in the baithsuit! Who are you kidding – what a great trip and no wheelchair! Thank God for all the healing.

  • Love it! Congrats on your continued healing. The sun and water looked like a lot of fun. Great memories for sure.

  • I’m so happy to be seeing you out and about enjoying life on your own two feet..instead of wheels!! Woo hoo and praise God for that! : )

    Love the video..that looks scary. Our neighborhood waterpark has a ride kind of like that….aaaaand I’ve never been on it. You’re braver than I!

    Caught a certain commercial for a certain movie last night and caught a glimpse of a certain somebody! Hubs sort of gave me ‘the look’ when I hollered out “there’s Fiddledaddy!”. : )

  • OK that was just AWESOME!

  • Oh My That is Great! I LOVE IT!!!

  • I love the crocs on the ride! You look fantastic and well on your way to health!

  • Check you out!! You’ve come a long way from wearing your ski mask. Certainly looks like you were having fun. You totally rock the sausage casing, you hottie. 🙂

  • You look healthy and happy! Nice to see you having so much fun 🙂

  • I’ve been a loooooonnnnng time lurker, but I had to come out of the shadows for this!! You look amazing…and I’m not just talking about the bathing suit! Your smile, the easy way you are moving, and the joy that comes from within all shine through the fun you are having!! Thank God that He provides comfort when we hurt, patience when we want answers NOW, and the ability to celebrate the seemingly “normal” events in life at the end of a long road!!! Much love to the Fiddle Family!!!

  • What a great video! I hope you include more in the future — it’s so fun to put a face to the name.

    We just got home this afternoon from Universal IOA. (Yes, I’m catching up on my blog reading while my husbands does laundry…) It was also VERY not crowded … until we got to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My goodness — people came out of the wood work like ants pouring out of an ant hill after a hit of Terri.

  • Obviously, I’m exhausted!

    I meant a hit of Terro and not Terri. Terri is the director of our homeschool co-op and my friend — I j.u.s.t read an email from her that included my To-Do list for next week so I had her and her very long To-Do list are on my mind…

  • I’m not TOO jealous. Just the thought of being seen in a bathing suit makes my heart palpitate. But, the blue sky, the clouds, the WARMTH! It snowed here last night…again. I am so tired of winter.
    Glad you had fun! You look awesome!

  • I agree with the commenter “nippers”, you would be a terrific “Disney Where to Go, What to Do Girl”! I think you could pull off bubbly and perky without a trace of annoying!

  • Good for you! So nice to see you lookin’ and feelin’ better. Just a tiny bit envious though, as up here in the frozen north it’s still quite cold. Please send some warmth our way!